How to factory reset lg phone

For people who are looking for the ways to reset an LG phone, you don’t need to rely on monotonous ways anymore. In the article below we will read about different ways to reset your LG device whenever your phone gets locked out. The good thing is that there are many means to reset Android phones. Even if you forgot Samsung Galaxy password or forget the pattern or password of the device, you can unlock it by resetting your device. Read out the different ways and find out how to reset LG phone.

SEGMENT 1: How to reset LG phone through lock screen removal?

Numerous users want to know how to unlock Samsung phone lock password & how to reset LG phone because we want to unlock our phone. Though there are many solutions available on the internet to remove lock screen, none of these options are good, and they can lead to data loss. dr.fone- Android Unlock enables you to remove screen lock on the LG phone in an easy manner.

Here are a few steps that you are required to follow in order to remove lock screen from your Android phone. Through this, you can come to know how to reset LG phone using lock screen removal.

Step 1: Start by launching dr.fone – Android Unlock on your system. Then, tap on the “Unlock” function button.

Step 2: Now link your LG device to your computer system. Go to “Start” to begin with the procedure.

Step 3: Choose the accurate phone model detail on your LG device.

Step 4: Go to the download mode by following the instructions given on the program.

Step 5: When the phone rebooting gets completed in the background mode, the software will start matching the device automatically. Tap on the “Remove” button on the interface, then your phone’s screen lock will get removed.

A few moments later, your device will restart in a normal manner without any screen lock.

You can remove four different types of screen lock on Android device without losing any information.

  • This software can remove the screen lock, remove four different types of screen lock such as password, fingerprints, PIN, and pattern.
  • It only removes the lock screen without any data loss.
  • There is no need for tech knowledge as any person can handle it.
  • This software works in many models such as Samsung Tab series, Note or Galaxy S and LG G4, G3, and G2.

Download dr.fone for Android

SEGMENT 2: Resetting LG phone by means of Android Device Manager

The process below is one of the easiest and quickest ways through which you can come to know how to reset LG phone. By using Android Device Manager, you can erase data, change the lock, and locate your device easily. Your smartphone gets linked to this device manager automatically. Now, follow the given steps to find out how to reset LG phone when it gets locked.

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Step 1: Go to Android Device Manager, then sign in by using your credentials in Google account that is already tied to your device.

Step 2: Click on the icon of your device through which you can get many related options. You can perform some basic operations using Android Device Manager such as locking the device, finding the location of the device, etc. You can change its lock screen by clicking on the “lock” option.

Step 3: After that, you should enter a new password for your LG phone on that pop-up screen. Go and click on the “lock” option whenever you are ready to apply the changes.

Step 4: If you want to reset the LG phone, then go to the “Erase” icon. Then, you will receive one more message for confirmation of this action.

Once you have performed these maneuvers, you will come to know how to reset LG phone when you get locked out.

SEGMENT 3: Resetting LG phone under recovery mode

You can put your phone under recovery mode when it gets locked. When you will factory reset your device your phone will go back to its default state and will become a new LG phone. You can carry out many operations such as setting partitions and then resetting it by putting your device in recovery mode.

There is nothing to worry as it is not as overwhelming as it seems. It is actually a very simple process. By putting your device in recovery mode, you can get to know How to reset LG phone just by following the given steps.

Step 1: Switch off your phone and don’t turn it back on. Now put it in the recovery mode. Now, press and hold the power button and the button of volume down simultaneously. Keep on holding it until the LG logo appears on the screen. Now release the button for a moment and then press them once again concurrently. Keep on holding it till menu of recovery mode is displayed on the screen. This way works in all the types of LG devices. This is the first step to learn how to reset LG phone.

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Step 2: Now, you will see a lot of options displayed on the screen. The next step is to use the button of volume up/down for navigating the menu. Now, choose an option by using the home button. Go towards “Factory reset” preference and select it by using the keys of your LG phone. You may also be required to say “Yes” when it asks you to erase all the information from your LG phone.

Step 3: Now, before learning how to reset LG phone you will have to wait till your device resets. After that, just reboot your device and then select ‘Reboot system now’ and allow your device boot after executing the operation of factory reset. By putting your device under recovery mode, then you will be able to reset all kinds of LG devices. The only thing that you need to accomplish is to follow the above mentioned easy and simple steps.

SEGMENT 4: Resetting LG phone by applying factory reset code

Most of the people are not aware of this, but you can perform reset operations on most devices by using the emergency dial pad. If your LG phone gets locked, you also wish to know how to reset LG phone without the help of Recovery mode and Android Device Manager; then, you can use this substitute. It should be a technique to reset the device exclusive of facing any difficulty or complication.

Even if your device gets locked, you are still able to use the emergency pad, and you can reset the device by dialing sure numbers. By following the steps mentioned below, you can come to know how to reset an LG phone on lock circumstances.

Step 1: When you are not able to unlock your device, tap on that emergency dial pad. For most smartphones either it has its own button or the word, “Emergency” is written on them. A simple dial pad opens up that can be utilized for making emergency phone calls.

Step 2: In the next step of knowing how to reset LG phone by applying factory code, tap these digits 1809#*101# or 2945#*#. You can reset your smartphone by typing these digits. In case this code does not suffice, then dial the code, #668 and press the home button simultaneously.

Step 3: It is not necessary that the same code will work in all the models of LG phone. You can type *#*#7780#*#* as it can work on most Android phones.

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By using this method, you can easily reset your device. Also, you can apply those key combinations when you are learning how to reset LG phone when you are unable to unlock it.


After following all the above-mentioned options, you can reset LG Smartphone exclusive of much trouble. Then go ahead & use all these above-mentioned options for resetting your device whenever it gets locked. These ways are easy, and you do not even lose your precious data by using these methods.

These four ways named resetting the LG phone without lock screen approval, resetting LG phone using Android Device Manager, resetting LG phone under recovery mode and resetting LG phone by applying factory reset code can allow you to reset your device without any trouble. Therefore, there is nothing to worry if you forget your password or pattern or enter the wrong password a multiple number of times because now you know you know different ways to reset your LG phone.

Technology has given us so many gifts. It has made our life easier. We can stare a lot of information on small gadgets in our hands; sometimes we ourselves are not able to unlock our Smartphones because of one or the other reason. But there is nothing to worry because now after reading this article you are aware of how to reset LG phone. You may would like to know more about SIM network unlock PIN.

How to soft reset LG G Flex 2

  • Turn your LG G Flex 2 on and unlock it.
  • Open up your Settings app.
  • Scroll down and select “Backup & reset”.
  • Tap on “Factory data reset”.
  • Now hit “Reset phone”.
  • Confirm the action by selecting “Erase everything”.
  • Let the LG G Flex 2 do its thing. It will reboot and be ready to go in a matter of minutes.
  • You are done!

How to hard reset LG G Flex 2

  • Turn your LG G Flex 2 off.
  • Press and hold both the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  • When the LG logo shows up, let go of both buttons, and then press and hold the same buttons right away.
  • The factory data reset menu will appear, you can let go of the buttons now.
  • From this menu you can use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to select.
  • Simply go down and select “Yes”.
  • The phone will do its thing for a while and you will be ready to go in no time.

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