How to facetime

facetimeWe all love a good chat from time to time, and if our friend or significant other isn’t close by, many of us turn to FaceTime (or Skype) as the next best thing.

It’s great really – you can hear them and see their face while you talk to them, and it’s about as close as you can get to having them with you when they’re not really with you.

But like any social situation, there are some general (unspoken) rules that you should probably follow when you’re on a video call.

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Check with your partner first.

While it might be great to surprise your friend or significant other with a video call, you might be just a bit too impromptu. Not every situation is great for a phone call, so not every situation is great for a video call either.

We know that lots of people take their phones to bed with them, and even have them in the bathroom –they are not really good places to interrupt even your closest friend. Bed hair may not be a huge issue to some people, but a bathroom view is certainly not ideal for a video chat.

Privacy needs to be respected always, so just shoot through a quick text to check you’re all good before you turn on the camera.

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Keep it out of the bathroom

Following on from the bathroom in point number one, do not take your phone into the bathroom/toilet while you are video chatting.

While it seems normal to take our phones in there with us nowadays, it is a bit different when you have a friend on the other end that can see not only your face, but your surroundings too.

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Basically, that is just like dragging them into your bathroom with you while you do your thing. You would physically take them in there with you, so don’t take them in there virtually.

If you really need to go, just hang up and call back later.

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The beauty of our devices is that they are able to multitask, but that doesn’t mean you should when you’re talking to another person on Skye or FaceTime.

Just like in a regular conversation, it is rude to text or check your Facebook when your attention should be on whoever is speaking, so turn off the ‘pings’ and concentrate on the person who has taken the time to speak to you.

People sending messages can wait until you’re done, but the person in the video is right there and deserves your full attention.

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Talk normally

This seems to be more of a problem with older generations trying to embrace tech.

Have you ever tried skyping with your parents or maybe even your grandparents, only to have them yelling at you because they don’t think you’ll hear them at a normal volume?

It is important to talk just like you would in a regular conversation, because that’s what it is: a conversation. You wouldn’t shout at someone sitting right next to you, right?

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