How to embed a youtube video in powerpoint

Embed Online YouTube Video to PowerPoint without Downloading the Video

You can also embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint without downloading the video. There are a few different ways that you can go about this.

  • You can use Microsoft Office 2010 to help with this. You will need to go into PowerPoint and select what slide you will be adding the YouTube video to. Go to the “File” menu and then click on “Options”. Go back to PowerPoint Options box and follow this to the “Custom Ribbon” option. Go to the “Developer Tab” box so that you can enable this option. From this menu, you can access the “More Controls” option, where you will find the “Shockwave Flash Object” option. When you get here, you need to press “OK”. After you do this, you will notice that the cursor will become a cross and this will allow you to draw a shape. You need to create a rectangle with an “X” in it. You will now go to your browser to copy the YouTube link. Paste this into Notepad so that you can edit the URL. To edit this, change the watch? And change the “=” to “/”. Go back to PowerPoint and right-click on the flash object to access the “Properties” option. Take your modified link and place it here. It is now embedded.
  • For Office 2007, you will follow essentially the same set of directions. In 2007, you will click on the “Ribbon” to access the “PowerPoint Options”. Next, choose the “Popular” menu and to get the “Show Developer” tab. From here, just follow the rest of the previous set of instructions.
  • For 2003, this can be a very different process. Go to your PowerPoint 2003 and select the slide that you were adding the video to. Select the “View” option so that you can get to the “Toolbars” menu, where you will then check the “Control Toolbar” selection. This will cause the control toolbar to appear. Here, you will be able to select the “More Controls” icon and then you can select “Shockwave Flash Object”. You will now follow the first set of instructions to complete this task.
  • Using Office is not the only way to do this. You can also do it directly to your presentation when using PowerPoint 2013 or 2016. Much like the other options, choose the slide where you will be embedding your YouTube video. Click on the “Insert” option on the ribbon and selection “Video” here. A drop-down menu will appear, revealing the option for “Online Video”, which you will select. You will get an option for adding a YouTube video right here. Get the “Embed” code from the YouTube video by clicking the “Share” option on the video and copy the embed code when it appears. You will then go back to PowerPoint to add in this code. Select “Enter” and your video will appear in the presentation. You can check this by pressing “Play” to ensure it works.
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A final option here that you can consider will require you to download a plug-in for Microsoft Office. You can download the YouTube Video Wizard, which is a free plug-in that you can use that will actually place a “YouTube Video” button into the PowerPoint “Insert” menu. After you download this plug-in, you need to use a program to unzip the file so that you can extract the contents of the folder. You will need to install this, which can be different depending on the version of PowerPoint that you have.insert-youtube-wizard

  • For PowerPoint 2003, you will open up the “Tools” menu and select the “Add-ins” option. Next, choose “Add New” and browse for the file that you have just unzipped. You will have to accept the warning and enable the macros.
  • If you have 2013, click on the button that says “Office/File” and choose “Options”. Then follow the same instructions.As if you had 2003. All you have to do now is copy the YouTube address from the browser and insert it using this plug-in. If you frequently embed YouTube videos into your PowerPoint presentations, this is your best option.

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