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Adobe Reader is nearly universal for reading PDF files. While this is great for most people, editing them always seems to be a hassle. Finding a good, solid program to work with shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming.

We’ve shown you some differences between Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, as well as OpenOffice vs Microsoft Office. Let’s now take a look at these two freeware programs again, though this time we’ll look specifically at how to use both for editing PDF files. While they differ only slightly in operation, one requires an extension to properly open a PDF document. Follow along below to find out more.

Split PDF pages in half, down the middle


Sometimes when designers export a PDF file from InDesign they save a 2-page layout on a single page. Other times you’re dealing with a scanned document. Either way, you realize you need to split your two-page layout pages, right down the middle. There might be a few tools that can handle this task, but I only found one, a few months ago. After a lot of research for this article I actually found a second tool. So there you go:

  • Sejda: It’s very easy to use and fast – no account creation necessary, no software download. Just upload your file online, click that “split” button, and download your new document. If some pages from your document are the right size, you should split your PDF into 2 separate files first and upload the document that needs this treatment.
  • Online 2 PDF:  – It’s not very user-friendly, but it does the job. The option to split the pages is a little hidden, but here’s how you can you use it: Upload file -> Select Layout -> Choose 2 pages -> Choose page layout -> Convert

Split PDF in 2 or more separate files

Split PDF

This time we’re talking about breaking a PDF into 2 or more files, or separating some pages from the rest of the PDF. For this task there are many tools available. Here are just a few, in the same order that Google lists them:

  • Split PDF: Upload files -> Set the page ranges, Set custom names (optional) -> Split. Very straightforward.
  • I ❤ PDF: You can set the page ranges if you want to split your pdf into multiple files, or you can extract some pages.
  • Smallpdf: Upload file from computer or Drive. It will not exactly create 2 separate files, but it will extract the pages that you want.
  • Sejda: Offers many splitting options: Select the pages that you want extracted / Every … pages / Every odd page / Every even page / Custom page ranges / Split by bookmarks/ Split by pages / Split by size / Split by text

Reorder pages in PDF


This is an PDF task that people don’t usually need, but I can remember a situation when I needed to reorder pages: after I split my PDF pages in half, they were not in the right order. I did re-arrange them in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but you can do the same thing online, for free. I found 2 tools that can help you with that:

  • Sejda: Upload file -> Rearrange pages with drag and drop -> Download
  • Online 2 PDF: I couldn’t figure it out how it can be done, but it’s listed as a feature on their website, so it must be possible

How to delete pages from PDF


Use one of the tools we recommended for splitting the PDF. Select the pages that you want to keep. All the unwanted pages will be downloaded as a separate PDF, which you can delete.

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How to reduce the file size of PDF (compress PDF)


When you want to use online a PDF that was designed for print, the file size could be problematic. Luckily, there are many tools online that can help you reduce the size of the file:

  • Small PDF: Upload file and it’s automatically compressed
  • I ❤ PDF: Select file -> Compress it
  • PDF resizer: they have 2 options: Optimize PDF (no change in resolution) and Resize PDF (which will reduce the PDF size at the cost of some quality)
  • PDF Compressor: upload up to 20 files at a time, download them all at once or individually

How to remove password protection from PDF (unlock PDF)


If you need to edit or print a PDF that’s locked for printing or editing, you must first find a tool that will remove the password and restrictions from the PDF. Luckily, you can. However, if your file is thoroughly encrypted, some tools will ask you for the correct password, to be able to unlock your file.

How to protect PDF with password encryption


Use passwords to restrict the way others will use your PDF file. This prevents readers from editing, copying information, printing, commenting, form filling, or adding pages. Here are some tools that you can use:

  • PDF protect: They let you set a specific encryption level, set a password for specific action and change permissions
  • FoxyUtils: Specify the password and type of protection wanted
  • Smallpdf: They offer a strong encryption for your PDF file

How to edit text and images from PDF


There are some online tools that will let you edit the content of the PDF. This can help you save time by filling in a form online, without having to print and then scan. These tools let you fill in forms, add signature or add new texts and images. You won’t be able to edit the existing text boxes. For that you need Adobe Acrobat PRO.

  • PDF Escape: Just drop your files and start editing
  • PDF Buddy: Drag and drop your PDF and edit!
  • PDF Pro: Drop your files for upload. Select “Edit” in dropdown menu and start working.
  • PDF Zorro: It performs other actions as well, like delete pages and rearrange them (by using the page up, page down arrows)

How to apply page numbers and watermarks to PDF


You forgot to add page numbers to your file, and just realized you need them? No problem! Try one of the following tools:

  • I ❤ PDF: Use it for both page numbers and watermarks. Choose the position, size and typography
  • Sejda: Works for both page numbers and watermarks. You can choose a font, a size and the location on the page.

How to crop PDF pages


If you want to trim the margins a little bit or if you need a different page size, there tools right here can help:

  • Sejda: Upload file -> Select the area you want to crop – Crop!
  • PDF resizer: Choose file -> Select the area you want to crop, or autocrop -> Crop it

PDF tools and tasks

PDF editing tools comparison

PDF tools – Free vs Premium

PDF tools

That’s it guys. I hope this was helpful!

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