How to draw a truck

How to Draw a Chevy Truck

Kind time of the day, dear artists! In today’s drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Chevy truck. As you know, this car is called Chevrolet Task Force – one of the most famous pickup trucks of the mid-twentieth century.

Trucks are motor vehicles that range in size from that of a passenger automobile the huge, specialized emergency and construction vehicles. Originally designed for hauling cargo, trucks have become symbols of masculinity, hard work, and rural life.

The word “truck” was derived from the term “truckle,” meaning “wheel” or “pulley.” The first trucks were steam powered and came into use during the 1800s. The 1890s saw the invention of trucks that used modern internal combustion motors.

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Pickup trucks, such as the one pictured in this tutorial, are a common element of Americana art depicting the “good old days” or farm life. In 2006, Disney’s animated truck named Mater garnered acclaim as the comic relief in the film Cars. Since then, Mater has had a role in two sequels and various short films. Other cartoons have employed personified trucks as well.

Would you like to draw your own truck? Simply follow along with this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser. If you have crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints handy, you may wish to use these to complete your drawing. Pay careful attention to the highlighted blue lines in each step, as these indicate new lines to be added.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Truck

How to Draw Truck: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a square. This will form the body of the truck.

How to Draw Truck: Step 2

2. Draw a rectangle extending from one side of the square. This will form the truck’s cargo bed.

How to Draw Truck: Step 3

3. Next, detail the cab and outline the front end of the truck. Extend a diagonal line from the top of the square. Draw a straight, horizontal line extending from its side, and a shorter straight line perpendicular to this. Then, connect this to the diagonal line using a curved line, enclosing the shape.

How to Draw Truck: Step 4

4. Detail the truck. Draw a set of curved, parallel lines where the bed and cab join. Draw two parallel, horizontal lines across the bottom of the rectangle.


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5. Erase the guide lines from the truck, leaving a clean outline.

How to Draw Truck: Step 6

6. Add further detail to the vehicle. Enclose the passenger window using two straight lines and a curved line. Draw a curved shape like a comma to indicate the door handle. Draw a half circle across the bed of the truck, and another on the front end, to indicate the wheel wells. Enclose curved rectangles at the back of the truck bed to signify the rear bumper and tail lights. Continue the parallel lines from the truck bed across the cab, and draw a curved rectangle from the front fender to the front of the truck to represent the front bumper.

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How to Draw Truck: Step 7

7. Erase the guide lines from the wheel wells.

How to Draw Truck: Step 8

8. Beneath each wheel well, draw three circles, one within the other. This represents the tire, wheel, and hub cap. Then, connect the tire to the body of the truck using straight lines.


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9. Draw a rounded rectangle to represent the front headlight, and another for the rear view mirror. Erase guide lines as necessary. Draw the gas cap on the truck bed using a small circle, and sketch straight, diagonal lines across the window.

How to Draw Truck: Step 10

10. Color your truck. Vehicles can come in a rainbow of colors, so be creative. Why not expand your drawing to include an entire scene? Put some clouds in the sky and grass beneath the wheels. Perhaps this truck is about to be crushed by a monster truck. Or, maybe it is hard at work on the farm, tending cows, horses, and pigs. It is your drawing, so the choice is yours.

The Complete Truck Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Truck

Your printable PDF drawing guide is ready for downloading:


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Step 1

The principles of drawing in this lesson are exactly the same as in other our drawing lessons about cars. So let’s first sketch out the basic outline of the body, which consists of a cabin and box.

How to Draw a Chevy Truck

Step 7

And on the last step of the lesson about how to draw a Chevy truck we draw out the wheels and arches. Please note that we are drawing a Chevy truck of the twentieth century, so that the rims here should be of the old style.

How to Draw a Chevy Truck

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3/4″ Flat Brush For Background1/4″ Flat Brush For Truck, Tree & Pumpkin#8 Round Brush For Leaves5/0 Round Brush (Or a liner. You’ll need a very tiny round for outlining some areas)


Go to PDF library for the download.

—>If you are painting on 11″ x 14″ canvas, you don’t need to scale up. Just print on standard 8.5″ x 11″ computer paper!

—>If you are painting on a large canvas, you might want to scale up. See directions for how to scale up. #stepbysteppainting vintage truck traceable

#stepbysteppainting how to paint a vintage truck

Step By Step Pictures

This is VERY similar to how the background of my Apple Painting is done, only there is no brown. First dip your brush in your water and pat dry. Then dip your brush in titanium white. Dip the corner of the brush in black.

Paint up and down, vertical strokes on your canvas. The colors will blend beautifully to form a gray washed background. Try not to over work the paint, it should look “unmixed” and “smooth” but not solid gray. 

Continue to fill the canvas with this technique. Re-dip your brush in different amounts of white and black but be careful not to use too much black.

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You can occasionally dip your brush in water to help with the flow if the paint feels dry.

Leave about 3 fingers of space on the bottom.

Use your T-Square ruler to block out the area while you paint horizontal strokes using the same technique. The key is to get a nice crisp horizon line with your ruler.

My horizontal strokes had slightly more black to make this bottom area look slightly darker. Use a ruler to make the line nice an crisp. 

2. Transfer the truck to your canvas using graphite transfer paper. 

Print out the truck on a standard computer paper 8.5″ x 11″. You can find the printable here. 

Position the truck so it is in the center bottom of the canvas. See picture for how I placed my truck. Use graphite paper. Place it between the canvas and the printable with the dark side facing down. I recommend you use a thick drawing pencil if possible and press very firmly so it will show up dark enough. 

Use transfer paper to draw the truck onto the canvas.You may want to go over the drawing again with pencil to make it darker, or even chalk.

3. Paint the truck using a 1/4″ Flat Brush and Cobalt Turquoise + Titanium White. 

The trick with this truck is letting turquoise and white mix and blend right on the canvas. Dip your 1/4″ flat brush in cobalt turquoise. Dip the corner in white. 

I painted the fenders first.

Paint both of those fender “kidney bean” shapes. Allow the turquoise and white to blend together to make an unmixed, color varied technique.

Continue on to the body of the truck.

I purposely made this area of the truck bed darker so it would stand out against the fender. Less white and more turquoise to make the color look darker.Your strokes should follow the shape of the truck, contouring with the curves.

The door specifically when up and down with slightly more white than the other areas of the truck.Up and down vertical strokes on the door, with slightly more white.

Then I added a little bit more white on the fenders and filled in any left over blank areas on the truck.

4. Paint The Tires using Titan Buff and the 1/4″ Flat. 

 I started with my 1/4″ flat brush for this. Use titan buff to paint both wheels a solid coat.Paint the tires titan bluff.

—>You will need to wait for that titan buff to dry before adding the black circle in the middle.

5. Outline some areas of the truck with a tiny detailed brush (5/0).

To make this truck kind of “pop”, I outlined some of the areas with carbon black and a very small round brush. You will need a VERY tiny brush for this step, the smallest one you have!  Outline the inside of the window, the door handle, and under the fenders…

Then outline the bottom of the truck between the wheels and on the top area of the truck bed.

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Next, outline parts of the door (the right side) and the back exhaust.

6. Finish the tires.

The titan buff should be dry by now. Use your 1/4″ flat brush to paint a black circle inside of the titan buff circle.

Next outline the outside of the tires with carbon black and your tiny detail brush.

7. Add shadow under the truck.

I used a 1/4″ flat brush for this. Mix a dark gray by mixing black and white on your palette (about equal parts or until you get a good dark gray color). Water the paint down slightly. Use your 1/4″ flat brush to sort of zig-zag a shadow right under the tires. Form an almost circular shape.

Then paint a horizontal shadow area right on the bottom of the canvas.

Then use the back of any of your brushes to stamp a titanium white dot in the middle of each of the tires.

9. Paint the black stem, the vine and the lines on the pumpkin using that tiny detail brush. 

Next I used that tiny brush that I used to outline the details on the truck. I painted the stem in carbon black. Then I painted the vine.

I also painted the lines on the pumpkin pretty much how they show up on the traceable.I did not make the lines go all the way down to the truck bed, just “almost all the way down”. You can go all the way down if you’d like!

10. Paint the tree.

On your palette, mix a very dark gray. This is pretty much the same shade as the shadow. I mixed about equal parts white and black for this. Use your 1/4″ flat brush to paint the trunk of the tree. A tree trunk starts out thick on the bottom and gets thinner at the top.

Turn your brush on its side to form thinner branches.

The branches form the letter “Y” as the stem off.

Switch to that tiny detail brush to form smaller stems.

11. Paint the tree shadow.

Use that same dark gray you used for the trunk of the tree. Water it down slightly. Then use your 1/4″ flat brush to paint the shadow.Paint in left and right zig-zag strokes to form a vertical rectangle directly under that tree trunk.

12. Paint the leaves on the tree. 

Use cadmium red hue, cadmium orange hue and titan buff. Also use a #8 round brush.

Dot each of the leaves using the tip of that round brush. Dip your brush in all the colors.

You don’t need to rinse in between colors but try to make sure the leaves all look different and not all the same color. Also, the leaves don’t have to touch the branches.

You can paint some leaves blowing away to the right. Also, you can paint leaves on the ground.These pops of orange and red really look nice against that gray!

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