How to draw a shark

Today’s tutorial will be how to draw a shark. I have actually been meaning to get around to this tutorial for several months, but it managed to get buried under piles  of other things. Many of you have requested this tutorial, and today’s the day. So let’s get into it.

What you’ll need:

  • HB (#2) Pencil, 4B pencil

To start your drawing, you will first need to draw a large leaf-shape. This will become the body of your shark which we will be building on to in the coming steps.

Attached to the left of the leaf-shape from the last step, draw in the shark’s tail.

The tail of your shark should look a lot like a boomerang, and be just a bit wider than the body.

On the top and bottom of your shark’s body, draw a fin. These fins should be the same size, with the bottom fin placed closer to the head than the top one.

Near the middle of your shark’s body, draw another fin. This one will look different, however. The fin facing the viewer is about at eye level, which means you are looking at it head-on. Because of this, the fin looks just like a thin line.

Also underneath your shark, near its tail, give it two smaller fins.

Give your shark a small, beady eye that sits near the front of its head. There is no visible iris or pupil on this shark, rather a solid black circle.

Also, give your shark a slightly opened mouth. Keep in mind that the shark’s mouth should be about half the width of its body.

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All that is left to do with your shark is to draw in the smaller details, like teeth in the mouth, and a few slits for gills near the front fins.

Many sharks are also two-toned, being darker on the top and lighter on the bottom. This is often shown by a jagged line that runs down the center of the shark’s body.

And that’s it! As always, be sure to send me YOUR completed drawing that you made using this tutorial to [email protected] for your chance to be featured on the front page.Thanks everyone!

Step 4


– Draw a sideways capital letter ‘D’ shape for the nostril.

– Draw backwards letter ‘C’ like shapes for gills.

– Draw a sideways letter ‘v’ shape for the tail.

– Draw a rectangle that is on a slight angle for the eyebrow.

Finished Drawing of a Cartoon Shark

How to Draw Cartoon Sharks in Easy Steps

Finish up the shark by erasing guidelines and thickening or darkening the lines of the shark. I hope that you were able to draw the shark. Come back for more tutorials soon.

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