How to draw a rose easy

Rose drawing

In the entire history of our site, we have created a lot of different drawing lessons, but the most popular topic is of course the lessons about roses.  Although we created a lot of drawing lessons about roses, our readers want more. And that’s why in this very drawing lesson we want to show you how to draw a rose easy.

Step 11

And now, to make our drawing more voluminous, we simply add some shadows to the rose.

How to draw a rose easy

We hope that our lesson about how to draw a rose easy was really simple, and now you can draw a rose no worse than our artists. If you are faced with any difficulties in the process of drawing, be sure to write us about it in the comments to this tutorial.

Step 1 – Sketch the Overall Shape & Size of the Rose

Rose outer shape sketchRose outer shape sketch

Start drawing the rose by first sketching its overall shape sizing it to your drawing area. The outer shape sketch does not need to be the exact outline trace of the rose (that will be done in later steps) instead you want to establish a sort of frame that the rose will fit into that you will then use to draw the more detailed shape.

This step is very important so do your best to get it right. Make sure the shape is not overly long, tall, or too skewed in any direction in comparison to the rose you are drawing. If you make a mistake at this stage the rest of your drawing will be off.

Step 2 – Sketch the Inner Shape of the Rose

Rose inner shape sketchRose inner shape sketch

This stage of the drawing can be a little bit tricky as it may be hard to pick the exact petals that you want this inner shape to consist of. Try and pick the best defined shape you can. The goal is to establish some structure of the inner part of the rose so that when you draw the individual petals later it will be easier to correctly proportion them in relation to one another.

Without this step if you move on to drawing the petals individually you may find some of them to bee too big or too small.

Step 3 – Sketch the Shape of the Core of the Rose

Rose shape sketchRose basic full shape sketch

This step is similar to the previous step. You want to establish the position of the core/center of the rose.

After you finish this step you should have a rough guideline for the outer, middle and inner shape making it easier to correctly place all of the petals.

Step 7 – Outline Drawing of the Rose

Rose outline drawingRose outline drawing

Draw the very inner petals of the rose and clean up all of the guide lines. Tweak any of the smaller details if needed. When you are done you should have an outline drawing of the entire rose.

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Step 8 – Basic Shading

Rose drawing basic shadingRose basic shading

Start applying light shading to the outline drawing of the rose by first shading the darkest areas. Most of these will be the parts between the petals as well as the shadows cast by the petals on one another.

You want to apply the shading slowly in several layers so that you don’t accidentally make it too dark and so that you can be sure that the different parts of the rose have the right intensity of shading in relation to one another.

Also note that the shadows will depend on the light source and will be directly opposite of it. In this case the main light source is located around the top part of the drawing so the shadows will be cast downwards.

Keep in mind that the shadows will be similar to the shape of the petals that are casting them.

An easy tutorial; How to Draw a Rose.

Simple but fun drawing tutorials are not only fun to follow along with, I find that they can be VERY relaxing to watch! Even seasoned artists can enjoy the mellow serenity of theses types of how-to videos, but for beginners you should feel free to follow along and learn how to draw a rose.

  1. Let’s start out with a pencil, this initial sketch will be erased later on.
  2. Draw an oval shape and secondary “U” shape, similar to a tulip or vase.
  3. Bring up the main petals, I find it easy to think of that first petal as an “S” shape.
  4. The petals fold outwards, so you can give them some dimension.
  5. Continue to fill your rose with petals, from the outside in, to keep the right perspective.
  6. Add a stem and leaves to the base of the rose.
  7. When you are happy with how it is looking, we can switch to pen.
  8. Your Rose is Looking Great!
  9. Start to outline your rose with the pen, again working from the outside in.
  10. Once you have the petals, leaves and stem inked, we can erase your initial pencil work.
  11. Now you can either go back with a pencil to add shading, or you could try out line shading and even crosshatching with the pen.

crosshatching - shading with a pen

Crosshatching – Shading with a pen

If you followed along, and want to draw a rose again, here is another artists take on how to draw a rose.

Simple instructions, with a clear illustration: How To Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose

How To Draw A Rose

  1. Sketch out the body of the rose, including general structure for petals and stem.
  2. Start to build on the structure of the petals and leaves.
  3. Continue building detail, add a spiral of petals, veins in the leaves, but maybe leave out the thorns, no-one likes rose thorns.
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Every Monday Local Santa Cruz posts an inspirational article or how-to video. If there is something that you would like to see featured, or if you would like to contribute with your own how-to instructionals then we would like to talk to you. Let us know that you are interested in the comments, or complete our form to Submit Your Artwork.

You can find more inspiration and how-to videos Here.

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And We’re Done!

This Inkscape tutorial was very heavy on using the Path Effect Editor, which creates a very clean looking rose. The end result is a little abstract and subtle on color, so this rose would probably fit for a bunch of uses. Thanks for reading!

Aaron has been using Inkscape for professional design for 5+ years and can't wait to share everything he knows about it!

> Blossom Your Gift with a Full Bloom Rose

Draw a circle freehandedly in the extreme center of the paper and then make a geometrical oval shape at above circle’s diagonal base to make first petal. Now for the second petal, just connect the curved line to the oval shape from tiny circle. Keep connecting yet another curved line to above for the first lot of petals. Enjoin upon outer petals further. Add detailing to the flower with leaves and color it applying shades. black rose drawing

creative rose splash pencil drawing simple rose drawing charcoal rose drawing attractive rose drawing ink pen rose drawing beautiful black rose drawing emo rose drawing realistic rose drawing beautiful roses drawing 788x591 combination of black ink and graphite pencil drawing rose pen drawing natural rose drawing set of roses drawing mothers day rose drawing collection of roses drawing easy rose drawing unique rose drawing purple rose drawing cool rose drawing


> Master the Art of Rose Drawing

Learn the art of rose drawing step by step

  • Draw the pencil outlining very lightly until you are self assured of sketching right.
  • Avoid smudging that can create unnecessarily stress or confusion.
  • To make the rose look ultimately realistic, blend the colors appropriately.
  • A blunt pencil must be used to make the sketch look crude
  • Know yourself what you want your rose to look like as there are variety of roses and each of them differ in petals, stems, colors and more.
  • Multiple colored pens can also be used by putting on different levels of pressure to give your rose a beautiful color.
  • A good shading technique is actually done through inward smudging of lines as it adds realism and intensity.
  • A mix of pen and pencil can be used to give contrasting shades
  • Crinkle the drawing sheet and tear off the boundary line to make the rose picture look antiquated.

How to Draw a Rose – Step by Step for Kids?

There is no denying the fact that Beautiful Rose Drawings & Paintings are loved by all and sundry. Believe it or not, drawing a rose is really not as hard as it seems. Here are some steps to learn easy drawing of rose.

  • 1. First draw a small circle. This will be the center of the rose. This circle need not be a perfect one.
  • 2. Now above the circle, add an irregular oval shape. This will be the first petal.
  • 3. Next draw a curved line starting from the circle and reaching the oval. This forms the second petal.
  • 4. Go on to draw a third curve in a similar manner to complete the first set of petals.
  • 5. Now add in irregular spirals around this to create more petals and layers. You can add as many spirals as you like.
  • 6. Once you are satisfied with the size, add in subtle details like leaves and the inner bud.
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How to Make a Drawing of a Rose?

When it comes to sending love messages and romantic notes to a loved one, people often resort to Heart Drawings. The drawing of a rose is also an equally great idea. Here is how you can draw a rose.

  • 1. First draw an S shape with a spiral at the top.
  • 2. Draw one petal each on either sides of the “S”.
  • 3. Now draw two curved lines to join these petals to the upper and lower part of “S”.
  • 4. Now draw the stem and add in details like leaves etc.
  • 5. You can add in more petals and fine tune them with more curved lines, in case you need a larger rose.

How to Draw a Blooming Rose?

Mastering the art of Cool Easy Drawings requires a considerable amount of practice. In case you are wondering as to how to draw a blooming rose, here are some easy steps to get you there.

  • 1. Using a pencil, draw a light circle.
  • 2. Draw curvaceous petals with sharp tips in the inside of the circle.
  • 3. Inside these, add in more petals that are reminiscent of the letter “D” but with rather distorted outlines.
  • 4. Draw all the inner petals such that you reach the innermost area of the flower.
  • 5. In the middle, draw the shape of an inverted “U”.
  • 6. Inside this, add in a few spirals.
  • 7. For leaves, design curved “V”s along the outer part of the outermost petals.
  • 8. Rub off the initial light circle that you had drawn. Your blooming rose is ready.

From beautiful rose drawings to impeccable Leaf Sketches, you can find anything and everything online. So, if you do not have enough time to design your own roses or are just plain lazy, go ahead and check out the wide range of these drawings online. Easy to download, these can be used for various projects.

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