How to draw a dolphin

Moving on with how to draw oceans we will be learning how to draw a dolphin with the help of this step by step drawing tutorial (and a free guided drawing printable).

As with our previous tutorials, this one is super simple so it’s perfect for kids and beginners. You’ll have a cute looking dolphin drawn in no time!

Learn How to Draw a Dolphin in Jumping out of Water Pose - Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

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We love that you love our how to draw tutorials for kids! With temperatures here being summer like, we decided to make a series of ocean animal drawing tutorials (did you check out our how to draw a fish step by step tutorial – it’s the easiest one ever).

Next in line is the dolphin, the silly mammal of the ocean. And a super smart one too. You might think this animal is tricky to draw, but you’ll soon see it’s easy peasy.

Once your kids or you master this “standard pose” (at least judging by all the dolphin pendants I see around) you will be drawing this animal in all kind of different poses too. Or add see waves and sun to the background to make your drawing even cooler.

Ready to give it a try? I just know you’ll make a wonderful drawing!

Be sure to also grab our printable guided drawing template.

Learn How to Draw a Dolphin (Jumping out of Water Pose) Tutorial and Printable

How to Draw a Dolphin Step by Step for Kids

As this is one of the easiest dolphin drawing tutorials ever it is perfect to use in preschool and kindergarten. Print copies of our printable drawing template with guided drawing and have the kids build their drawing confidence.

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What you need:

  • our printable template (you can grab it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • sheet of paper
  • printer
  • black marker (or pencil, crayon,…)

Optional: coloring medium to color your finished creations.

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Step 7

And we got to the last step, in the tutorial on how to draw a dolphin for beginners. Draw the fins in the form of bent triangles.Draw the fins in the form of curved and rounded triangles. Draw the line of the belly which starts from the cheek and ends in the area of the tail. The dolphin ready!

how to draw a dolphin for kids

It was drawing lesson on how to draw a dolphin for children. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to draw something more complicated, visit our drawing lessons about a samurai, Wolverine or Sub-Zero. Stay tuned and goodbye!

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