How to draw a cheetah

Predators are fascinating when you are not their food.

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a cheetah. The lesson will consist of two parts. In the first part we will draw its body and in the second part we will pay more attention to its head. A cheetah doesn’t differ much from other representatives of the cat family, such as jaguar, trot, panther or lion. But there are some differences.

How to draw cheetah

  • Cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet.
  • It looks quite fragile, but all its body is a set of muscles with little fat.
  • Thanks to its muscles a cheetah can jerk abruptly and run at a high speed chasing its victim. Though he cannot keep running for long, maximum 15-20 seconds. So if you are attacked by a cheetah, all you need is to run with the speed of 120 km per hour for 20 seconds and he will leave you alone.
  • It’s better not to change direction while running as a cheetah has extremely sharp nails that help him turn easily.

Let’s take a pen, paper, eraser and a good mood and start.

Step 1. First draw circles that will show his body, head and legs. The head is not big. We will find more details about drawing his head in the second part of the lesson.

How to draw cheetah step 1Step 2. Join the circles forming his body.

How to draw cheetah step 2Step 3. Now we add an ear, an eye and a nose. Don’t forget about his tail.

How to draw cheetah step 3Step 4. We proceed to drawing his fur. You can also depict the jungles in the background. I decided to draw just some grass.

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How to draw cheetah step 4Step 5. Add spots and shades all over his body.

How to draw cheetah step 5All is done!

See also the second part of the lesson where we will take a closer look at how to draw a cheetah’s head. We can sketch the head of any representative of the cat family in the same manner. You can find the second part here – Cheetah’s head.

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Specially for

Step 2

Now, based on the stickman from the previous step, we will build a silhouette. We will connect a head and a breast with one more line from below. So we get a neck. In the same step, we will outline the line of eyes on the head. Do not forget to draw the front paws.

Learn how to draw a cheetah

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