How to download netflix movies on mac

Accessing Netflix in China Using a VPN

Without getting too technical, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a simple way to fool Netflix or any other online service (think Pandora, Hulu or others) into thinking that you’re in a different location. In other words, I can be sitting here in my home in China but when I’m connected to my ExpressVPN, anybody who tracks my computer address will think I’m in Los Angeles or New York.

This ability to mask my location is one of the top reasons I spend money on a VPN.

At first this may sound fishy or illegal (and some people wonder if using a VPN is illegal), but as long as you’re a paying customer who is doing nothing more than consuming content (i.e. you’re not trying to download it), you are perfectly within your rights.

Since I use ExpressVPN, all I had to do after paying for the service was download and install the software (less than 10 minutes) and put in the license key they sent to my email. It was that simple.

After that I just log in and tell the program where in the world I want to connect my computer. For the fastest speeds I usually always choose a west coast city like Los Angeles or San Francisco. You can see some of my many options below:

Once I click “Connect” I am instantly able to stream Netflix to my computer here in China, enjoying some of my favorite TV shows without any problems, advertisements or interruptions.

Is it worth the extra money just to watch Netflix? Yes, it is for me and here’s why:

  • A VPN like ExpressVPN can give you access not only to Netflix, but also Hulu, Pandora, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter – all of which are inaccessible here in China.
  • A VPN offers added security from hackers if you’re on Wi-fi here in China
  • Allows me to access all of this content on my phone as well
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Like I said before, there are plenty of great VPN services out there to try, but I’m a big fan of ExpressVPN because they are easy to use, competitively priced, and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

*Get 3 months FREE with ExpressVPN on their annual plan!

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