How to donate hair

As a busy mom, the only way for me to get everything done is to give up trying to get everything done. Instead, I have to prioritize my responsibilities so that the things that must be done get done while other, less essential tasks only get done if time and opportunity allow. One of these tasks that I put off until it’s absolutely necessary or I happen to have time is getting a haircut.

I know I’m supposed to get my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, but somehow that easily becomes 6-8 months. Typically it’s not until my family starts making jokes about hippies that I start to prioritize getting a haircut. By that time, it’s well past a reasonable length, a good 8-10 inches too long. So, I always donate my hair to make me feel more altruistic about my laziness.

Here I am with my way too long hair. It’s so long it doesn’t even fit in the picture!


My sons were shocked that one could donate hair to a good cause. I’m sure they think this is another one of those things I make up when I don’t want to tell them what I’m really doing. They probably think I’m saving all that hair until science figures out how to reattach it to my head when I go gray.

Most everyone else knows hair donation is a real thing. Locks of Love has an amazing marketing program because if you ask anyone about donating hair, this is typically the organization they mention. However, Locks of Love isn’t your only option if you want to donate your hair to be used for wigs for cancer victims.

Here are all of your options, as well as the restrictions that apply to each program.

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Children With Hair Loss

  • Minimum length = 8 inches
  • Will accept chemically treated hair
  • Will accept gray hair
  • Requires submission form

Locks of Love

  • Minimum length = 10 inches
  • Will accept chemically treated hair
  • Will accept gray hair
  • Requires submission form

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

  • Minimum length = 8 inches
  • Will NOT accept chemically treated hair
  • Will NOT accept gray hair if it exceeds 5% of the total hair
  • Requires submission form

Wigs For Kids

  • Minimum length = 12 inches
  • Will NOT accept chemically treated hair
  • Will accept gray hair
  • Requires submission form

Donate Hair for Cancer Patients – is it possible?

Many people throughout the world are suffering from Cancer and as a side effect to chemotherapy they lose their hair. And many others suffer from a disease called Alopecia which is not studied much and there is no cure. This disease also results in hair loss. So if you have hair with good length then you can help them by donating your hair for the making of wigs.

There are many charity organizations which take up the work of making wigs for Cancer patients. You need to find out to which organization you want to donate your hair before you go for a cut. Try to understand the policies of the organization first to know whether they would accept your hair.

Charity Organization to Donate Hair for Cancer Patients

Pantene and CWHL accept hair donations only if the length of the hair is 8 inches or more whereas Locks of Love accepts if it is 10 inches and Wigs for Kids accepts if it is 12 inches. If you have a curly hair, pull the hair straight and then measure to get the accurate length.

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See that your hair is not damaged because of extensive dyeing or styling. See that there are no split ends or it is not dirty. Check the length of the hair correctly. You may have colored your hair which will not actually damage your hair unlike bleaching. Grey hair is also accepted with equal importance. If you cut your hair without actually taking care of these issues it may be just wasted as the organizations will not accept such hair.

You may find an online form for the organizations to donate your hair so that you can check later whether it is accepted. Otherwise you can skip that if you don’t want to be identified. This process is very simple like entering the details of name and address. It may take some time to get a response as the organization may not have sufficient resources to manage the things. If you are still eager to know the status you can very well call them.

If everything is set you can go for a cut. When you go to the Salon don’t forget to inform them that you want to donate your hair. They will check the length and if it is satisfied they will tie your hair in a ponytail or two braids. Make sure that the hair is washed and completely dried before cutting. The stylist cuts your hair just above the band and should take care that it doesn’t touch the floor. Place the cut ponytail in an air tight plastic bag. The hair is ready for donation. You can mail this packet or hand it over personally to the organization which works on making wigs for cancer patients. This process is recurring. You can grow your hair again and can plan to donate it again.

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If you mail your packet just take care of the postage. Go to the post office and you can be assisted there. Don’t stop here. Pass on the idea to all your friends and they may be inspired and may like to donate their hair too. There is always a huge requirement of hair to make wigs. Publicizing the idea to donate hair to cancer Patients helps to get more hair donations.

Tips for Donate Hair for Cancer Patients:

  • Keep in mind that it is only hair and it grows again.
  • Know that many hair donations make up a single wig.
  • Think whether you really wish to do it.
  • Some salons cut your hair free of cost if it is for donation. So, search for such salons and some organizations which accept hair donations offer the cutting.
  • If school children want to do this their school authorities may arrange for a fund raising activity which takes care of the haircuts.

Points to Take Care:

  • Check whether the charity you want to donate your hair meets the standards.
  • Check if the charity is genuine and not selling the some of the donations to commercial wig manufacturers.
  • See that your hair doesn’t touch the floor otherwise it will not be accepted.

After you get familiarized to all the points involved in the process, you can go ahead with your donation. Hair grows back. So don’t think how to donate hair for Cancer Patients but think how to grow your hair back to donate again.

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