How to delete your instagram

If you really, really want to delete your Instagram account, it's pretty easy If you really, really want to delete your Instagram account, it's pretty easy

So you decided to quit Instagram. You already exported your photos with Instaport, but is that enough to stop the Evil Empire from mining your account for yet more information to sell to advertisers?*

What you need to do, my friend, is delete your Instagram account entirely. Luckily, it’s pretty easy, an almost one-click process — unlike quitting Facebook itself, which is all but impossible.

Yesterday, after Darth Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was acquiring everyone’s favorite photo-sharing service Instagram, Twitter was aflame with hatred, and many a tweet promised that its writer was totally going to delete their account, like, real soon now. So I asked my incredibly smart Twitter followers if any of them had actually deleted their accounts yet. The replies were an almost equal mix between “Hell yeah. Already done,” “I’m going to wait to see if Facebook actually ruins it.”

So, how do you do it? Simple. Just visit the account removal page (linked from this support page for the paranoid) and follow along. Unlike Facebook, which pretends to delete your account, Instagram will nuke everything from orbit. Not just your photos, but your comments, likes, friendships and even your username will be dust (and you can’t even start a new account with the same name in the future).

If you care, I’m in the “wait and see” camp. Instagram is my favorite social network, and I’m hoping that Facebook will let it live as it is. Sort of like what Yahoo did to Flickr, only without the whole ignoring-it-until-it-withers-and-dies part.

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*Not that all this info wasn’t free to see all along, anyway.

It’s becoming harder and harder for smokers and alcoholics to get their fix in Singapore thanks to high taxes and stricter laws. But Instagram addicts have no such barriers.

In fact, Instagram could be making poorer and more miserable than any of your other vices. Not only do you not get warned by gory cigarette pack images about the ills of Instagram, you may not even know how to delete your Instagram account because those devious developers have tried to make it as hard as possible for you to get off the bandwagon.

Why you might want to delete your Instagram account

Have you ever complained that you don’t have time to read, exercise, date, keep your plants alive, etc.? While we don’t deny that many people put in some pretty punishing hours at work, we’re also some of the biggest time wasters when it comes to spending time on social media.

A 2017 survey found that Singaporeans spend an average of 3 hours 12 minutes a day on their mobile phones, with at least 71% of people checking their social media on a daily basis. Think about everything you could do with all that time if you stopped stalking other people’s social media accounts.

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is probably the worst when it comes to encouraging you to spend money.

Facebook is not as bad, as some people only share fake news or complain about fellow commuters on the MRT. With Instagram, on the other hand, people are pretty much obliged to show sumptuous visuals, more often than not of gorgeous holiday destinations, their latest purchases and all the fancy restaurants, cafes and bars they’ve been visiting.

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Because of that, it’s also one of the worst culprits when it comes to causing lifestyle inflation.

You are bombarded with carefully-curated pictures which create the illusion that they accurately represent other people’s everyday lives. This in turn makes you feel like it’s normal to wear a new outfit every day, go on 15 overseas holidays a year and drink $6 coffee every morning.

You might feel withdrawal pangs from not being able to scroll through your feed when you first delete your Instagram account. But once it’s out of your life, you might actually start to enjoy that extra time, money and the ability to live your life instead of gazing at other people’s.

How to delete your Instagram account

delete account

 Ready to take the plunge? Here’s a step-by-step guide to deleting your Instagram account.

Step 1: Turn on your computer. (You can’t delete Instagram from your phone.)

Step 2: Log into Instagram’s desktop site.

Step 3: Go to this page to delete your Instagram account.

Step 4: Select a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down menu, while carefully ignoring their offer to temporarily disable your account.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and re-enter your password.

Step 6: Click on the red “Permanently delete my account” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7: Rejoice at your newfound freedom.

How to deactivate Instagram account (if you just want a break)

deactivate account

So maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge and delete your account completely. You’ve amassed way too many followers and posted way too many pics to want to give all that up. Here’s how you can temporarily deactivate your account:

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Step 1: Turn on your computer and log into Instagram’s desktop site.

Step 2: Go to this page to temporarily disable your account.

Step 3: You’ll see this on the screen: “If you’re just looking to take a break, you can always temporarily disable your Instagram account instead”. Click on the words “temporarily disable”.

Step 4: Select a reason for disabling your account from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Enter your password at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: Click on the blue “Temporarily disable my account” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: Resist the urge to reactivate your account.

Now you’re free to live your life without worrying about “gramming” pics of your food and outfits every five seconds, or wondering about what fabulous things the people you’re following are doing and buying right now.

You may not realise it immediately, but getting off social media is just the first step towards quelling the desire to keep up with the Joneses and compare yourself with other people.

Do you have an Instagram account? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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