How to delete snapchat messages

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Are you in search of an effective way on how to delete snapchat messages to avoid any Snapchat password hack? Don’t worry there are a few effective and easy ways to delete messages of which the Snap History Eraser of iMyFone Umate Pro is a very important one.

Of the various communication centric data sharing apps, Snapchat deserves special mention. This iPhone app makes it easy to send texts and photos to people. The app is designed in a unique way wherein the messages and photos vanish automatically within a few seconds of viewing them. The concept behind this exclusive design is to not save the messages and pictures, but to just have instant fun and forget all about them.

The big risk with snapchat messages is that although the messages disappear there is still a possibility of privacy leak. The reason according to studies done on this subject reveals that the app deletes all its data only temporarily and not in a permanent way. So, here are some very effective ways on how to delete messages on SnapChat.

Method 3: How to Delete Saved Private Messages on Snapchat Permanently

When you erase any data on your iPhone, you have to ensure that the process is done in such a way that the erasure is permanent. This will avoid accessing of your personal data by dangerous individuals. This is an important criterion to consider in the present scenario where identity theft is becoming alarmingly prevalent. This shows the significance of permanent deletion of private data present in your device.

iMyFone Umate Pro is considered as the best software in data deletion because it possesses the capability of permanently erasing private data making it impossible to recover the data irrespective of the type of recovery tool you use.

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How does iMyFone Umate Pro accomplish this feat?

iMyFone Umate Pro has three different erase modes by which it can execute a permanent erasure of data. You can be assured of permanent deletion of photos, videos, call histories, attachments, WhatsApp messages, etc. It can delete the email account from your iPad as well.

Here are the important permanently deleting modes to know of:

Erase Private information: This mode involves erasure of private information in your iPhone in a permanent way. In other words, any data that you delete using this private erase mode will be removed completely. It is not possible to recover any data you delete via this mode. So, you can be assured your private data is secure.

Erase all deleted data: This mode of iMyFone Umate Pro clears your iPhone data & enables erasure of all the files that have been deleted previously. You should be aware that it is possible to recover deleted files with the use of recovery tools. The iMyFone Umate Pro erase deleted files mode works by identifying the files that had been deleted previously. It erases them leaving behind absolutely no way of recovering the files.

Method of using iMyFone Umate Pro for deleting iPhone data

Using Umate Pro software is very easy. Here are the steps you can follow for deleting the data in your iPhone.

Step #1. Connect the iPhone.

Step #2. Choose any of the two erase modes that are applicable. For instance, choose Erase Private Data or Erase Deleted Files mode based on the type of deletion you want. Now scan the device.

Step #3. Choose the files you need to delete. Click on the, ‘Erase Now‘ option for the permanent erasure of data on your iPhone.

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Snapchat being a very innovative and interesting app is quite popular among users. While users like the unique way of sharing messages and photos with their friends and family, Snapchat has some drawbacks, which are mostly ignored. An important drawback is the risk of a privacy leak. This is not an issue with Snapchat alone. All other social media apps come with a similar privacy problem. But in the case of Snapchat, the issue is a different one entirely.

Snapchat and privacy leak

Safety is one critical issue in Snapchat especially with the photos. The photos like the messages are erased after a small time lapse. But the photos can still be present in the device. Based on studies done on this issue, the photos are not deleted in reality. The application just changes the photo labels making it difficult to detect the photos by the operating system used in the device. Therefore it is possible for the photos to be reconstructed. These can hence be traced back and linked to the device user to whom they belong to. Hence there is a high probability of the photos being retrieved and used for illegal purposes.

The significance of a professional and reliable Snap History Eraser

As you now know, with the possibility of risk related to Snapchat data, it is necessary to consider strong safety measures to keep the data safe from privacy infiltration. With Snapchat being a popularly used application, it can easily become the main target for criminals and hackers.

One way to avoid the risk of privacy hack is by deleting the photos permanently. Since the operating system is unable to detect the photos, this can be quite a difficult task to accomplish. The conventional deletion methods cannot be used in this situation.

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The most reliable and effective way to solve this issue is to use a specialized software tool, which helps in identifying the files and deleting them without any difficulty whatsoever. iMyFone Snap History Eraser for iPhone/iPad, which is also available for Mac version, is a highly effective tool for erasing Snapchat data and removing Apple ID from iPhone. The software tool is a professional program capable of erasing photos from your iPad or iPhone in a hassle-free way.

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Snapchat introduces “Delete Chat” feature

Snapchat’s “Delete Chat” feature allows you to delete a sent message from their servers and your friends’ devices. The social media app first introduced the option on June 12.

Unlike WhatsApp, this feature may not always work. Here are a few instances where this feature might not work.

  • A message that you remove on your device might stay intact on the recipient’s device due to a bad internet connection.
  • If your contact is still using an outdated version of Snapchat, “Delete Chat” will not work properly. You will not be able to remove sent messages from your friend’s device even after you make use of this feature.

If this option doesn’t appear on your device, make sure you are on the latest version. However, if you still don’t get this option, your device may not be eligible for this update yet.

Although Snapchat hasn’t given an official statement regarding this feature, they tend to test new features only in select countries. Once the feature is ready, it becomes publicly available worldwide.

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