How to delete snapchat chats

Chatting , texting , sharing our funny moments with our friends through private space available in very social media platforms has become a global trend. Among other social media snapchat stands to one of the famous and highly used as you can see the app’s feature getting a better look,performance and look every year Even though the snapchat stories are self destructive , the chatting is the arena where the users need to be a little more mindful about their safety and how secured are the photos and videos they share in private conversation.

When it comes to private conversation  in Snapchat ,we share everything and anything from our weird selfies , sharing secrets that you do not want a third party to know and even sometime obscene content gets shared since it is a private forum between two people.But there may be high chances of a stranger accessing your accounts or even any of your friends can catch hold of your private conversation when he/she gets to surf through your phone.We may not know the risk behind our private stuffs from  getting leaked and share.

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How To Delete Snapchat Chat History

For all the Snapchat users , here is a way to erase snapchat messages before anyone could see it with or without your notice.Here are the list of steps to hide your privacy by deleting your snapchat chats.


  • Click on the “Settings” icon at the top right corner of the window.
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  • In the navigated page , scroll down and click on the “Clear Conversations”.

This option will take you to the screen where all your chat threads are visible.

  • Click on the “X” mark inline with the required chat that you needed to delete.

A popup message appears as a part of confirmation.

  • Click on the “Clear” button.

The particular chat gets deleted. You can follow the steps to delete any other chat you feel to hide it or erase it.

There are also ways to delete all the chats at one go. This will save time and not doing it every time for all the chat threads.This systematic method can prevent the risk of every photos and videos that are being shared through chat.


  • Launch your Snapchat iOS device.
  • Click on the “settings” at the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the settings page , select “clear conversation”.
  • At the top right corner of the navigated page , you could see a “Clear All” option.Click on that.

  • In the confirmation pop up , tap one the “Clear feed” option.

Now you are free from the fear of your photos and videos that were shared on snapchat being misused or getting leaked.

Another important reason behind clearing your chats apart from privacy issue , you can avoid your app being chaos and dumped with all the old stuffs.Clearing it once a while will be a better option whatsoever social media app or platform you use.

Fortunately , deleting and being secured in iOS does not need any external app unless anything hazard happens.There are many simple ways to delete and backup Snapchat chats and posts.

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Never miss an opportunity to share your moments with your friends .There is always a solution for all the things that are considered to be risk. Your privacy being affected or interrupted is never a barrier for your fun.Now you can snapchat history delete and have the control over your privacy with these simple social media hacks.

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