How to cut your own hair

If you have dull hair with no visible volume, layering is the perfect haircut for you. It goes well with all face shapes and it’s very easy to do! Besides layering your hair will change your whole look. If you learn how to cut your own hair in layers at home you will be able to keep the length you want for your hair and make changes as you wish. So do try it at home and you will forget about making expensive salon appointments in no time.

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers with Barber ScissorsHow to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers with Barber Scissors

Don’t spend, Try yourself.

You are probably scared that you might mess up your hair if you cut it yourself. But trust me when I say this, layered haircut is very easy to do and you can always fix a few mistakes. if you do it yourself you will be able to keep the length you want and it will spend you a lot of money.

You can also make a few changes and try different styles to see which suits you best. besides, you can add multiple layers too! the only limit is your imagination.  Once you get hold of the basics you can do any type of hairstyle you want, not to mention different types of layers. With a few simple steps, you can learn how to cut your own hair in layers in no time.

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers/ Straight

Cutting your hair at home is very easy. if you are a beginner try the first way and after you have learned your way around the scissors you can try the second one. Either way for this haircut

you will need a few things. Like,

  •  a comb
  • a hair tie
  • a pair of  barber scissors and
  • a pair of thinning scissors.

Method 1:

Now, there are two methods for cutting your hairs in the layer. The first one is quite simple and if this is your first haircut by yourself you are advised to try this. This is how it is done :

  • You need to prepare your hair first. To do so, you should dampen your hair first. If possible wash your hair to remove all the oil and grease and pat dry (but not completely) with a towel. Damp hair is easier to control while cutting hair.
  • Comb your hair with a wide-toothed hairbrush to make sure the hair is fully detangled and there is no lump. Lumped hair will mess up the haircut and you will not get a perfect finish.[These two steps are same for both process]
  1. Comb all your hairs to bring them in front of your face. Use a hair tie to tie your hairs in a tight ponytail right where your hairline has started. Depending on where you want your layers to start you can tie your ponytail a little lower. If you have longer hair, tie another hair tie just an inch or two above your hair end (also depends on the length you want to keep your hair). This will help you secure your hair and a perfect finish.
  2. Now with a pair of barber scissors cut the hairs above the second ponytail. If you have used only one, then using your hand sort you hairs all the way to the height you want to cut your hair and cut the hair underneath diagonally using barber scissors.
  3. Now hold your hairs between your fingers and point cut the hairs upwards with the scissors. A pointcut is when you use the tip of your scissors to make little nips in your hair.
  4. Use the thinning scissors to thin out the ends of your layers to make them neat. Thinning scissors are the ones with one blade and a comb replacing the other blade. This step is optional.
  5. Comb your hair to see the result. Compare both sides to see if any hair is longer than other. Cut off any hair that needs to be trimmed.
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This process will give you multiple layers with lots of volumes.

Method 2:

Now that you have learned how to cut your hair in layers the easy way, try a little complicated one. This process is a bit tricky but it will help you with the face framing. You will be needing the same things and step A and B will be your preparation. Now follow the following steps to layer your hair:

  1. Section your hair in the middle. Take one side and tie it with a hair tie because you will be working on one side first. So, the other side will be out of the way.
  2. Take the open section and part it into three parts.
  3. Take the first part(that is the front most part) and comb it. Using your hand take and hold the hair vertically and bring it in front of your face. If you have a mirror in front and comfortable using it, then you can hold your hair on the side. Leaving two or three inches from the bottom cut diagonally making the front portion short to gradually longer back portion. then point cut this section.
  4. Now take a few strands from the back portion and this will be your guide for cutting the next part. Take the next part together with the guide and cut your hair diagonally up to the guide. Then point cut the portion.
  5. Taking a few strands from this part create a guide for the next part. Cut the hair diagonally up to the guide. Pointcut upwards to finish up.
  6. Do the same thing for the other side.
  7. Bring your hairs to the front and compare both sides. If they are not of equal length make some adjustments by cutting the hair off one side to make them both of the same length.
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You can shorten your bangs in the front by cutting the front a little shorter and the make little cuts diagonally to blend in the layers.

Layers for Short Hair

If you have short hair you can not use the first method to cut your hairs in layers. The second method will be suitable for you. But there is a few adjustments you can do to make it look better. here’s how:

  1. Section your hair into three parts creating a box in the middle. The other two parts starting from the side of your head where it just starts to curve.
  2. Cut the hair off both sides as directed above.
  3. Take the middle boxed portion and divide it in half.
  4. Take the first portion and part it in the middle. Then with half of two parts, take a portion of your side hair to use as a guide. Cut the hair down to the guide length diagonally and point cut upwards. Do the same thing on the other side
  5. Take the back portion of the box and repeat the process.

In this way, you will have more volume in your hair and multiple layers.

Safety Tips

Learning how to cut your hair in layers may seem easy but without the safety measures you might end up with messed up hair with no way to fix it. Now here are a few tips to have the perfect layers without any mistakes :

  1. Always cut diagonally while you cut freestyle layers. It will help the layers to blend in.
  2. Use barber scissors while cutting your hair. Dull scissors will give you an uneven cut and a sloppy finish.
  3. Make sure there is enough lighting in the room or you might cut one portion twice and there is no way to fix that.
  4. keep a mirror in front of you to check the progress and to observe uneven cuts.
  5. Make sure your hair is damp before cutting. It is easier to control damp hair and dry and greasy hair makes the haircut messy.
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