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Welcome to PRESS Men’s Hair Salon.  Inspired by art, music, and aerospace, we are wildly obsessed with good-looking hair.  We do one thing very well, and that’s simply men’s hair cutting.

Our team of expert hairstylists specialize in scissors cutting. We put everything we know and love into providing the best tailored men’s salon haircuts and style.  Guests receive our undivided in-chair attention where we spend extra time learning about his wants and needs.  A lot of care is put into teaching each guest the right products to use along with a mini tutorial on “How To Style His Hair At Home” before we complete the service. We are devoted to giving our guests more than just a perfect haircut.  It is our priority to make each guest feel on-top-of the-world handsome and empowered before he leaves.

Because we are an education based salon, all stylists perfect their skills with the PRESS Men’s Haircutting Program.  This program was developed by Owner and Education Director, Vaan Sheahan where it zeroes in on the technical and artistic aspects of men’s hair cutting by using two primitive tools – scissors and comb.  We serve men of all ages who appreciate upscale services without the premium price.  PRESS is not a barbershop, we’re a men’s hair salon with a focus on expert men’s haircuts.

“Look handsome, Feel empowered” 

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Types of Haircuts For Men

There are a wide variety of long and short haircuts available for the modern man. While the many different hairstyles and names can seem a little overwhelming, pictures and descriptions will help you understand what each represents.

Types of Haircuts For Men

Low Fade

The low fade is the most popular kind of taper, and often includes a drop which wraps around the ear and down the neck. The low fade haircut requires a subtle increase in length, which begins right above the ear, and slowly blends into the hairstyle on top of the head. We highly recommend the low taper fade for business professionals who need a safe yet stylish cut.

Low Fade

Mid Fade

The mid fade offers much of the same look as the low fade, but starts in the middle of the sides. Sometimes called the medium fade, this tapered cut is the middle ground between the conservative low taper and strong-contrast high fade. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut, this may be your best choice.

Mid Fade

High Fade

The high fade may be the best haircut for guys who want a short sides, long top hairstyle. As it starts higher up on the head, the hair starts becoming shorter around the temples or forehead, much like the temp fade. Ultimately, the high fade haircut provides a lot of contrast and is the shortest of the fades.

High Fade

Bald Fade

A skin fade begins from a total shave, with no hair at all, and gradually fades into the hair at the top of the head. Sometimes known as a razor or bald fade, this short cut on the sides and back provides the cleanest finish with the most contrast. Depending on whether you get a low skin fade or high bald fade, this look can be really edgy and awesome.

Bald Fade

Which tapered or faded style you prefer is largely dependent upon personal taste.

How To Ask For A Haircut

Knowing the names of haircuts that you’d like to try can really help you get the best cut each time you visit your barbershop. But while it’s important to remember haircut terms when speaking with your barber, here are a few other factors to keep in mind when getting your hair cut.

  • Have a hairstyle in mind when visiting your barber.
  • Choose between a fade or undercut on the sides.
  • If you want a fade, know how high or low and which clipper size or grade.
  • If you plan to style your hair on top in a certain way, tell your barber in advance. Based on your face shape, hair texture, and current length, he can make recommendations.
  • Decide on how you want your neckline trimmed.

Cool New Men’s Haircuts To Try in 2018

Since each hairstyle comes with so many variations and guys can always find ways to customize any cut, here are some additional ideas and options for you to check out. Below, check out our gallery of cool new men’s haircuts to try this year!

Brushed Back Hair + Undercut Fade + Part

Brushed Back Hair + Undercut Fade + Part

Textured Modern Quiff + Low Fade + Line Up

Textured Modern Quiff + Low Fade + Line Up

Disconnected Undercut + Textured Brush Up

Disconnected Undercut + Textured Brush Up

High Razor Fade + Shape Up + Messy Curly Hair

High Razor Fade + Shape Up + Messy Curly Hair

Burst Fade Mohawk + Beard

Burst Fade Mohawk + Beard

Mid Drop Fade + Edge Up + Messy Wavy Top

Mid Drop Fade + Edge Up + Messy Wavy Top

High Drop Fade + 3 Line Design + Short Hair

High Drop Fade + 3 Line Design + Short Hair

High Bald Fade + Line Up + Cross Design

High Bald Fade + Line Up + Cross Design

Comb Over Fade + Hard Part + Line Up + Beard

Comb Over Fade + Hard Part + Line Up + Beard Design

Natural Slick Back Undercut

Natural Slick Back Undercut

Mid Fade + Long Fringe + Beard

Mid Fade + Long Wavy Fringe + Beard

Thick Curly Hair Top + Skin Fade + Full Beard

Thick Curly Hair Top + Skin Fade + Full Beard

Shaved Sides + Textured Quiff + Beard

Shaved Sides + Textured Quiff + Beard

Best Hair Clipper Overall

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper

The reason why I recommend the Wahl Senior as the best all around men’s hair clipper is because when you aren’t a professional and don’t want to have several expensive clippers, then you need one clipper that does it all.

Or, if you are a barber just starting out and don’t have loads of money to drop to get your first set up, then you should go for the Wahl Senior as your go to clipper.

It’s intended for professional use, so it is rugged and durable, yet, price wise is not out of reach for the guy that wants to be cutting his hair at home. It will last years longer than any cheapo clipper that you might be tempted to buy based on price.

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It comes with 3 clip on guards to place over the blade to cut at varying lengths. For use in the barbershop, or even to cut your own hair at home, you will need to go for a hair clipper guard set that can cut to different lengths, so, look into getting a pack of 10.

The lever on the side of the clipper opens and closes the blade. This is extremely important when doing fades. To eliminate the possibility of seeing a line or shadow on the head from the hair being different lengths, you need to make slight adjustments to properly blend.

That is more for professionals, however since you probably won’t be giving yourself a fade as it is not easy to do even when doing it on somebody else.

It is an electromagnetic clipper, a type which have the tendency to heat up when using it for a while. Somehow, Wahl has fixed this problem as the Senior doesn’t get too hot.

Best Clippers for Barbers – Professional Grade

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

This clipper is an absolute beast. It is the Cadillac of men’s hair clippers. Overall, I believe that Oster are the best brand of hair clippers as the quality is exceptional across the board, but the 76 is the cream of the crop.

The model has not changed since my father was using the same way back when. It is durable, in fact I still have one that my father used in his shop and it works great all these years later.

It is quiet since it has a rotary motor that spins rather than oscillates side to side like the electromagnetic ones. It makes a gentle whirring noise rather than clacking.

The rotary motor also means that it doesn’t heat up like other brands. It can be used all day and never got hot. If it does get hot, then it means you need to do some maintenance, like adding some lube to the chamber.

The blades are also excellent, sharp and last a long time. They clip on, so they are much stronger and durable than the attached kind. The blades are what make the 76 the best clipper for thick hair as it cuts through the thickest hair like butter.

There are two downsides to the Oster 76. Because the blades are detachable and fixed, they can’t be adjusted. Meaning, it is not great at giving fades. That’s the reason I gave the nod to the Wahl Senior as being the best all around clipper.

The other problem is cost. These are expensive. And, since the blades need to be bought separately, it can add up fast as some of the blades cost over $20.

That, and the fact that you get years out of them. Replacing your clippers every year will end up costing you more in the long run than if you just spent the money on the 76.

What you need to keep in mind, though, is it is a business expense.

Best Cordless Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord

Another way that Wahl beats out the Oster is with their cordless line of clippers. You get all of the performance of the Wahl Senior with the added advantage of maneuverability.

What I love about this, and wish their other models had the same, is the motor system is rotary as opposed to oscillating. So, you end up with more power from the rechargeable clipper than you do with the corded one, even though technically the motor isn’t actually as strong.

The battery lasts 90 minutes straight on a charge. You aren’t likely to need 90 minutes of operation at one time before it charges. The other nice thing is it does work with the cord, too so if the battery runs out you’re not out of luck.

It is way more lightweight than the Senior, weighing in at less than one pound. It also has a nice feel in the hands. Like it fits the contours of your palm/ that makes it easy to use all day without feeling fatigue.

If you’re cutting your hair at home, this is a really good option as it can be used anywhere. Cleaning up can be a pain and usually you are finding stray hairs days after your cut, so doing it outside is now an option with this professional cordless clipper making it the best clipper to cut your own hair.

It comes with 8 attachment combs so you have pretty much everything you need to get started. The one downside is that the blade can be quite sharp. Especially if you try to adjust it to make it cut closer. Take your time, don’t rush the cut and you shouldn’t encounter any nicks.

Best Clippers for Bald Men and Head Shaving

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

When you shave your own head it can be awkward to do it with a traditional clipper. That’s why I always recommend this neat clipper for bald men.

It is so perfectly ergonomical, it makes shaving your own head so easy. It fits right in the palm of your hand and features a curved blade that rides the contours on your head. That makes it really hard to miss a spot.

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Shaving your head has never been faster, either, thanks to it being so easy to use. You won’t need to go over the same spot three times from three different angles to get right down to the skin.

There are comb attachments included in case you don’t want to go fully bald. If you plan to give yourself a one level buzzcut, it works great for that and makes this the best clippers for short hair.

The battery runs for 40 minutes. More than enough time to shave your own head and maybe even your friend’s too! It can be used with the cord in case you forget to plug it in.

If you find yourself on the road a lot and don’t want to have to go to a barber in unfamiliar territory, the Remington Shortcut Pro makes for a great travel clipper since it takes up so little space and is so lightweight. It also comes with a convenient storage case.

Best part is that it is washable. It comes with a small brush to wipe it clean, but sometimes you need to run it under water to keep it running at 100%. Don’t worry, the water won’t dull the blades. They are self sharpening so they won’t pull your hair after using it for a while.

Best Clippers for Black Hair

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

You may have noticed a trend by now. I love pivot motor clippers over oscillating.

This feature is very important when it comes to cutting black men’s hair. Even though many keep their hair short or faded it seems like it would be a quick cut or that power wouldn’t be an issue.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

It actually takes longer to cut black men’s hair and takes more precision. That’s why I like the Oster fast feed. There are better clippers for fades out there, like the Wahl Senior, but for cutting black or wiry hair you need a strong motor.

The Fast Feed is a better clipper for fades and tapers than the Oster 76 and is lighter in weight, too. It has an adjustable attached blade that can cut down to the same length as the 000 fixed blade.

It works great at getting the line out of black hair when tapering and the adjustable lever is nice and smooth so you can really go in small increments.

Thick, wiry hair can dull a lesser quality blade found on other clippers. That’s why I love Oster products. They use high quality steel for the blades that can resist going dull after prolonged use on thick hair.

The blade lasts longer, the motor is strong and it is more durable than most other clippers. These are the main reasons I love using the Fast Feed for black men’s hair.

The only downside is that you can’t get down to the skin for a true bald fade.

Best Hair Clipper and Trimmer Combo

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000

When cutting your own hair at home, you really don’t want to have to buy multiple products to get the job done.

That’s why I highly recommend this combo clipper and trimmer from Philips Norelco.

You can groom yourself from head to toe with just one tool.

It is cordless and lasts up to 5 hours on a full charge. Unless you are a literal gorilla, then that should get you more than a few grooming sessions before you need to recharge.

For cutting hair it features a sharp Chromium self sharpening blade. With the comb attachments it comes with, you can give yourself a nice taper.

Using the blade without the combs gives you a nice tight line around the edge of your hair by using it as a trimmer.

Then, you can swap out the head and use it as a nose trimmer or to get in your ears, or line up your eyebrows with precision.

If you’re artistically inclined, you could even use the narrow precision trimmer to make designs in your beard or even on your head.

A foil shaver attachment will give you almost as close a shave as you can get from a razor, which makes it the best clippers for shaving your face.

If you want to leave some stubble on your face then you can just use the trimmer blade.

You can use the comb attachments to trim your body hair, or go all the way to the skin with the foil attachment. There’s almost nothing this can’t do. The trimmer and all of the attachments are fully washable.

Downsides? One is that you can’t use it in the shower. Seems like a wasted opportunity to makes the parts washable without going the extra mile to make it shower ready. But, when you want the best cheap clippers, that’s a small price to pay.

The Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears Compared

Japanese Hitachi Stainless Steel Pro Hair Cutting… Suvorna 5.5” Precision Razor Edge Japanese… CUT2104 – Pro Hair Cutting Scissors German Steel Top Pick Japanese Hitachi Stainless Steel Pro Hair Cutting… Suvorna 5.5” Precision Razor Edge Japanese… CUT2104 – Pro Hair Cutting Scissors German Steel

Japanese Hitachi Stainless Steel Pro Hair Cutting Scissors

When buying professional grade scissors, or shears as we call them in the trade, there is a short rule of thumb to buy the best. Stick with either Japanese or German made brands and you can’t really go wrong.

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Starting out, you are likely on a budget, so I recommend these Japanese shears by Hitachi. Though, you could spend thousands on a pair, I think these are priced right to give you the quality you need and still last a while to get your money’s worth out of them.

They come in two sizes and which length is a matter of personal preference. I like longer shears to get through a haircut faster without giving up any quality work. But, some people like to work in smaller sections, in which case you may want the short ones. The price is the same either way, so it is your call.

What I like about these is how lightweight they are while still being incredibly strong and how long they keep their fine edge. Because they cut so cleanly and there is no resistance when you open and close them, they are easy on your hands.

Hand fatigue is a factor when you’re cutting all day so it’s important to get the right shears for you.

Best Scissors for Cutting Hair

Suvorna 5.5” Precision Razor Edge Japanese Stainless Steel Barber Scissors

These budget scissors for cutting hair are good for home hair cutting as well as in the shop.

And, for the price you can’t really beat them. They are made in China, but from a Japanese company,  so they give you the same qualities a more expensive shear would have. This makes them ideal for the home barber that doesn’t want to spend a fortune to cut hair at home on occasion.

They are lightweight and have a hollowed out blade to prevent the hair from bending when it is cut.

The blade length is a good 5.5 inches so they are long enough to give you a quick haircut without being too long so you could still trim your beard with them.

The biggest downside, however are the rubber inserts. I like having them to keep your fingers from sliding around in them, but after a while they may get loose on you. When you’re dealing with budget tools, there has to be some sacrifice.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors for Home

Pro Hair Cutting Scissors German Steel

These German shears are great for home use when you want to have a quality tool that you would expect in a salon or barbershop.

It starts with quality German steel and that German engineering that everybody raves about.

They look simple, but the small details are what count.

First of all the steel is of an excellent quality so the scissors are able to keep their edge for a long time. Cutting your hair at home means you aren’t using them much, so expect them to stay razor sharp for a lifetime. With proper care of course!

They are lightweight so if you are using them for a while, it won’t cause hand fatigue. One thing that is annoying with cheap home hair scissors is that they tend to bend the hair while cutting. There is too much space between the blades.

These have a nice adjustable wheel to get them tight if the joint starts getting loose.

A rubber stopper keeps them from making too much noise as you cut. There is nothing more annoying than the sound of the clack clack clacking of shears. That’s a nice little touch that you don’t usually see with shears for home use. The rubber finger washers are even good quality so they don’t fall out after just a few uses.

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Benefits at PRESS Men’s Hair Salon Orange County

Here are 5 benefits that you will receive at PRESS Men’s Hair Salon serving Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Irvine, and surrounding areas.

PMH-Mens-Hair-IconTailored-To-You- Haircut.

A thorough consultation takes place before the start of every service.  We spend time talking to you to make sure we understand what you are looking for before we begin any services.  Communication is key to a successful hairstyle.

PMH-Tie-Icon-BMen-only salon experience.

Let’s face it — a feminine atmosphere isn’t really what you’re looking forward to when you walk into a typical salon.  At PRESS Men’s Hair, you’ll experience a masculine environment.  Our loft-style salon includes 5 flat screens TVs, styling chairs made of solid wood, and Bumble and Bumble products that will get you looking & feeling your best. 

In-Chair Education.       

All stylists pay attention to details and spend the time teaching you what products to use & how to style your hair.

Scissors-only haircut.PMH-Scissors-Icon-D

We specialize in the art of cutting with scissors, providing a custom cut that is catered to your hair type, head shape, and lifestyle.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t do everything!  You name it, we will give it to you.

PMH-Prescription-Icon-BRoyal Service.

Yes, when we say royal, we mean it.  We do everything we can to make you feel like a king.  Your business means the world to us.

What other people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it — have a look at what men are saying about PRESS Men’s hair. PRESS Men’s Hair salon is committed to making a man look handsome, while empowering him with confidence.  We also value the development of long-term client relationships & appreciate your business.

Look at the men’s haircuts we’ve styled in our PRESS Men’s hair photo gallery.  Check out the services we offer here.

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