How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast - Best Home RemediesHemorrhoids, also known as piles, are not life threatening and often go away on their own, but they cause great discomfort and may be quite painful. Understand the problem of hemorrhoids and learn how to deal with them using natural, home remedies.

What are Hemorrhoids?

The word hemorrhoids is a combined form of two Greek words, hamea, which means blood, and rhoos, which means flowing. As the meaning of source words suggests, hemorrhoids is one among the most common causes of rectal bleeding. The anus is surrounded by the blood vessels, and hemorrhoids are a medical condition in which these blood vessels, located in the anus and lower rectum, enlarge or swell up, which causes discomfort. In other words, hemorrhoids are actually vascular cushions existing in the anal canal (2). Hemorrhoids may be a result of strain during bowel motion or high pressure on the veins due to pregnancy or obesity.

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external (also known as thrombosed) depending upon where they are located (3). Sometimes, the internal hemorrhoids expand and project outwards. Due to this, they develop into external hemorrhoids (6).

  1. Internal Hemorrhoids – The hemorrhoids that are situated within the rectum fall under this category. These are not visible and do not cause much discomfort. However, irritation caused while passing the stools can wound these hemorrhoids, which can make them bleed. These hemorrhoids may also move down the anus to appear outside as protruding hemorrhoids. This is why you might sometimes notice blood stains in the toilet bowl or on the toilet paper. This may also lead to pruritus ani, which is the irritation caused when the hemorrhoids protrude out along with the mucus and microscopic particles of stool (4).
  2. External Hemorrhoids – These hemorrhoids are the painful ones and develop beneath the skin around the anus. The erosion and irritation that skin suffers from this make these hemorrhoids more uncomfortable. At times, external hemorrhoids may collect blood and form a clot, which is known as thrombus. This can increase the pain and inflammation, and lead to the formation of a hard lump around the anus. This clot may dissolve within some time, leaving behind excess skin that itches (5).
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Hemorrhoids are one of the most agonizing and bothersome health problems that someone can suffer from. Even though they go away within the short yet painful span of time, the gravity of problem may deepen if they do not. To reduce the problem from increasing, an efficient treatment at the initial stage is necessary.

While studying on this topic, you might miss out on some or the other detail, and that’s where this article will prove fruitful for you as all these remedies are tried and tested. We have analyzed the complete problem to bring all the answers at your fingertips. So just begin with it and say goodbye to hemorrhoids.

However, in case, the symptoms persist for a longer duration or do not show a sign of healing, visiting a doctor would be the most intelligent thing to do.

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Garlic For Hemorrhoids

Garlic is one of the world’s amazing foods. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments, hemroids included.

Garlic can be considered one of the best natural hemorrhoids remedies because of its antibacterial properties.

For long-term hemorrhoid relief, simply take two cups of water in a pot and steep a few garlic cloves in it for a garlic tea. Then, allow the garlic water to cool.

You can apply this mixture as a compress for hemorrhoid relief.

Another option for more chronic or severe cases is to insert one peeled garlic clove directly into the anus.

Do so before bed.

This will help curb hemroids naturally.

And, don’t worry—you will excrete the garlic in the morning with your bowel movement.

Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids

The extract of Witch Hazel plants are well-known natural hemorrhoids remedies.

This ingredient acts as a natural astringent helping to reduce swelling.

This liquid is made from the leaves and barks of the Witch Hazel plant, and it helps to reduce inflammation from bleeding or bloody vessels.

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You can obtain this solution from a drugstore fairly easily.

Most commonly, you’ll find it as a distilled liquid, ointment, or in medicated pads.

Use Witch Hazel for external use only. You can use Witch Hazel liberally on hemroids.

Horse Chestnut

This herb is a great ingredient to look for in hemorrhoid remedies.

Horse chestnut helps to treat swelling and inflammation of affected blood vessels contained within your hemroids.

Horse chestnut also makes blood vessels strong.

It is one of the most popular hemorrhoids remedies that aids in helping you feel better almost instantly since it’s also cooling.

The only drawback to using horse chestnut is the possibility of allergy.

This is one of the herbs that can cause a reaction, so be careful and aware of your body’s response when using this product.

Butcher’s Broom For Hemorrhoids

Another popular hemorrhoids remedy includes Butcher’s Broom extract.

This herb is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which works quickly to shrink swollen veins, hemroids, and inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues.

From all the hemorrhoids remedies, Butcher’s broom can sometimes offer a permanent hemroids solution.

It is can be found in the form of capsules or tea, and should be taken internally for best results.

You can generally combine Butcher’s broom with any other favorite hemorrhoids remedies.

To make Butcher’s Broom tea, simply steep one teaspoon of the crushed herb in a cup of hot water.

Let it steep for about 15 minutes, and then drink it.

The tea will be naturally bitter so feel free to sweeten before drinking for a better taste.

Don’t use Butcher’s Broom if you are pregnant or if you have blood problems.

As a good rule of thumb, you should always consult your doctor before starting any at-home hemorrhoid remedies.

Don’t forget to checkout Venapro for hemorrhoids.

Possible Causes of Hemorrhoids

Some of the main reasons of getting hemorrhoids are:

  • The first reason of hemorrhoids is the excessive pressure on rectal and anal veins; it can be the pressure applied during the bowel movements. The anal veins enlarge, and hemorrhoids form when the straining puts pressure on the rectum which causes the blood to swell around the veins.
  • As included above, hemorrhoids can be developed during pregnancy.
  • Anal sex can also be a cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Being overweight is known to be the major cause of getting hemorrhoids.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • No exercise.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Spending more time on the toilet. Oh gosh, I spend so much time in the toilet but Good for me, this reason doesn’t work on me (till now). Please remember that Every cause, every reason and every method of treating your inflammations in not same and won’t for everyone!
  • Age above 50 is considered to be the most vulnerable age of getting piles because of the weakness of various tissues in your body.
  • According to some medical studies, the lack of erect posture in the patients suffering from spinal injuries is also found to be a major reason of getting piles.
  • And the last one is that if your parents had hemorrhoids outbreaks, then you may have them too.
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When to See a Doctor for your Hemorrhoids?

Home treatments with natural home remedies will heal most of the hemorrhoids, but there are times when home treatments won’t work, and you will need medical attention. Pay serious attention to your symptoms to conclude whether you need to consult a doctor or not:

  • Pain and Bleeding should stop within 2 or 3 weeks, consult a specialist if these symptoms persist after a week.
  • You may need medical attention ASAP if your Hemorrhoidal bleeding’s color changes from bright red to dark red because this indicates that something else is wrong there.
  • If your symptoms become severe instead of improving while using remedies on it, you should see your doctor at earliest.
  • Bleeding from hemorrhoids generally occur with bowel movements, so if your rectal bleed at any other time, call your doctor.
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