How to copy and paste on macbook

You might have been fortunate enough to possess a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or it has been already on your shopping list. Anyhow, you must be eager to turn it on and gain certain new experiences. However, things would go on in a more complicated manner while we find the unusual operation of MAC compared with the ordinary ones, since the OSX operating system of Apple is different from the Windows operating system of Microsoft’s.

copy, cut and paste in Macbook or any OSX

The two operating systems share something in common while also have many differences. One difference is the usage of touchpad gesture (integrated mouse). Another difference while using computers or basic operating systems is the ways to copy, cut and paste the text or file. We can operate these instructions mechanically (without any thinking) on Windows computers. Nevertheless, these simple operations might turn into torture (perhaps without going on smoothly) with Macbook of OSX el Capitan or any other versions.

As we know, on a computer with Windows, there is 2 main ways to copy, cut and paste file or text,as they are: 1 with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X y Ctrl + V) and 2 by clicking the right mouse button and then using the contextual menu.

There are 2 basic ways for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to copy, cut and paste file or text, whose functions are basically same with Windows, i.e., the usage of keyboard shortcuts and TouchPad. However, they are different each other in their manners to use the shortcuts and TouchPad. That’s why we want to show you how to copy, cut and paste both text and file in a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro:

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Copy, cut and Paste Text or files in OSX of MacBook Air or Pro with keyboard shortcuts:

Whenever you want to copy a text with your Apple devices, the top priority is to select the text you want to copy or cut. Once you have selected it with the mouse, we’ll have to use the following keyboard shortcuts depending on the specific operations:

– Copy text: CMD + C

– Cut text: CMD + X

how to copy, paste, cut on MacBook

Once having copied or cut the text, we’ll need to move towards wherever we want to paste the text and we should simply select with the mouse where we want to paste it. Once the mouse is in the desired spot, we’ll have to use the following keyboard shortcut:

– Paste Text: CMD + V

Copy, cut and paste text or file in OSX from MacBook Air or Pro with the top menu:

If you don’t want to use the methods previously described, you can also use the top column of the OSX desktop to copy, cut and paste file and text. Thus, you just need to select the text or file you want and then click on the Edit option shown in the upper part of the screen. This will show a menu where we can select among the options to copy or cut.

Once the action is carried out, we must click the Edit button again wherever we want to paste the text or file. Now we should press on the Paste option.

Macbook Copy, Cut, Paste

Extra mode:

You must know that the drag and drop operation is another way to copy text or move files. For instance, if we want to copy text from one document to the other, it’s enough to just select the text and then remain clicking over the selection using the mouse’s left button while you drag it to the new document. You should merely let go of the mouse’s left button for the text to paste automatically once in the expected place.

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drop and drag macbook

This same method can also be applied to files; you’ll be able to drag them from one location to the other just like the recycling bin. In this case, the drag of file would operate as the Cut and Paste, which will cause the disappearance of the file in the original location.

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