How to cook ramen in the microwave

A few years ago we always kept a stash of Nissin Top Ramen in the office, we’d buy boxes of it when it went on sale 5 for $1. Oriental or Chili Lime. I remember feeling not quite full after eating one package, so I started making three packages at a time for two of us to split. And then…I noticed in the nutrition facts that one package is counted as two servings. So that’s a total of 540 salty, delicious, empty calories in 1 1/2 packages.

2015-3-10 Koyo RamenLast week at the health food store, I found Koyo brand ramen. “No Additives. No Fillers. Just Real Ingredients.” Sounds like they took out all the good stuff, and charged three times as much! Could this actually taste good?(By the way, 99 cents is a sale price – they’re $1.39ea on the Koyo website!)

2015-3-10 Koyo Ramen2The first thing I noticed is the lesser amount of noodles, and the fact one package is actually one serving size. It is a bit higher in calories per serving, although it doesn’t contain any oil like Top Ramen does (perfect for a strict fasting day!).

2015-3-10 Koyo Ramen3I don’t like my ramen with a ton of broth, I like a concentrated salty seasoning on my noodles that isn’t too watered down. Since I’m using the microwave at work, I heated plain water in the bowl and then nuked the noodles for about a minute. Then I drained all but maybe half a cup of water and added the seasoning. Stir it up and let it sit a minute.

2015-3-10 Koyo Ramen4The noodles – made only of “organic heirloom wheat flour, sea salt” – are definitely lighter, and at first I freaked out because I thought I accidentally bought the low sodium version. Where is all the sweet salty goodness?? My taste buds adjusted by the end of the bowl, though, and I enjoyed the mild flavor. I didn’t quite feel full, but I wasn’t exactly hungry…I ate a couple dates. I felt fine.

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I don’t think I’d cough up $1.39 for these, but if I’m near the health food store again before the sale ends, I’ll probably stock up. I think 99 cents for a Lenten lunch is pretty fair.

Do you ever try to find healthier versions of your favorite naughty foods? Do the healthier versions cut it??

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