How to cook corn in the microwave

Q: I love fresh corn on the cob, but what I don’t like is standing over the stove with a giant pot of boiling water, in my already hot house. How do I cook corn in the microwave?

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A: Ah, the summer challenges. Thankfully, microwaving fresh corn on the cobs is even easier than boiling them, as shucking becomes quicker and less messy after it’s cooked. Yep, that’s right, cook the corn in the husk!

To cook corn, you want to leave it in the husk so that way all the natural moisture is contained. It naturally vents as it’s not air-tight, and it saves the flavor. Simply arrange 2-3 husks in the microwave, on a plate if you so wish, and microwave on high for three minutes.

The general rule of thumb is about one minute to a minute and a half per ear.Allow the ears of corn to cool before you shuck them. Use the silk as a guide as to how hot the steam is inside. Remember, just because the husk feels cool, the inside may be much much hotter!

(Did you know you can cut the end with the stalk, cut one inch up and the corn will slide out of the husk with little to no silk at all. That’s for if you don’t want to shuck your corn the normal way.)

microwave,corn,corn on the cob

Here I will show you how to cook corn on the cob using a microwave.

When you use a microwave to cook a whole ear of corn, all the flavors become concentrated inside. This makes the corn taste extremely delicious.

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By the way, after it has been cooked, all you need to do is cut the base off, and the husk and silk will come off really easily.

How to Cook Corn in a Microwave

microwave,corn,corn on the cob

This is a method of heating corn with a microwave.

  1. Place an ear of corn on a plate. Cook it in a microwave (500w) for five minutes, just as it is, without covering it with Plastic wrap.
  2. Cut the base off, at around 2cm above the bottom with the stalk and leaves (please refer to the photo above to see where to make the cut).
  3. Hold the silk and shake the ear of corn. The inside should slip out easily. Your corn on the cob is now ready.

microwave,corn,corn on the cobAfter cutting the base of the ear of corn, hold the silk and shake it. This should cause the inside to slip out of the husk really easily.

It may seem like a waste to cut off the kernels at the bottom. However, cutting off the thickest part makes it much easier to extract the inside of the corn.

If the inside of the corn does not come out easily, cut a vertical line on the husk at the bottom, and open it up. The husk should peel off a lot more easily than when handling raw corn.

microwave,corn,corn on the cobCooking corn in a microwave is definitely much more delicious than boiling it.

Boiling corn causes all the nutrients and flavors to dissolve into the water, making it taste a bit watery. However, with a microwave, all the flavors and nutrients are kept inside, making it much more delicious.

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Also, cooking corn using a microwave is a lot easier than boiling it.

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