How to contact instagram

A mom reached out to us this week with an Instagram issue that should be easy to fix. It turns out that it is anything but.

instagram-logoThe mom had discovered that her daughter, who is younger than 13, the minimum age for most social media sites, had joined photo-sharing network Instagram without her parents’ permission. The mom instructed her to delete the account, but the daughter insisted that she had lost the password, and had incorrectly entered her email address when signing up, so she was unable to reset the password then delete the account.

We had written before that Instagram will delete accounts of underage users if a parent submits a form requesting the removal. The mom who contacted us had submitted the form numerous times and sent messages to Instagram via their Help Center and had received no reply.

She wanted to know if ThirdParent could help. We were happy to try.

A search of the Instagram app and website did not uncover any phone number or email address that allows users (or parents) to reach the company.

instagram-help-centerThere used to be a page buried in the Instagram site where users could send a detailed email with a problem, pictured at right,  but that page no longer exists. We reached out via the online Instagram Help Center but received no reply.

Instagram does have a Twitter support account @InstagramHelp for help issues, so we tried contacting them (and @Instagram) yesterday, to no avail.

This is a serious issue for parents. It goes without saying that the parents of a minor should have the ability to exert some control over whether they have social media accounts. Since being acquired by Facebook, it appears that Instagram’s customer service is every bit as difficult to reach as that of Facebook. No phone number, no email address, no replies.

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Until there is a way for parents to reliably communicate with Instagram, or other social networks, it’s a good idea to keep pre teens and young teens from joining them entirely.

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Contact ThirdParent any time for help and resources for monitoring child and teen internet activity.

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What to Say to Instagram Influencers

The SOCE found that creators and influencers are becoming more and more particular about who they work with and the types of projects they take on.

You know what they say—you only get one chance to make a first impression. That means what you say in your initial message to an influencer matters more than anything else.

There are three things to remember for how to contact Instagram influencers:

  • Be brief.
  • Be clear.
  • Make your ask.

Tell the Instagram influencer who you are, what your brand is, and what you would like from him or her. You don’t have to go into full details during your initial pitch. You just want to get a yes or no.

One last thing to remember for how to contact an Instagram influencer:

Don’t pour on the sap. Just remember to say things like “hello,” and to say at least one thing you like about their Instagram profile.

Are you likely to get a reply from every Instagram influencer you contact? Probably not, at least not if you work directly through the social media site itself. But using an influencer marketplace not only increases your chances of finding an influencer who wants to work with you, but also one your brand will love working with.

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What to submit when you contact Instagram?

When you’re ready to contact Instagram, be sure you have the following information ready. This can help expedite your issue and lead to a faster response from Instagram. Chances are, they have already received similar questions from other Instagram users.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose one (1) way to contact Instagram from the above list
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue
  • Take a screenshot
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