How to conceive a boy

Have you been trying to have a baby boy without success? If so, this article will give you some effective tips on how to conceive a boy.

There is no one method that can guarantee a hundred percent success rate, but some have proven to be quite effective in increasing one’s chances of giving birth to a male child.

It is important for you to understand one thing before going forward and this is that the body has a very specialized working mechanism and the same is true when you are trying to have a boy baby.

Many factors play a part when one is trying to make a baby and this will get a bit more complicated if the predetermining sex of a child is added to the mix.

how to conceive a boy

Tips on How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Ovulation and the XY Chromosome: The female and the male both have chromosomes and these determine the baby’s sex. A male child is born when the female’s X chromosome is combined with male’s Y chromosome.

At this point you might be wondering how one would ensure that only the Y chromosome is present during the time of fertilization.

Well, the easiest way to do this would be calculate your ovulation time.

It is always important to calculate one’s ovulation to conceive, but it’s even more important if you are trying to get pregnant with a baby of a particular sex.

Y chromosome sperms usually swim faster than the X chromosome one, but they are not able to survive by themselves and will burn out very fast.

If an egg is well ready and its penetrated by the faster swimmers you can get pregnant. On the other hand, the Y chromosome sperms won’t survive and they will die if an egg is not ready when ovulation takes place.

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This means that you should know the exact time when you are ovulating. Once you know this, you need to make sure that you are having sexual intercourse on that day or the one after to increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy.

One of the other tips on how to conceive a boy is that you should not have sex two to three days prior to ovulation to allow for the release of the healthiest sperms.

Ways to Have Sexual Intercourse: In addition to knowing your ovulation cycle and having sex at the right time, you should understand that there are some sexual positions and penetration techniques that you could try to have a boy baby. It is said that deep penetration during sex will release the sperm as close as possible to the egg. When this happens, the Y sperms are going to swim faster and get to the ready egg.

Lower Acidic Conditions: A woman’s vaginal environment is very acidic and this can destroy weak sperms. This is something to be aware of when you want to have a boy. You can get your vagina’s pH level and acid content tested with pH strips to know if it is too high. If the test shows that it is highly acidic, you can use certain methods to help lower it and enable sperms to survive for longer. One of the ways to do is to make some changes to your diet to make it less acidic.

Eat Right: This is one of the most important tips on how to conceive a boy because diet and nutrition plays a vital role in determining the baby’s gender. Studies show that women who eat healthy breakfasts and consume 2000 calories daily when trying to get pregnant will have higher chances to give birth to a boy. In addition, a diet with large amounts of sodium and potassium will help you to have a boy baby. You can get these nutrients from banana, strawberries, and many other high-sodium foods.

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Aside from those items, there is an old wives tale that eating a lot of red meat will help you to have a boy. In fact, there are many other tales about this, so you can decide whether or not you want to try any of them.

Additional resources

If you want to further explore the natural ways to conceive a baby boy I’d suggest that you pick one of the books which provide exact steps to take to conceive a baby of a specific gender. Here are a few:

Surgical and Medical Alternatives

A doctor can implant only male embryos in your uterus if you are doing an In Vitro Fertilization. This is a guaranteed way to have a son, but such procedures are not legal in most civilized countries.

In addition, sex selection is possible with the help of Artificial Insemination although the success rate of getting pregnant with a boy baby is lower than the IVF.

Pre-implantation diagnosis and sperm sorting are done before those procedures to test genetically and separate sperms with the Y chromosomes.

These methods might take away some uncertainty of the two methods above, but the procedures are costly and complicated, plus they are often the last resort if it is difficult to conceive naturally or in case of infertility.

If you have tried these tips on how to conceive a boy without success, you can always consider adoption.

The Theory Behind Conceiving A Boy

Following the steps outlined below will help to reduce any anxiety you have of whether your next child will be the boy that you want.

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If you do not have the funds to seek for medical help, rather than leave it to pure chance, it will not hurt if you try the methods listed below and stack the odds in your favor.

Although these steps are complete you may want to delve deeper into the science and practice of gender-specification through a specialized life-plan, like the one offered by Amber.

The gender of a baby depends solely on the sperm released by the male species of a human.

You can learn how to have a boyWhile sperm contains the X and Y chromosomes, the female ova has only X chromosomes.

The Y chromosome needs to fertilize the egg for a baby boy to be conceived.

Since the first chromosome that reaches the egg and fertilizes it determines the gender of a baby, the male partner is the deciding factor.

Obviously there are different steps to take depending on whether you want to have a boy or have a girl.

On the strength of this knowledge, knowing how to get pregnant with a boy will improve your success rate. Below are some simple, for essential, steps to take to help you increase teh chances of conceiving a male child. 

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