How to clear cache on iphone

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The iPhone devices are probably among the smoothest phones that the world has ever seen. But, even with their greatness, there are instances when your iPhone can feel a bit junky and work slower than before. This issue happens due to the junk files and logs as a result of different applications you have in your device. That’s why clear cache iPhone is very important.

This is the very reason why iPhone users are interested in learning and knowing how to clear cache on iPhone since any unnecessary files can make your iPhone storage full, making it work slower. Take note that an overloaded cache can affect the overall performance of your device. As a result, you probably fail to get live notifications on your favorite app, or you are possibly having a hard time in installing new apps on your gadget. But, there is no need for you to worry as there are several simple, easy and proven effect methods that can help you clear cache iPhone or other devices.

1st Part: Clear Cache iPhone of your Safari Browser

The cache of a browser plays a very important role in the general performance not only of your iPhone but also of your iPad. In order to clear cache iPhone, you can get started with Safari cache. When clearing the cache of your Safari browser, below are the steps you have to follow:

Clear Safari Cache iPhone

  • 1. Go to the Settings option and look for the Safari logo.
  • 2. Click on the Safari logo to be directed to a new list of Safari’s view show settings.
  • 3. Scroll down to find the Clear History, and Website data option then click on that option.

Performing these steps can clear cache on iPhone which includes cookies, browsing history and all the credentials you saved on various sites. This way, your Safari browser is going to be like a brand new one all over again.

3rd Part: Clean the Memory of Your iPhone

When you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod full of music files, videos, and apps, there is a tendency for your device to get a bit slower. It is a bit difficult to manage your device’s storage manually for your device to run smooth. There are two important tips you have to know to clear cache iPhone.

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  • 1. You can go through your video files and photos and choose those that you like to delete. Deleting large files of videos can give you more free space.
  • 2. You may also get rid of the old music files that you do not like to listen anymore. For you to manage the storage, you may open the Music app and choose the music you like to get rid of. If you want to clean out the tracks in an album, you may do this by swiping this to the left.

In any phone/smartphone, there gets stored lots of temporary files that can cause the smartphone to work than the usual speed. The data from the used files/applications which gets stored is called cached memory. In other words, data from these used applications get stored in the cached memory as temporary files which may cause disruption in your smartphone’s workings.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone or iPad with Ease

So, it is always beneficial to delete such cached memory on a regular basis. As a helping guide, described below are the steps/process on how to clear such app and browser cache on your iPhone. In most of the smartphones, all cached memory/data can be deleted by going to the “Settings” menu. Nevertheless, there are also other ways in which all App and Browser cache can be removed on iPhone with ease. Let’s do to this section.

How to clear Safari Cache, History, Cookies and other Safari data

                                                       Settings to clear Safari Cached Data

Browser cached memory in a iPhone can be deleted through Safari. In order to remove browser cache, you are required to follow a few simple steps:

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The first step in the process is to go to “Settings” and select “Safari” option. In the options available, Select “Clear History and Website Data” which is at the bottom of the page. A new drop-box will occur on the page asking for confirmation to really clear all history and website data. Confirm it. This won’t in any way affect other information stored in your iPhone.

In the same way, to remove other stored data, launch “Settings”; go to Safari and select Advanced from where you need to choose Website Data and finally click on “Remove All Website Data”.

The above mentioned process, upon completion will successfully remove all history, cached data, cookies and once again show Safari as a brand new browser. You can also remove browser cache from other browsers in the same way.

How To Clear App Cache in iPhone or iPad

App Cache memory can also be cleared in any iPhone by following a few simple steps.

  1. Launch “Settings” and click General. Here select Storage & iCloud storage.
  2. From the options available; select an app that tends to take up a lot of free space. If the app is taking up more than 500MB data space of the device, its better to delete the app to free up space. You can look up for the space occupied by the app at the entry for Documents and Data.
  3. Then click on the “Delete App” option after which you can re-install the app to get a clear, cached free app.

Apart from these, you can also make use of various app cleaner apps to remove app cached memory in iPhone. Some of such apps are:

1.Battery Doctor: Battery Doctor is an excellent app to clear your cached data on your iPhone/iPad.

  • Go to Google Play Store and install this app. After installation, open it and go to the folder that has your application’s cache by opening the Junk tab at the bottom menu.
  • Tap on the Clean Up Cache button.
  • After going over the caution message displayed, do by selecting Clean. This action will get rid of the temporary files from applications. After the cleaning process, Battery Doctory, as well as showing the results, will also display the total cleaned data as well as available capacity.
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                                                                     The cleaning process page

Another feature of this app which is quite useful is its Memory Tab. You can boost your iPhone’s memory by using this feature. An important point that needs to be noted is that, this feature should not be used too often as it can also lead to opposite results. You can use this feature once in a while.

                                                                          The Memory Tab page

2.iOS Jailbreak Tweak (Cache Cleaner): Another app that can be used to clean cached data on your iPhone is known as Cache Cleaner. Follow these steps for effective use:

  • Go to Cydia and add the below Cydia repo:
  • Search for Cache Cleaner and install it.
  • Find Settings-> General-> Usage-> Manage Storage
  • Select one app and click on Clear App’s Cache button.

Yet another App that can help in clearing cached data is Cisdem iPhone Cleaner. This app can safe and quickly remove all cached data by scanning your iPhone and displaying the data retained by each app on your iPhone. It will also show all the junk files so that you can easily remove those files and make your iPhone free of unnecessary data. Cisdom iPhone Cleaner also helps to back up important  data in your hard drive to avoid data loss.

This will clear all cached data and improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. Use the above mentioned ways to clear the cached data on your iPhone and make it junk free!!!

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