How to clean mouse pad

how to clean a mousepad

Have you really looked at your mouse pad recently? Whether or not you’ve recently spilled something sticky, mouse pads can get pretty filthy with use. They are constantly in contact with our hands (not to mention the sweat and dead skin!), and that can make them not-so-nice to look at over time.

That being said, who wants to risk losing a mouse pad by washing it? Mouse pads are an odd, foamy material. Whether yours is covered in a knitted fabric cover or hard plastic, the foam portion underneath might scare you off when you consider giving it a good scrub down.

Never fear! Cleaning your mouse pad is actually very easy, and I’ll show you how to do it.

When Should You Clean a Mousepad?

Before you worry about how to clean a mouse pad, you need to be able to tell when it is the right time to clean it.

A considerable number of computer users tend to go for years without cleaning their mouse pads. Actually, several of them do not even know whether the pads need to be cleaned at all.

As such, you may be having a hard time deciding when it is the right time to clean it. Basically, you do not have to clean the mouse after every use.

Ideally, it should only be cleaned after every few weeks of use. However, the frequency with which you clean a mousepad will mainly depend on how heavily you use it.

You can test to see whether your pad is dirty by scratching on its surface using your finger. If this action leaves traces, the pad is already dirty. In such a case, you need to clean the mousepad right away.

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Again, you do not need to wait for the dirt and grime to build up on the pad this much. Instead, you should plan ahead on when you will be cleaning the pad.

The Right Way to Clean a Mousepad

The rather lazy type of users will want to throw their pads into the dry cleaner. While using gentle dry cleaner cycles may not damage the mousepad fabric, this is not the best way to go about it.

Instead, you should hand wash the mousepad using warm/hot water and soap solution.

Pads that are not made of cloth may require you to use a little piece of cloth, along with the soapy water to clean them thoroughly.

All in all, it will only take you about 5 minutes to hand wash your mousepad.

Soak the Mousepad

Just as is the case with washing clothes, soaking the pad for a few minutes will make it easier for you to remove hard-on stains.

In this regard, you should fill the tub or even basin with a small amount of warm water and add a small amount of mild soap.

Now soak the pad into the soapy water and leave it there for a few minutes before washing. This is particularly beneficial for cloth pads.

Rinse off the Soap

Once you are certain that you have washed or scraped all the dirt, you now need to rinse the soap off your pad. For the best results, you should do this using a showerhead.

Run clean water over the pad to get rid of the soapy water. If after this you realize that some stains were not cleaned, you should go back to the first step and clean the pad once again.

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