How to clean a keurig

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Although the most enthusiastic and dedicated home brewing baristas might wince at the very idea of using a coffee making machine, few can deny the convenience of making your morning cup of Joe with a Keurig home coffee making machine.

Indeed, Keurig machines are often a staple kitchen appliance prized for their convenience… except when you have to clean them.

keurig de-scaling solution vs vinegar

De-scaling with white vinegar

Let’s look at the “home remedy,” white vinegar option first.

You’ll need:

  • Dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Clean water
  • Clean, dry cloths

What to do:

  1. Turn off the machine. Better still, unplug the machine from the wall socket. (We’re health and safety aware here at Roasty).
  2. Remove the machine’s water reservoir and lid. Take off the mug stand and the K-cup holder. If your machine has a removable drip tray, remove that too.
  3. Wash all the pieces you’ve removed in dish soap and warm water. Wipe the pieces dry with clean, dry cloths.
  4. Wipe over all the machine’s surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. Remember to clean the area around the pod holder; a small amount of gunk and spilled grounds can accumulate here.
  5. Now, replace all the removable pieces and plug in the machine.
  6. Fill the reservoir halfway with white vinegar and top it off with to the fill line with clean water.
  7. Place a mug in position and start the brew cycle, but don’t insert a K-cup. Repeat this process until the reservoir is empty, throwing away the contents after each cycle.
  8. The process of circulating vinegar through the machine will break down and remove any accumulated limescale and mineral deposits.
  9. Now, repeat the process using only clean water in the reservoir. That will supposedly get rid of any remaining vinegary taste.
  10. Your Keurig machine is now ready to brew a cup of coffee.
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While this is the cheaper option, it’s also worth bearing in mind that if you find yourself having to call on Keurig’s warranty to fix a problem with your machine, they might not be too happy to find that you’ve been flushing the unit through with vinegar, rather than using their specially formulated de-scaling product.

Bottom line …

In summary …

  • White vinegar is very cheap to buy and is easily available in a pinch, but the long term effectiveness isn’t as impressive.
  • Keurig de-scaler is more expensive than vinegar, but is formulated by and for Keurig.
  • If used at the recommended intervals of two to three months, Keurig de-scaler will keep your machine running reliably.
  • The de-scaling process is the same, whether you use white vinegar or Keurig de-scaler.

Overall, we’d recommend using Keurig de-scaler over white vinegar. Keurig de-scaler may be little more expensive to buy, but you’ll enjoy a better coffee flavor. Also, your machine won’t fail due to a “Prime” error, and your warranty will remain valid in the unlikely event of a problem further down the road.

Happy Caffeinating!

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Interested in a ready-to-use solution?

TriNova’s ready-to-use solution is a blend of Citric, Sulfamic, and Glycolic Acids and has one of the highest dilution ratios on the market (meaning a little goes a long way!):

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Keurig, of course, makes their own product which uses an entire bottle per cleaning. You can compare to our version here:

Please note: shopping on Amazon using the links from this page may result in TriNova receiving a referral commission.

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