How to cite a powerpoint in apa

How to compile a reference list

  • The author’s or presenter’s name should be written starting with the surname then the initial of the first name separated by a comma then end with a period. If there is another name, write the first initial of the second name after the first. For example, “Brown, PK.”
  • This should be followed by year it was presented or published online. The year should be written in round brackets. If you are not sure of the year, then ignore it and replace with the date you accessed the presentation online. For example, “Brown PK. (2017)”
  • State the presentation title. This should be done in italics. After which the format of the presentation should be written in square brackets.

Points to note:

If the presentation was accessed online, then the format should be written as [PowerPoint Slides]

If you have the hardcopy of the presentation, then the format should be [Lecture]

For example:

Brown, PK. (2017) Effects of Global Warming [PowerPoint slides]

  • If you accessed the presentation online, you should include the phrase Retrieved from before adding the website.

For example:

Brown, PK. (2017) Effects of Global Warming [PowerPoint slides] Retrieved From

How to Cite a Presentation in MLA

  • Use footnotes and endnotes

MLA citation style allows the use of either footnotes or endnotes to refer to any sources cited in a paper. For a footnote, you should ensure that you mark the exact point where you want to add the same with a superscript then transfer the full citation at the bottom of that page. If you are using the endnotes, move the full citation at the end of the paper under the work cited. They should follow the alphabetical order.

  • Writing the name of the author or presenter
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If you want to quote a PowerPoint presentation that you received from a lecture, begin with citing the name of the presenter. Start with the last name followed by the first separated by a comma. The same should also be done in case the PowerPoint presentation was accessed online.

For example: “Jason, Brown.”

  • Add information about the lecture or conference

If the PowerPoint presentation that you want to cite a poster presentation was from a lecture or a conference makes sure you add information about the conference or the event. This includes the name of the name of the conference, the venue, the location and the date. Also, add the type of lecture.

For example:

Jason, Brown.” Effects of Global Warming.” Global Environmental Summit, Zurich,

Switzerland. Nov. 23, 2008. Keynote address.

  • Include the digital medium used

If the PowerPoint that you want to cite was obtained online, then you need to add the date that the presentation was created in the place of the information on the lecture or conference. This should come after the name of the author and the title. You should also include the type of digital medium of the item instead of the type of lecture.

Point to note:

The date should not be written in full; somewhat the month should be abbreviated with its first three letters.

For example:

Jason, Brown.” Effects of Global Warming.” Dec. 2017. PowerPoint presentation

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