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How To Change A Name On Facebook | Step By Step | social media | personal profile | fake namesIn this article, we’ll go over the question of how to change the name on Facebook. This social media site, after all, doesn’t make changing your name easy. If you need to change your name on your Facebook account, keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on updating your Facebook name.

How do I change my Page’s name?

You’ll need to be an admin to request a change to your Page’s name.

To request a change to your Page’s name:

  1. Click About on the left side of your Page
  2. Click Edit Page Info
  3. Enter a new Page name and click Save Changes
  4. Review your request and click Request Change

Seems simple enough, right?

I soon found out… not so simple!

Every time I requested a new name, it would be rejected. After 3 attempts I decided to reach out to my network of professionals in the digital marketing/web space and even they were not sure what to do. Facebook make it extremely hard to change your page name, and even harder to contact someone to find out why!

I turned to Google for answers and I found all sorts of info on the web…

In the e-web marketing blog they say;

“Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. In fact, for those of us with over 200 ‘likes’, changing your Facebook Page name is not an easy task. The Facebook Help Centre doesn’t provide much assistance either, with the only answer to changing your name being that, well, you can’t. This is clearly a big problem for businesses that have spent time and effort building their fan base. Indeed, many businesses I have spoken to have had to create an entirely new page from scratch and while they can ask existing fans to ‘like’ the new page, the conversion rate of an attempt such as that is slim”

Link to e-web article here:

I came across another article on the blog.

The title of the article and the very first sentence had me hooked!

It’s easier than you think

“Updating information on your Twitter and Facebook page is generally pretty easy”

only to be disappointed as a read on that this person didn’t have the secret formula either!

“Changing your business name on your Facebook page usually requires approval from Facebook before it can take effect. Your claim may be denied if the proposed new name is not close enough to the current name or violates any of their page guidelines. If your Facebook page has not been used and has very few likes, the easiest thing may be to create a new page with the new name. However, this is never recommended for active pages with a large amount of likes and engagement.

For more information on how to change your page name, check out Facebook’s support section.”

Well that was disappointing!

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I had resigned myself to the fact that they were not going to let me change the name of my page and I decided to just start over. I set up a new Facebook Page using my new company name, it was disappointing but I didn’t think I had any other options.

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Step 1: Change the name with both old name AND the new name

You try and rename the page Herrnhut from Azusa Report and Facebook with reject it saying, “. Page name change requests that don’t meet our guidelines include changes that may be misleading (ex: renaming “I Love New York” to “I Love San Francisco”). Requests that meet our guidelines include removing descriptions from a Page’s name (ex: renaming “John Smith, Trainer” to “John Smith”). ”

So when I changed it to Herrnhut formerly Azusa Report, it looks like to Facebook that the old name is there and the added words just tell about the name. In reality, the added words is the new name. The system will almost automatically approve it.

Now, you just have to wait seven days to change the name again. This is important to know. It does take a week of waiting.

Step 2: Just remove the old name completely

In this case, I would just remove “formerly Azusa Report.” and click Continue. That’s it and the name is going to be successful changed to what I want. As I did say, it does take a week to get it done but it will work if you have the time and have both names on it doesn’t matter for a few days. In reality, it is good to let people know that you are still about the same thing, just changing the name a little.

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As I said, I have never had a name rejected that I did with this trick. I could be just lucky but I think you will find it does work every time.

Useful tips for Changing Page name and URL:

These are not necessary but help to Facebook why you want to change your Page name and URL:

  1. First Change the Facebook Fan page profile Picture and Cover Picture according to your Brand name.
  2. Change Website Link to new site.
  3. Edit your About page description that matches to the new brand.

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Change Facebook Fan Page Name:

To change Facebook Fan Page Name login to your Facebook account.

  • After login click on drop down Settings menu from the top right bar and under Your Pages click on the page that you want to rename.


  • Now click on About option available on the left under the page tab. You will see Page Info, In the PAGE INFO, take mouse over the right of the Name and Edit option will appear and then click on Edit link.


  • After clicking on Edit, Request New Page Name box will appear.  Enter a New name in New Page name box. And click on Continue button.


Note: Change the page name with caution because if you choose something wrong, then it can’t be changed within 7 days. So be careful here and as well as don’t use a name that misguides your business name. You can also Include “Official” word with your Page name if the name is using by many others. E.g.: Official Brand Name.

  • On Next Confirm Name Change Request box will appear. Here you can ensure that the page name is correct or not if not then you can click on Cancel button otherwise click on “Request Change” button to change the name.
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  • Now you’ll see “We’re Reviewing Your Name Change Request” dialog box. Which means the Facebook team will review your Name change request and if they found it is necessary then the page name will be changed within 3 days.  But mostly it completes within few minutes or hours. If not then wait up to 3 days.

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Changing Username-URL of Facebook Page:

After changing Facebook Page name, if you also want to change Username-URL of your Facebook page then do same as you have done for Page name.

  • Click on Settings drop-down menu and choose About from left and you’ll come again on Page Info page. Here again, take the mouse over Username and click on Edit link.


  • “Create Page Username” box will appear. Fill your Username in the Username box and check availability. If the username is available, then green tick () will be marked.


  • In case the username is not available then you can mix some other words with the username such as OfficialBrandName. And also can include dot (.). After entering a right username click on “Create Username” button.
  • ”You’re all set!” dialog box will appear. Click on “OK” button.

Now wait until Facebook review your Username URL change request, and when Facebook team find the change request is required then you’ll get “Your request to change your page’s name has been approved”. Message and after that, your Username will be changed.

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