How to change nat type on xbox one

5 Jan, 2016 Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes News, Xbox One

Most of you will be aware by now of the dreaded NAT types that are in use within the Xbox One; Open, Moderate and the dreaded Strict. So what exactly is NAT? well its full name is Network Address Translation, it is basically what the console uses to access the internet, and gives the Xbox One a digital name to be used through one IP address.

Sounds complicated but its really not; think of it this way instead, imagine your set up is like a house. Your house has its own address and has multiple people who live there- PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Mobile Phone. When the postman delivers letters and parcels to this house how would you know who that mail was meant for if each person didn’t have a name? That’s what NAT does, it allows ALL your home devices to have separate names so it knows what to send, to where and where from.

Obviously you want an Open NAT type, so what do you do? where do you start? well below is a guide for putting this right. Lets not beat about the bush here, its technical… very technical in-fact depending on what you require, if you don’t feel up to the task, find someone who can! I cant stress this bit enough…….DONT go messing around in the settings on your router if you are unsure what you are doing…its easy to change something and BOOM… no more internet.

Every router is different,  whilst this is a generic guide for information only it is not possible to give you info on all routers on the market. You will need to find the specific details of your individual router, how to access it, where to find each setting etc. Also remember:

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After EVERY setting change you do you will need to reset your router and hard reset your Xbox

So lets dive in, firstly you need to know what your current NAT type is, on your Xbox do the following:

Scroll  left from Home to open the guide. Select  Settings. Select  Restart console. Then confirm the restart by selecting Yes. After the console completes its restart, scroll left from Home to open the guide. Select  Settings. Select  All Settings. Select  Network. Select  Network Settings and you should see what your NAT type is.

So that’s the easy bit, now we head off into the more complicated stuff…..

WARNING… you need to at least have some idea of how to access your routers settings to do this. If unsure please don’t attempt it yourself.

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