How to catch a cheater

Relationships can be tricky. Sometimes, you think that everything in your life is perfect, but then you realize that your spouse is probably cheating on you! Studies have found that up to 60% of individuals in a relationship cheat at some point or the other!

Thanks to modern technology, you now have the power to do something about it! You can use a catch a cheater app to find out exactly what your spouse is up to! If they’re doing something completely innocent, you can relax. If they’re actually cheating on you, then go ahead and bust them for their infidelity!

In this article, we’re listing out 5 of the best catch a cheater apps in the market, 5 of the best spy cameras, and 10 tips on how to catch a cheater! With all of these apps, cameras, and tips, you’ll be able to catch a cheater easily!


Table of Best Hidden Mini Spy Cameras

#1 SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WiFi Mini Camera – Editor’s Pick

SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WiFi Mini Camera

The SOOSPY 1080P Wireless WiFi Mini Camera is the best and most effective mini hidden camera that’s also extremely affordable for everyone. It comes in the form of a tiny camera lens attached to the end of a holding stick. You can easily carry it around in your pockets and plant it anywhere. One of the best aspects of this camera is that the lens comes in 8 different shapes – a screw head, a button, etc. As such, you can conceal it in any form you like.

For example, you can stick it on your husband’s coat so wherever he goes, you’ll get a live feed. If he goes to a mistress, you’ll be able to see it. You can use the screw-head lens to attach the camera to his office doorframe to see who is coming and going. There are a number of different ways to spy with this versatile mini spy camera.

It was also featured in our list of the Best Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras.

What makes it stand out

Why it’s my #1 Choice:


#2 SharpCam Spy Pen with Hidden Camera & Recorder – Best Spy Pen Camera

SharpCam Spy Pen with Hidden Camera & Recorder

One of the best ways to spy on your spouse (especially a husband) is to gift them a fancy pen. Men love carrying stylish pens in their coat pockets. It serves as a functional and sleek accessory.

Spy pen cameras can usually record videos through a tiny lens attached at the pen’s clicker. You can either plant the pen in your spouse’s office, or gift it to them and ask them to carry it on their coat pocket. In either case, you’ll be able to spy on them.

The SharpCam Spy Pen with Hidden Camera & Recorder is the best in the market and was also featured in our list of the Best Spy Pen Cameras & Recorders. It’s reasonable but captures brilliant pictures and videos, and it’s sleek enough that your spouse would love to keep it on display in their office.

What makes it stand out

Why it’s my #2 Choice:


#3 Elite ETSPY Mini Pocket Button Hidden Spy Camera

Elite ETSPY Mini Pocket Button Hidden Spy Camera

The Elite ETSPY Mini Pocket Button Hidden Spy Camera is a sleek and dapper button-styled camera lens that you can stitch on your spouse’s shirt or coat. Simply attach it to the shirt and then you’ll be able to see everything they are doing at all times. If they are cheating on you, then you’ll get live footage and evidence of them doing so. This mini spy camera was also featured in our list of Best Button Cameras.


  1. Records 480p videos at 30 frames per second.
  2. Captures pictures in 960p resolution.
  3. Has an inbuilt 8GB micro SD card that’s expandable to 32GB. Loop Recording is triggered when the storage space is running out so the new videos are written over the old ones.
  4. Comes with an internal 200 mAh rechargeable Lithium polymer battery which can record up to 40 minutes of videos all at once.
  5. Motion Detection feature records videos whenever some movement is found and saves the videos every 10 minutes.

#4 Sunsome Mini Video Camera Sunglasses

Sunsome Mini Video Camera Sunglasses

Sunsome Mini Video Camera Sunglasses is a spy camera lens that looks just like a regular pair of glasses. The camera lens is located in the bridge between the two lenses. As such, you can gift it to your spouse, if they wear glasses. As such, you’ll be able to see everything they see and thus catch a cheater in the act! This camera was featured in our list of the Best Hidden Camera Glasses.

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  1. Records Full HD 1080p videos with 65 degree angle lens.
  2. It’s compatible with a 32GB microSD card, but you have to get it separately.
  3. Has an internal 450mAh lithium battery which allows you to record videos for up to 90 minutes.
  4. You can start recording by clicking a discreet button at the side of the glasses. As such, press the button just before giving it to your spouse. Later, you can connect it to your computer and retrieve the footage.
  5. The video time stamp can be triggered on or off.

#5 SandS Scientific Hidden Camera Clock

SandS Scientific Hidden Camera Clock

Most cheating spouses have the bare decency of cheating outside of their own home. But some don’t even have that bare common courtesy and they bring their mistresses home when you’re not around. If you suspect that’s what’s happening, the SandS Scientific Hidden Camera Clock will be extremely helpful.

It looks like a normal alarm clock that you can place next to your bed. The camera lens lies within the display but it’s completely invisible. You can tell your spouse that you’re going away for a few nights and monitor the camera remotely from another location. If your spouse brings someone else home to your bed, you’ll be able to see the video via the bedside alarm clock spy camera.

This product was also featured in our list of Best Hidden Camera Clocks.

What makes it stand out

Part 3: 10 Best Ingenious Tips & Tricks to Catch a Cheating Spouse in the Act!

Using spy apps and cameras is the best way of catching a cheater. However, before you do that, you should make sure that you have something to actually worry about. The following are some of the sure shot signs that they’re cheating. This will help you determine whether to go ahead and use spy apps and cameras to gather evidence of their cheating.

Signs that you’re dealing with a cheater and how to catch them:

  1. Has your spouse’s behavior changed lately? Have they suddenly started dressing better and working out to improve their physique? It might be because they’re trying to impress someone.
  2. Have they suddenly become more secretive about their phone? Maybe they changed their phone’s PIN which they had earlier shared with you. Maybe they sleep with their phone under their pillow. Or maybe they have started taking phone calls and texting in secrecy. All of these are signs of cheating.
  3. Check the computer Browser History. If they are frequenting dating sites and platforms, you might have a cheater on your hand. And if you find that they erase the browser history very often, that is a pretty big red flag in itself.
  4. Check the computer’s recycle bin as it might contain pictures or documents they want to hide from you.
  5. Whenever your spouse receives a text message, try to peek at the screen. In most phones, the message pops up as a notification in the lock screen. As such, you don’t even have to touch the phone, just peek at it. Is it a contact you recognize? What does the message say?
  6. If they’ve been coming home from work later, try asking them why they’re late. They’ll likely make some vague excuse. So ask them for specifics. If they get defensive, that’s a huge red flag.
  7. Another great tip is to try going for spontaneous sex when they’re back. Guys hardly say no to spontaneous sex. As such, if they’ve just come from work and they say no to sex (repeatedly), it’s probably because their needs are being fulfilled elsewhere.
  8. If they pick a fight with you and leave your house in anger, follow them. Chances are, they’ll lead you straight to their side piece.
  9. Has your spouse suddenly become extremely protective of their privacy and personal space? If it is sudden and very powerful in its intensity, it might be because they have something to hide.
  10. Is your partner always coming up with lame excuses to get out of the house and stay out for long periods of time? If so, it’s probably because they’re coming up with excuses to go and see their side piece.
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If you can identify some of these signs, it might be nothing. But if you can identify with most or all of these signs, that means trouble and you’re probably dealing with a cheater.

Signs your partner is cheating

Nearly everyone who’s been cheated on says one of two things:

  • I should have seen it coming but ignored the signs
  • I saw the signals but didn’t want to believe them

The hard part is, victims don’t arrive here until after they find out they’ve been cheated on. We don’t want that for you.

Here are some telltale warning signs your husband, wife, or partner is cheating:

Smartphones, messaging, and social media

Texts and calls from strangersIs your partner getting text messages from unknown numbers or random calls they say is a wrong number? Sure, the number of robocalls and spam texts are going up, but if they’re consistently from the same number, it could be more than a spammer.

Deleting text messages and Facebook Messenger threadsRemoving texts and messaging app conversations is the digital version of hiding evidence under a mattress. Most people aren’t neurotic enough that they need to delete all their old texts and conversation history.

Overprotective of his or her phoneOne clear sign is being overprotective of his phone. Yes, personal privacy is crucial, even in a relationship. But overreacting to someone peeking at an incoming message or setting extreme boundaries on looking at their phone is a signal that they may be hiding something, like photos.

Excessive social media useWarning: this could be a false positive as people already use social media excessively. However, spending more time on social media has been linked to cheating. It’s a slippery slope to starting emotional affairs that could turn into more.

Personality changes

Waning intimacyRomantic relationships thrive or fail on the level of intimacy and vulnerability in several areas. Is there considerably less physical intimacy or communication in your relationship? Does it seem like your partner isn’t making an emotional connection the way they were before?

Ambiguous activityIf you ask them where they are going or how their day was, do they only give short answers with very few details? Vague and ambiguous activity is a natural response when trying to cover something up.

If some of these signs are showing up in your relationship, it may be time to find out for sure. It’s scary and hurts to think that it might be true, but you deserve to know.

Become your own investigator and catch your cheating partner

It’s time to take action. Keep the thousands of dollars you would’ve spent on a private investigator in your pocket. We have a simple but surefire way to catch a cheating partner.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how much is Caller ID worth?

Based on our experience, it’s worth a lot. Caller ID shows us who the person is behind the call. It shows us if it’s our grandmother, parent, best friend, partner… or your partner’s mistress.

If your partner has glanced down at their phone while in your presence, hit decline and responded vaguely to who called, there’s a chance it wasn’t his boss or mother calling. If they answered you with a vague, “Oh, it’s nobody. Don’t worry about it.” you might actually want to do the opposite.

But what if you could be the Caller ID they want to answer when you’re not around? What if you could call from the phone number of the person they’re cheating with and finally get answers to the questions you’ve been haunted by for months?

How to catch a cheating partner without a private investigator:

Using this approach will save you thousands of dollars a private investigator would charge.

1. Find out which phone number has been calling or texting your partner.

2. Get a call or SMS spoofing app like SpoofCard that will let you imitate another phone number.

3. Make a call displaying the phone number of the person you suspect they’re cheating with.

4. Listen for your partner’s greeting. If they answer in affectionately, you’ll immediately know your gut instinct was right.

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5. If you remain silent, they’ll never know it was you who called to find out the truth.

6. Or, you can catch them in the lie right there.

Countless people have suspected their partner was cheating and used SpoofCard to confirm it. There’s no doubt the truth hurts, but we believe this knowledge is ultimately freeing.

Maybe you want the truth but can’t bear the thought of hearing your partner answer the phone when they think their mistress is calling. There’s an alternate version of this scenario but with text messages.

If you’re one of those people, SpoofCard’s SpoofText option is a reliable option for you to use. You can text your partner from various numbers and ask the questions that are too hard to voice.

Hire a Professional to Catch a Cheating Spouse

istock_000021779385largeThis option is very good because all you have to do is to pay for a private investigator’s service. This option may remind you of movies and TV shows. In these movies jealous husbands are trying to catch their wives on cheating with their friends or business partners. A private investigator will catch a cheater for you. He will send you photos and videos and other evidence, if necessary. If there is nothing to worry about, he/she will prove this as well. But this way is not cheap.

Get a Baby Monitor to Catch a Cheater

vtech_owl_monitorWhat is a baby monitor and how to use it? Baby monitors are devices that let you watch your baby while you are in another room. To use it, you need to put a base of transmitter in baby’s room. The transmitter gets the signals from your baby and sends them to the receiver which you carry with you. You can even find an app for your iPhone, for instance. This way you see the baby on your phone. So, a baby monitor can be used as a potential cheater monitor. How can you catch a cheater with it? Hide it in some secret place where you can see your significant other from. If necessary, you can paint it. This way you will be able to listen to everything you partner is saying.

Use a Recorder to Catch a Cheater

recorderCheaters are very good liars. When you are next to a cheater and his/her lover is calling, the cheater will never let you think something is going wrong. If you are in another room, your spouse can feel free to talk openly. In case you want to catch your significant other, you might want to use a digital recorder. There is a variety of recorders that are small and easy to hide. Some of them look like phones, some like pens. Your spouse will not notice it and will get caught.

Use a Phone Tracking App to Catch a Cheater

Although there are so many ways to spy on our loved ones, people do not want to be creative and try to read their spouses’ messages. To do that they need to steal their spouses’ cell phones while they are taking a shower and try to unlock them and read everything. People can get so focused that they themselves get caught. This way is unreliable. It is also hard to catch a cheater like this since text and call history often gets deleted. But there is a way for you to track cheating partner’s text messages with the help of special apps. These apps are designed for people who want to catch cheating spouses.

An owner of an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphones will need only three minutes to install an app like this. These tools are amazing because a lot of them are invisible on other people’s phones. They let you hack people’s Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. You can spy on people’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you want to catch your cheating spouse, these apps will provide you with all the necessary evidence. You can see how your wife is calling most of the time. You can read her SMS texts and watch photos and videos. Deleted texts get saved to help you catch a liar. These tools show you your wife’s GPS location and her routes. Everything that you need to know about a person you will learn with the help of these mobile spy applications.

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