How to burn belly fat

Is it good to burn belly fat through exercises?


According to the latest research about belly fat by American Health Association said, to burn belly fat through exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit.Now even belly fat in children also becoming the big issue for parents. Children can do exercises to reduce their belly fat.

Let’s deeply dig-out about belly fat!How to burn belly fat

Obese people want to burn their belly fats, they have a question in their mind How to Burn Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the most dangerous because it can cause so many diseases. Your large waist is the main indicator of your belly fatness.

The point of you become start obese is the increase in the hormone known as cortisol. The test is important to measure the cortisol level in the blood and this test name is serum cortisol level.

The accumulation of high amount of cortisol can cause the stress and it is the first main problem. This can also cause deterioration of lean muscles and cause more fat storage in the belly area.

By badly eating or dieting the situation becomes more complicated and enhance stress. The studies by researchers proved that stress from bad foods can maximize the level of cortisol.

So, How do I burn belly fat?

The different ways to lose belly fat: You can lose belly weight by doing exercises or by eating the suitable diet or dinks.

What Is The Best Thing to Drink To Lose Weight?

If you are doing exercise then it is necessary to drink some drinks that help you to burn the belly fat. Drinks not only helpful to melt the body fat but also minimize your waist level.

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Here I am going to give information about fat melting drinks for your tummy and also helpful for waist reduction.

1 Ginger Cucumber Drink: Drink throughout The Day

Ginger Cucumber Drink

Take 1 cucumber, 1 lemon normal size, mint paste 3 tablespoons and Grated ginger 1 regular spoon, put these all items in the blender jug and blend them. It is better to mix all these items in the night and in the morning mix 8 normal glasses of water.

Fill your bottle with the mixture and sip or drink with intervals regularly throughout the day.

2 Green Tea: Breaking Down Of Fat Into Small Pieces

Green Tea Supplement

You can prepare green tea in two ways by inserting green leaves into water and boil it to the extent that all the extract of the leafs mix in the water.

The drinking of green tea in the hot form in the early morning is beneficial to lose gut fat. But the green tea is more effective if you start using it after your bodybuilding exercise.

However, you can drink green tea 3 to 5 times in a day, it will help you to consume 35 to 45 percent belly fat. The green tea has certain antioxidants and caffeine element that increase the efficiency of your metabolism.

3 Spinach Drink/Smoothies: Drink With Detox Abilities

Spinach Drink

Chopped Spinach equal to 1 cup, Pineapple juice 1 cup, grated Ginger and lemon juice equal to 1 regular teaspoon. Mix them all by putting in a glass and drink it. It is helpful to get rid of the belly heavy fat.

4 Melt Your Gut Fat With Lemon Ginger Drink

Melt With Lemon Ginger Drink

Lemon ginger not only melts fat but also boost the digestive process. Add  1 regular spoon honey in 1 glass water and 1 spoon of lemon and ginger grated. Before eating anything drink this in every morning.

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5 Amla Lemon Mixed Salt Drink

Amla Lemon Mixed Salt Drink

In the blender jug, Put 6 to 8 full-size amlas, lemon zest half regular spoon and a reasonable amount of salt for taste. When prepared, put it in the glass by adding lemon slices and mint.

6 Mix Lemon And Cinnamon With Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix Lemon And Cinnamon With Apple Cider Vinegar

Put two normal spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 teaspoon lemon juice with a sprinkle of honey and cinnamon powder in the cold or freshwater glass. Mix them completely and drink it fully to lose belly fat.

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