How to burn a cd on itunes


Looking for free music you can download and then burn CDs for free? Many sites such as Google Play offers a free song of the day. It’s a great way to discover new music and artists online. Just check the site daily to see if it’s a song you want to download. In the meantime, we’ve rounded up websites where you can download free music and burn CDS off the Internet for free.

Amazon’s Free Songs:

Amazon hosts 1,000’s of free MP3 songs on its site. You can either play them straight from Amazon’s cloud or download them straight to your computers library. Then burn a CD with them and take it with you to listen in the car.

Discovering new music can be invigorating. Why not take it with you wherever you go? Use RealPlayer to transfer music on your computer to your phone and listen to it on the go.

The Live Music Archive:

The Internet Archive and teamed up to provide as many live concerts as possible in an easy to download format. All the music here is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly for non-commercial use. Simply download them to your library and listen and enjoy live music. Not sure what you want to listen to? Discover new music by checking out the list of most downloaded items.


This is a great site for video makers and podcasters to visit to find free music. One out of 6 tracks out of the thousands of tracks available on dig.ccmixter have already been used as soundtracks.

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The musicians who are part of this community are committed to making modern and satisfying music with a strong cinematic vibe. All the music here is licensed under Creative Commons. If you want to use the music in a video, you’ll need to provide a credit to the artist.

The Free Music Archives

Run by the WFMU, a famous freeform radio station in the USA, the Free Music Archive is seen as an extension of the origins of radio, created specifically for the Internet. Throughout history radio has offered people access to free music and this is just an online continuation of the practice.

This is an interactive library of high-quality legal downloads. How you use the music downloaded from the site depends solely on the rights holders of each individual track. This is a great site for podcasters, radio producers, video producers, remix artists or simply music lovers looking for new sounds.


Clearbits is a dedicated to open-licensed (creative commons) digital media, including artwork, audio, and other forms of digital content.  With the permission of content providers, Clearbits uses Bittorent technology for peer-to-peer file sharing or you can download an applet from the site to save music to your computer.

If you find songs that you love on Clearbits, you can easily download the tracks or if you are feeling generous you can donate to the artist who produced the music.

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