How to broil steak

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NY Strip Broiled SteakThe kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to change and pumpkin spice everything is around every corner. It’s time to face the facts. Summer is over.

This doesn’t mean you need to put the grill away just yet. But even us hardcore, outdoor loving, back yard cookout types realize it can get a little awkward trying to manage grill tongs while wearing a parka. As temperatures start falling and days get shorter, you’ll need a few alternatives to the outdoor grill if you want to enjoy your perfectly cooked steaks year-round.

Every armchair beef connoisseur has their own preferred, super-secret, “I swear by this” cooking method. Round these parts, we’re partial to broiling steak for that perfect mix of seared outside and perfectly pink center. Broiling a steak locks in those flavorful juices with a quick, high heat sear. Finishing your broiled steak up in the oven will ensure a consistent doneness, all the way through.

So now that we’ve piqued your interest, settle in. Keep your apron and tongs handy, by the time you’re done reading we’ll have you broiling steak like a pro in no time.

Broiling Steak – The Technique

Your cast iron pan is seasoned. Your tongs, platters and “kiss the chef” apron are all on standby and you’ve picked out a few quality, juicy, choice steaks for dinner. It’s time to broil. We’ve broken everything down step-by-step style, but have no worries. By the time we’re done you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start enjoying broiled steak sooner.

  • Season Your Steaks – Given them a generous coating of your seasoning of choice, set aside and let come to room temperature.
  • Oven Temperature – Preheat the oven to 500 degrees.
  • Pre-Heat Your Pan – Place your cast iron broil pan, with a bit of oil in the bottom, into the oven once you’ve turned it on.
  • Move to the Stovetop – Once the oven temp hits 500, the pan is ready to go. Remove pan to the stovetop.
  • Reduce Oven Temp – Reduce the heat to 375. We’re not done with the oven just yet.
  • Sear Steaks – Place your steaks in the preheated pan and sear 1-2 minutes on each side.
  • Move Pan and Steaks Back to the Oven – After you’ve gotten a good sear, place the pan with the meat back in the oven to finish off. Depending on thickness, you’ll need another 3-7 minutes cooking time.
  • Rest – Once your steaks have attained perfect doneness, remove to a platter to rest. A good, juicy steak needs a minimum 5-7 minutes to rest in order to retain maximum juiciness.
  • Eat and Enjoy!!
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