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How to Block YouTube Ads with uBlock

uBlock can take care of your YouTube ads in a hurry. At the same time it will also prevent those annoying pop ups on websites, too.

To block YouTube ads using uBlock, there are several steps you need to follow:

  1. Install the uBlock extension on your browser of choice

Oh, did we say several steps? There’s only one!

Step Two: Prevent your child from downloading the YouTube app

If your child’s device is set up with your Apple ID, then of course you have more control over which apps are downloaded.  You’ll need you to enter the password so you have more control over which apps get added to the device.  This is the recommended method for younger kids.

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For those kids who use their own Apple ID or otherwise have the ability to download apps, you can use Restriction settings to prevent the download of YouTube app. Your choices are:

  1. Restrict by rating
  2. Restrict ability to download apps

Restrict downloading apps rated 17+ in the app store (used to be 12+)

The YouTube app is rated 12+ 17+ in the app store.  **An app update on May 1, 2015 changed the rating from 12+ to 18+.  I’m not sure what prompted this change, and haven’t read anything about it online. **

So, you can follow the instructions here to restrict the ability to download apps by rating.

Restrict ability to download all apps

You can also use Restriction settings to prevent your child from downloading any apps, including YouTube.  If you do this, you will then need to be involved each time they want a new app (which might be often, so think about this!).  You’ll have to remove restrictions settings, download the app, and then set the restrictions again.

First make sure YouTube app has been deleted if you find it was on their device.  Then:

1. From the child’s iPod or iPad, go to Settings > General > Restrictions.

2. If you have already set up restrictions, you’ll be prompted for the passcode.  If not, choose Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.  Be sure to use a 4-digit passcode that you will remember and your kids will not guess.

3. Set Installing Apps and Deleting Apps into the OFF position. (This will prevent your child from adding Apps to the device.  If you install a kid safe browser, the restriction for Deleting apps will prevent them from deleting the app you install).

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That’s it! Just be sure to remember that 4-digit restriction passcode…if you forget, you will have to reset your device back to the defaults. And as always, talk with your kids about what they’re doing online – parental controls and restrictions are only one side of the equation.

Follow Steps To Block YouTube In Cyberoam Firewall:

To block YouTube Website, first, enter Cyberoam’s IP address in the web browser and log in by entering the firewall’s username and password.

How To Block Websites in Cyberoam Firewall

Cyberoam login

Now you can add Application Filter Policy to block YouTube. After Cyberoam login, go to the Application Filter tab and click on the Policy option. After clicking on the policy option, click on the Add button.

How To Block YouTube In Cyberoam Firewall

Application Filter Policy

Now name the policy and click on ok. I have named the policy ‘block-youtube‘. After applying the policy, add the application. Click on the Add tab to add the application.

How To Block YouTube In Cyberoam Firewall

Add Policy and Application

So select the application which you want to block. Just select the YouTube search as you are going to block youtube.

How To Block YouTube In Cyberoam Firewall

Select Application

Add Rule in the Firewall after creating Application Policy. Add Application Policy to rule. I will add block-youtube application policy to a Firewall.

How To Block YouTube In Cyberoam Firewall

Add Firewall Rule

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In this way, you can block the YouTube website from Cyberoam. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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