How to block caller id

Block no caller ID

In this article, I’m going to show you how to block unknown calls from no caller ID on your iPhone.

Anyone could be behind a No caller ID call and they can bombard your iPhone with calls you don’t want to receive.

I have received many No Caller ID calls and they have mainly consisted of friends prank calling me.

Many people hide their numbers for different reason and pranks are a very common one.

Emergency services and the police are bombarded daily with No Caller ID calls and it limits the amount of police when there’s a real emergency that requires a lot of attention.

What is No Caller ID call?

No caller ID calls can happen on any smartphone and they are normal phone calls but they have purposefully decided to have their identification removed from the calls.

No Caller ID calls can be referred to as masked calls, unknown calls, and hidden calls.

There are a few reasons why someone would decide to hide their number.

Who is Calling me on No Caller ID?

There is an endless group of people or groups that could behind a No Caller ID call.

The main people that you’d see behind a No Caller ID calls are telemarketers.

These are people/companies who try to sell you their service via phone calls and they can be very persistent and annoying.

The main reason why telemarketer are going to hide their number is that they don’t want to be recognised.

This is because there are many acts, rules, and regulations that say that people/companies can’t call too many people about something they’re not interested in and if they break this rule, they get a hefty fine.

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So, with a masked number, they can’t be traced therefore they won’t be given a fine.

Here’s a report by ICO about a company that was fined for No Caller ID calls.

“A company behind a record high 146 million illegal calls about PPI has been fined £350,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). People were left feeling harassed and threatened by the recorded – also known as automated – calls initiated by Carmarthenshire-based Your Money Rights Ltd”.

Why is No Caller ID Allowed?

In the USA, the FCC makes sure that phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon allow people to block their caller ID by allowing them to use No Caller ID.

In simple terms, they allow people to hide their caller ID for their own reason.

Some may not want to show their identity for privacy reason and everyone has the right to privacy.

Method 1: Block No Caller ID Calls with Carrier

You can contact your iPhones network carrier and tell them that you want No Caller ID calls blocked from calling you.

Most cellular carriers will allow you to do this. I will show you how to contact your carrier and tell them that you want to block calls from No Caller ID.

Method 2: Block Calls with Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb Is a great way to block anonymous calls on your iPhone.

Do Not Disturb is a feature on iOS device and it puts your phone in a mode that won’t disturb you if you turned it on.

There’s a feature in Do Not Disturb that allows you to block calls from people who aren’t in your contacts.

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb
  3. Toggle on Do Not Disturb and make sure it turns green
  4. Click on Allow Call From
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Everyone – You can receive incoming calls from absolutely anyone and this isn’t what you want to click.

No One – You won’t receive calls from anyone at all which isn’t what I recommend choosing.

Favourites – This means that you’ll only receive calls from people in your Favourite section on the Phone app.

This is people you frequently call and frequently calls you. I would recommend turning this on.

All Contacts – This means that you can only receive calls from people on your contacts list.

I would recommend turning this on because it’s unlikely that you’ll have an annoying caller on here.

Method 3: Block No Caller ID Using Contacts

The third way to block calls from No Caller ID number is using the Phone app. This involves you adding a new contact.

  1. Go to the Phone app
  2. Tap on Contacts and add a new contact
  3. Enter 000-000-0000 as the phone number and make sure you enter the correct number
  4. Save the name as ‘No Caller ID
  5. Tap on done
  6. Close the Phone app then open it again
  7. Click the No Caller ID contact and click on Block this Caller at the bottom

This is going to restrict this number from calling you.

Your iPhone will make sure that you confirm your decision by showing you a pop up that says, “you will not receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from people on the block list”.

You then need to confirm your decision by clicking on ‘Block Contact’ and you won’t receive calls from No Caller ID again.

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Bottom Line

That was everything you need to know about No Caller ID and how to block calls from it.

If you have any questions, comment down below.

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Using the Phone

You can toggle caller ID Blocking on/off with *67/*68

  • To block the caller ID on outbound calls on a per call basis press *67 before dialing a number. Caller ID will be blocked on that call.
  • If you would like caller ID to be displayed again before making the next call, press *68 or simply hang up and dial.

Using Virtual Office Desktop

  • You can go online to block and unblock Caller ID too.
  • Click on your Settings tab, then click on My Profile.
  • To block Caller ID from showing, select “none” next to Caller ID.
  • To unblock Caller ID, select the phone number next to Caller ID.
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