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Block Anonymous Numbers WhatsApp

Are you getting a lot of anonymous calls on WhatsApp? Now Spammers are tracking down WhatsApp users to send annoying messages and make calls. There is no solution to block all spam callers or Unknown numbers in WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp allows us to block numbers from our contacts list, block unknown numbers, and even restrict stranger message in WhatsApp.

Here are few ways to block unknown numbers in WhatsApp and annoying text on WhatsApp. You have few privacy restrictions you can set to stay away from spam callers. We compiled all these techniques in this article to block anonymous numbers and texts on WhatsApp.

Editor’s Note: We used the screenshot from iPhone for demonstration purpose. For Android users, the settings and menu are almost identical and can be found most of the details under the same screen name as described here.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number

Mr. Number application represents a “black” list with advanced functionality. With its help, the user can block a certain number, anonymous calls, calls with a given network code, and if desired, all numbers in your phone book. In the settings of the application there is an opportunity to specify how the calls will be blocked: redirected to voicemail or simply dropped. The application Mr. Number contains a database, including a list of numbers from which spam is sent.

The updated version of Mr. Number has a function that allows you to set a status informing your contacts about whether you can talk at the moment or prefer communication via text messages.

Call Blocker

Call Blocker 

This application has a number of attractive features that will be able to assure calmness to you. Among them: call blocking, the ability to reject calls, if the number is not defined (in the fight with fans of anonymous calls), the blocking of any unknown numbers. You will certainly like the variety of options for adding numbers under the block, using the phonebook, call list, input manually. The application fixate calls from blocked numbers and displays them in the call log. Do not want to see them? You can put a ban on displaying numbers in the log.

How to use the blacklist of Call Blocker

To block calls we need to put the number on the blacklist.

  1. In the main window, click “Block calls”.
  2. Click Add Number
  3. Choose one of the options: either enter the number manually or find the number from the contact list or call log.
  4. Click “Save”.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist

The Calls Blacklist application is one of the best blacklists for Android. Calls Blacklist is useful for Android users who are tired of dealing with unwanted calls. To disable unwanted contacts it is enough to apply several settings in this program-blocker. Calls Blacklist allows you to make a blacklist of prohibited numbers, by adding them from the phone’s address book. In addition, you can independently put any phone number in the blacklist. It is possible to specify a mask, a template, which immediately blocks a whole subnet of numbers.

In the settings, there is a section “Blocking“, where you can once and for all block calls from anonymous numbers or those who are not in your address book. In addition to black, there is also a whitelist where numbers and incoming calls and messages are added, which will be ignored and will never be blocked in Calls Blacklist. In extreme cases, you can always trace the history of blocks through the in-app log.

The most important functions of the Calls Blacklist program for Android:

  • Adding unwanted callers to the blacklist in the phone
  • Filtering calls from unknown sources
  • You can lock a hidden number
  • Ability to create whitelists
  • Block all calls
  • Blocking (activation of the blacklist) according to the schedule
  • Creating a blacklist for contacts
  • Blocking a range of numbers
  • You can view the call log of incoming calls
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The program has a very nice and good looking interface, that’s why it’s very pleasant to use the services of Truecaller. For fans of writing on the Twitter application, it will remind the given social network.

First of all, we are offered to register in the database of the Truecaller. To do this, you need to fill in two lines, first specifying your country, second – a phone number. After a couple of moments, the account is already created and we get access to all the innovations offered by American developers. The application immediately gives us in the form of an alert all the last incoming calls from unknown numbers, offering to find out the name of the owner. This is a matter of a couple of seconds – if only the owner was in the database.

For those who do not care about unfamiliar numbers, there is an opportunity to block incoming from those who are not in your contact list. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Block” and move the “Unknown Numbers” to the right to light “ON” button. It is also possible to ban SMS messages.

Truecaller is a pleasant and useful program that will allow you to monitor everything related to calls on your mobile phone.

Should I Answer

The application helps you ещ stay in the comfort zone and provides information about the caller with the ability to block the contact. The program interface is oriented to ordinary use. The main screen displays statistics, the tab “protocols” shows all the calls with their estimates, in the “rules” you configure the default actions, and in the settings – all other parameters.

During the incoming call, a window with the Should I Answer information on this number will be displayed and the offer to put an estimate, give a comment. If the vast majority of evaluations are neutral or negative, then you will deal with a spammer or a bank collector.

The system works very well. Developers managed to create a kind of social network for those who worry about their own nervous system and do not want to communicate with disagreeable personalities. A huge plus is that the application does not collect or transmit your call statistics to third parties. It is very useful and completely safe.


Who is not familiar with such a situation, when the smartphone now and then receive calls with the offer to buy something unnecessary, visit an absolutely uninteresting event, join some dubious community and other delusions. These endless SMS-messages of advertising content, polite to nausea sales managers and stuff. Endless calls from old flames, who cannot reconcile with the break of relations sometimes are equally tiring. But now you know how to protect yourself from attacks by calls and messages!

Block Number from WhatsApp Contact

Blocking numbers in WhatsApp using the contacts list is quite simple and consists of few steps. As long as you have the annoying number on WhatsApp contact list, you can block that number from the contact screen itself. However, this method is only applicable to numbers listed in the contacts list.

WhatsApp Block Contact List Number

To start off, Open the WhatsApp app, tap the contact to open the chat thread. Now, tap on the header of the contact to get the Contact Info screen. When you open the Contact Info, you can see details about the contact. Now Scroll down to see the option to BLock Contact and Report Spam. From the Contact Info page, Go to Block Contact > Block on the pop-up window. This particular number will get added to the blocked list after you finish this step.

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WhatsApp allows us to block one contact at a time. If there is a need to add more contacts to the blocked list, you will need to repeat the above steps.

Block Unknown Number on WhatsApp

There may be times when we get annoying WhatsApp texts and calls from unknown numbers. WhatsApp provides a simple and one tap solution to block these unknown numbers from the beginning by a single tap.

WhatsApp Block Unknown Number

Once you get the first chat message from an anonymous number, WhatsApp will ask you “This number not in your contacts,” and you have the option to Block or Report Spam on the same chat window. Tap Block, which will block the anonymous number in the blocked list. If you think this is a Robo Caller or a different type of Spam, you can report this number as spam to WhatsApp.

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Keep WhatsApp Account Private

Our privacy may end up in a whirlwind due to snooping by strangers. To restrict stranger message in WhatsApp and to keep our privacy intact, WhatsApp allows us to customize a whole lot of features. We can make changes, so that information such as WhatsApp Status, Last Seen, About and Profile Photo can be seen only by My Contacts or Nobody instead of Everyone.

This will offer more privacy, and as long as your active status or images are not displayed publicly, you are cutting down the chance of spam messages to your WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > My Contacts. Similarly, tap Profile Photo, About and Status to change the defaults to My Contacts. Keeping your details that can be seen only by the members of your contacts makes you feel comfortable, and leaves no trace to feed stranger snooping.

In addition to this, there is the option to set contacts who will be able to see your Live Location. Moreover, you can scroll down a bit, and you can turn on or off the Read Receipts, just by tapping the slider button.

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WhatsApp Blocked Numbers

When you follow the steps above, you may have a couple of contacts that is blocked already. Just in case, if you want to unblock any number or check your blocked list, what you do? Well, WhatsApp has a screen to display the blocked numbers on your account. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked. You can see all blocked contact list and unknown numbers here in the Blocked list. You can add numbers to this list to block them in future if you want. Tap on Add New opens up the contacts list. Tap the contact to add to the blocked list.

WhatsApp Blocked Contacts

Do not panic if a contact gets blocked unintentionally. Unblocking contacts is quite easy in WhatsApp. To unblock a contact, navigate to this screen, see the list of blocked contact. Tap on the contact you want to unblock, and tap Unblock.

By default, WhatsApp won’t have any numbers in the blocked contacts list, even if you have numbers blocked in other social media apps or the contact manager. Hence, assuming that you are blocking a number for the very first time, the blocked numbers list will be empty before you add the very first number.

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Download Mr Number

Most Android phones don’t have call blocking built in. If this is the case for you then download the free Mr Number app from the Play Store.


Open the app and wait a few seconds for it to initialise. It’ll ask you to verify your number and country, but you can skip that if you wish. You will need to do it to use the number lookup feature.

You’ll now see a list of all the recent calls and texts that you have received. If the caller was in your address book then you’ll see their name and photo (if you’ve got it); if not, you will just see the number.

Lookup Number

Tap on one of the entries. If it is marked as an Unknown Number tap the Lookup Number option to search the web and try and find who called—you get 20 free lookups per month, or more through an in-app purchase.

You can also send a text to or directly call the number using the righter most icons at the bottom of the screen.


Block a number

To block a number tap the Block icon in the bottom left of the screen.

In the window that opens choose whether you want to automatically hangup when you receive a call from this number, or whether you want to send it through to your voicemail.

Tap Mark as spam if it is a junk caller—that will add the number to the Mr Number database of spammers—and add a comment, such as the company that was calling, if you wish. Tap Done to finish.


Block all unknown numbers

You can also block every Unknown caller. Tap the Blocklist icon from the main screen of the app. Swipe to the Voicemail tab and tap Send someone to voicemail. From the options that are listed choose All numbers not in my contacts. This means calls from your contacts will go through as normal, while everyone else will go straight to your voicemail.


You can do the same using the Hangup option, although this should be used more sparingly since not every unknown caller will be a spam call and you may not want to block them from calling altogether.

Block call in Samsung Galaxy Android Phone.

To Block a mobile number in Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3, J5, J7 2016 and all pro Marsh-Mallow 6.0 series phones. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap on Phone dialer icon.


  • Now you’ll see Phone Dialer options, tap on MORE option available on the top right section of the screen and choose Settings from the menu.


  • You’ll see the Call settings option, here tap on Block list option.


  • In the Block list enter your phone number in Add phone number box and also don’t forget to add your country code before the number. Eg: use +1 if you’re from US or +91 if you’re from India. And if don’t know your country code then check here. After adding the tap on + icon to add the number into Block list.


  • You can also choose numbers from your Call Log or from the Saved contacts list.
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