How to bind off knitting

Binding off when yarn has run out - a tutorial by La Visch Designs

Of course you always make sure that you have enough yarn left to bind off your project. I myself like to weigh the amount of yarn each row or round uses when I’m nearing the end of the project (or yarn!) to make sure enough enough left to bind off. Depending on the type of bind off I plan on using, I know I have to reserve about twice or three times the amount of the last row.

However, it won’t hurt to know more about binding off when yarn has run out, in case of emergency. You know, in that very rare situation that you have lost that game of yarn chicken… Mind you, this is really only an option in special cases, because this bind off tends to be quite tight. This lack of elasticity makes it not really suitable for things like neck openings of sweaters or projects to be blocked out significantly for best results, like lace.

Bind-Off Solutions 

This week on Ask Me Monday, the focus was on Bind-Off Solutions to make your knitted cast-off edges tidier, stretchier, or sturdier. Watch the recorded version of the broadcast to learn the: Wendy’s SSK Bond-Off, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, and K2together Bind-Off methods. 

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  • Wendy’s SSK Bind-Off, was taught to me by Yarnivore‘s Wendy Pohlhammer
  • I found Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off via Knitty.
  • The K2together Bind-Off came for “Cast on, Bind off” by Cap Sease
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Where Can I Use the Bias Bind Off?

It’s a great choice anywhere your bound off edge is going to be visible:

  • collars
  • sleeve edges (if you’re doing a bell or other shaped sleeve edge)
  • necklines
  • top-down shawls where all the sts aren’t bound off at once

You can also use it if your stair step edge is going to be hidden by another set of knitting, such as:

  • necklines
  • shoulders
  • shawls where an edge is picked up

Once you learn this simple technique, you’ll be finding a ton of places to use it! It’s a great way to add some easy polish to your knitting!

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