How to become rich

For most of my career, I’ve been working with rich people from all over the world – entrepreneurs, investors, investment bankers, business angels, managers, lawyers and others.

When I was in my 20s, working with successful business people was really fascinating and a big honor to me, and not to mention the best learning experience ever. Many of those people were my mentors who taught me a lot about business and life.

Now in my 30s, many of my friends are getting rich or are at least financially very well-off. In general, I could say that they achieved financial prosperity on their own with a smart strategy, hard work, dedication, persistence and stamina.

But there’s always also strong support from the environment present – family, ecosystem, market trends, investors, best schools, luck, and so on. You need both. Nobody can succeed alone.

On top of that, I always liked studying successful people from all over the world, who are most often also rich (people on Forbes’ list of billionaires, of course). As analytical as I am, I absolutely had to analyze what are the drivers of wealth creation and which career paths lead to a rich life.

I identified only 10 ways to get rich the self-made way, meaning you don’t inherit the wealth. If getting rich is really important to you, you’ll have to follow one of these 10 options.

Here they are:

  1. Start your own business
  2. Join a fast-growing company
  3. Become a “rock star” specialist
  4. Secure a management position in a big or highly profitable company
  5. The frugal and slow way to wealth
  6. Get into the financial industry or become an investor
  7. Start with real-estate trading
  8. Get famous
  9. “Broken moral compass” ways
  10. Count on your luck

Now let's explore each of these options.

Founder's equity at IPO

One of the most common ways to get ultra rich.

1. Start your own business

The vast majority of rich people are entrepreneurs. There’s a very limited amount of jobs that can get you rich, but everyone can start a business.

Not many businesses succeed, but in capitalism owning an equity of successful companies is what creates and drives wealth. Ownership and profits are the name of the game in capitalism. And the best way to own a fat share of a successful business is to start one.

The problem is that most businesses fail in the first five years. Only some businesses are successful enough to bring founders enough money for a decent life. Even fewer among many hit fast growth and bring founders real wealth.

Businesses that get founders rich are usually the businesses with disruptive innovation or with a new business model that reinvents or refreshes established industries. And when those businesses go public (IPO), are sold or pay out dividends, they make founders really rich.

When it comes to starting a business, there are three important factors that define the potential. The innovative idea, executive team and markets. Markets have an especially big impact, because only businesses that operate on big markets, preferably in fast-growing industries, can become big and profitable. You must never forget that markets always win.

My favorite letters are I, P and O. Every entrepreneur

People who get rich by owning a business usually operate in industries that have an impact on big masses of people (IT, telecommunications, oil etc.). These are the products that we use in our lives every day.

A special branch of businesses that must be mentioned are online businesses. Today you have the chance to reach millions of customers from your home office.

Something like that was never possible in the history of humankind and that’s why many solo entrepreneurs get rich. If you’re interested in starting your own business, stop reading this article and read the ultimate guide to lean startup instead.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft - Total employment

One of the best career opportunities 10 – 20 years ago.

2. Join a fast-growing company

Starting a successful new company is extremely hard with terrible odds of success, and only a few people have the energy, determination, stamina, creativity, people skills, seed capital and other resources needed to start a business. The next option you have to get rich is to join a fast-growing company.

In a young fast-growth company, there is usually a stock option plan and you can be promoted really quickly if your values and skillset (value you provide) are in line with the company’s strategy. When a startup company is sold, it can make many people rich, including employees outside the scope of the founders.

When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves. If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on. – Sheryl Sandberg

Joining a fast-growing company is probably one of the most attractive options if you are an ambitious person, with a good skillset and the right attitude.

The only problem is finding the right company, of course. From a statistical point of view, since your company will probably fail (I hope not, if you start one), you only have slightly higher chances of joining a company early on that will become ultra‑successful.

In general, you want to find companies out of the seeds stages, companies which have already found their product market fit.

If this is the way you want to get rich, get educated about one chosen industry, study industry rules and already successful companies, read forecasts and reports, start collaborating with accelerators, develop the right skillset that startup companies value, and so on.

Only some are lucky enough to find themselves in the right place at the right time, but maybe you can position yourself strategically in the right startup company. Employ your analytical skills or ask yourself – which company is currently growing the fastest in your environment and how you can join them?

Best paid jobs

3. Become a specialist

Capitalism is all about supply and demand. If you develop a skillset that is in great demand and short supply, you can get paid well. Really well.

If you become a specialist, possessing a rare, but highly valuable skill, you can get rich with time. Maybe not as quickly as by starting your own company, but your chances of accumulating wealth are definitely much higher, because of a lower failure rate.

Besides the supply and demand on the market, you also have to consider the median salary of the occupation to calculate how quickly you can get rich. Logically, more intellectual demanding jobs with higher responsibility are paid better.

In most cases, to do a specialist job, you need formal education. Usually a really good one (there are exceptions, like programmers and creative directors).

Examples of specialists are doctors, IT scientists, lawyers, pharmacists, data scientists, creative directors, dentists, psychiatrists, salespeople, and so on. Air traffic controllers and pilots can also be paid very well, but the demand has negative projections for the future. As I said, you have to mind the supply, demand and median salary.

Unfortunately, when it comes to being a specialist (or entrepreneur or a famous person, as we will see later), there is no normal distribution on the supply side of the market. I don’t know why, but money tends to concentrate to the hands of a few.

Wealth Inequality

There is a usually a very small percentage (1 – 4%) of suppliers (specialists, service providers or workers) who get paid extremely well. Enough to be rich. They are usually considered “rock stars” of their profession and they are extremely talented and sought after.

Then there is around 16 – 20 % of service providers who are paid above the average and are financially well off. They can live a nice, comfortable life, but have a hard time getting rich if they’re not very handy with money.

The last category is the vast majority of service providers, who earn the median salary or even less. How well off they are depends on the median salary.

In summary, no matter which path to riches you choose, you must become a rock star at what you do to get rich. You must excel in your line of work and provide a special value to the markets.  If you do something that brings value to people’s lives, then money tends to concentrate in your hands.

Money tends to flow from those who don't know how to do things, to those who do.

Top paid CEOs

Top paid CEOs

4. Secure a management position in a big or highly profitable company

Managing people and organizations is hard. That’s why managers are usually paid very well, especially in blue-chip and highly profitable companies. Besides entrepreneurship and highly specialized intellectual work, management is one of the most frequent ways to wealth.

Although there are a few challenges with securing a good management position. Usually it takes years to be promoted to senior management.

Most managers of big companies have grey hair. Joining a fast-growing startup can accelerate this process, which is why it’s usually a more attractive option.

The second problem is that the competition is hard for good management positions, and the higher you are in the ranks, the more politics come into play.

That means it’s hard to be promoted to the top, if your political skills suck. But becoming a manager is absolutely one of the ways to get rich.

Buffet - Net-Worth

Source: Hustler

5. The frugal and slow way to wealth

A saying in the financial industry goes that there is only one greater miracle than love. It’s compound interests. Compound interest is interest on interest.

The result of compound interest can be exponential growth of your wealth. The idea sounds very nice, but it’s extremely hard to achieve.

  1. You must start investing as soon as possible. Time is a big factor in exponential growth.
  2. Every month, you need to save part of your salary, with minimum or no exceptions.
  3. Everything you save, including interest, must be reinvested.
  4. You need to meet a decent annual yield, which can be hard to do for years in a row
  5. Your investing period mustn’t end in a downside economic cycle

In realistic scenario you can start saving your money in your early 30s. That gives you 30 years until retirement. The average yearly return rate you can realistically achieve is around 6 %. To have a million at these assumptions, you need to save $1, 000 every month to have a million dollars at your retirement. Interestingly, if you start saving 5 years earlier, you only need to put aside $700 each month.

How much to save to 1 mio

How much you must save every month if you want to retire at 65 with 1 mio $. Source: Business Insider

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Unfortunately, I don’t know many people who would follow this route. It takes a really strong and disciplined character. You must also become financially literate and understand very well where you’re putting your money. It’s not a secret that you can quickly get ripped off by shady financial advisors.

Very valuable financial skills in this case, but also in general when it comes to money, are:

  • Increase your earning potential: First, you want to maximize your earning potential by developing new highly sought after skills, properly negotiating, targeting the right markets etc. The more you earn, the more you can save, if you keep your spending under control.
  • Save at least 10 % of your income: Some people say that if you can’t save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you. Probably one of the best life skills is saving money, because it’s so easy to spend $100 and so hard to earn it. As calculations show, if you want to become a millionaire, you’ll have to save much more than $100 every month. Probably 30 % or more of your income for years.
  • Become financially literate: Before you start investing, you must financially educate yourself. The financial industry wants to sell you thousands of different products, on which they’re making money in the end, not you. If you don’t understand 1,000 % in what kind of a product you’re investing your money, you’re probably going to lose it. So, if you want to get rich, you must understand financial products, taxes, legal aspects and other investment issues really well.
  • Invest your savings smartly: You have full control over your spending, at least if you can control your emotions and avoid stupid purchases. It’s a lot different when it comes to investments. There are many factors beyond your control, from market trends to other people involved. That’s why the most frequent way of going from rich to poor is not lavish spending (except for lottery winners), but bad investments. Putting your money in a mutual fund is very far from smart investing. You don’t have to be a full‑time investor (since you have a daily job), but you have to be extremely smart about who you trust to manage your money. As we said, you must become financially literate.
  • Protect yourself: In the end, you also need to protect yourself and your wealth, from yourself (doing something stupid with your savings) and others. Insurance, legal corporations, rainy day savings funds, tax shields and so on, there are many ways how you can protect yourself and your wealth. If you’re asking from what? From accidents, the government, market melts, sneaky salesmen and even from yourself is the answer.

Remember, only one thing grows when handled by other people. It’s not your money. It’s a penis, no matter how stupid it sounds.

6. Get into the financial industry or become an investor

If we go to the other side of the table, one of the fastest ways to get rich is to get yourself into the financial industry, and convince other people to trust you to manage their money.

Fund managers, investment bankers, brokerage firm, wealth management firms, they’re all dealing with large sums of money and consequently people working there can earn a lot of money.

There’s special earning protection when it comes to money management of other people. Markets go up, markets go down, clients make and lose money, but as a money manager, you always get your management fee.

If you’re successful you also get a carry (profit sharing), and if you lose the client’s money, well, it’s the client’s loss. But the management still gets the management fee. It’s a smart form of risk, you can’t lose much, but you can earn a lot of profits.

Top paid hedge fund managers

I don’t want to be unfair. If you want to stay in the money management game in the long-term, you must absolutely make money to investors. And it’s extremely hard and stressful to be a successful investor.

Investing is an extremely competitive field and it takes a very strong character to succeed in the financial industry. But you can definitely make a lot of money, very quickly, if you’re good.

Similarly to working for the financial industry, you can become an investor on your own. I have a few friends who got rich by day trading. One of them even as an afternoon hobby.

It’s not a simple thing to do, but many people proved that it can be done. You need some seed capital, you must be madly educated about markets and specific investments, it takes a lot of daily effort and a strong patient character, but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful paths to wealth.

7. Start with real-estate trading

Real estate is an industry as attractive as financial services when it comes to getting rich. Everybody needs a place to live, and usually a home is the biggest expense in people’s lives. The average transaction goes into thousands of dollars. That also means an opportunity for earning thousands of dollars in commission on every sale.

That’s the beauty of real estate. And there are many ways to get involved. If you have some seed money, you can buy, renovate and sell homes as a developer or become a landlord. If you don’t have any seed money, you can become an agent, join a real-estate fund as a manager, and so on.

Thousands of quality books are written on how to make money with real estate.

Top paid celebrities

Top paid celebrities; Source: Forbes

8. Get famous

Another thing very valuable in today’s society is attention. Luckily, with social media attention is not in the captivity of a few big production houses anymore. If you manage to attract the attention of millions, you can also earn millions.

Movie stars, athletes, reality show winners, musicians, writers, YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and other famous people have the power to impact millions and consequently earn very decent money. Fame, if large enough, can definitely make you rich.

How to get famous

How (fame, money and other) rewards really work. Source: Oliver Emberton

Although there is one big problem with the fame game. Much like money, fame is also very concentrated. Ridiculously concentrated. You have only a few people (1 – 4%) who take the majority of the market share. Out of millions of people who want to become stars, there are only a few who are really successful and famous.

Then 15 – 20 % earn decent money, they are not superstars, only local celebrities, but what is more interesting is that the rest earn zero. Zero. Nada. There is the same big gap in fame as there is between the rich and the poor on the global scale.

It’s no different with blogging. Less than 1 % earn really good money out of it. Ramit Sethi, for example. Then there are some people who are making a decent living out of it. But the vast majority of bloggers earn zero dollars. The statistics suck, but that’s the name of the game, if you want to earn money with fame. You must get in the top 10 %, or even better in the top 1%.

Fame has another challenge. If you want to become famous it's often not about doing quality work. It's more about what people like and that are most often not highly intellectual and the most quality creations.

Money over morals

9. “Broken moral compass” ways

Unfortunately, I know several people who got rich in a very shady way. By hijacking companies (transition from socialism to capitalism in eastern Europe), internet scams, Ponzi schemes, government corruption, and so on.

There are many gray areas where you can make money, not illegally, but in way that’s morally highly questionable. I would absolutely discourage you from making money in such a way.

Life is much more than just money. Legacy is always greater than currency. And the world needs more good, not evil. Why go to the dark side if you can make money by creating real and valuable products and services from which you and the whole society benefits?

Sometimes it might be attractive to take shortcuts, but is it really worth it? Nobody respects evildoers. Everyone respects people who innovate, work hard, develop a valuable set of skills and work in favor of the whole society. Everyone respects self-made people with high morals. Elon Musk is a great example of that.

Lotto odds

10. Count on your luck

Last but not least, you can count on your luck to get rich. It’s not the self-made way, but still worth mentioning. You can play the lottery, go to a casino, make sports bets or try your luck in many different ways.

But once you know the statistics and know that there’s a greater chance that lightning will strike you on a sunny day than you winning the lottery, you quickly realize that other options are much more attractive; except the “broken moral compass” way.

Interestingly, I know many people who inherited wealth, but not a single person who got rich by playing the lottery or spending time in a casino. Invest in your knowledge rather than in a lottery ticket.

How to get rich

In summary, here is how to get rich:

Now you know the 10 ways to get rich. Well, 8 ways actually. A wise concluding thought would be that all eight options of getting rich are based on achieving one or several of the following facts:

  1. Be a producer – Rather be a producer than a consumer. Create a product or service that people buy like crazy. Become an entrepreneur, online entrepreneur, or provide valuable skills in high demand and short supply.
  2. Follow the money – Get engaged with an industry and institution where money is already in abundance (or will be soon). Big companies, profitable companies, the financial or real-estate sector, or big investment projects.
  3. Become really good with money – Maximize your earning potential, save like crazy, invest smart or become a full-time investor on your own.
  4. Get enough attention – With enough attention come advertisers and with advertisers comes money. But fame is only for a small percentage of people, otherwise fame wouldn’t be fame anymore.
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Becoming wealthy is usually a lifetime project that requires a lot of knowledge, many smart strategic decisions, a set of carefully developed competences, ironclad self-management and some luck. But it can be done, many people have proven it.

Choose one of the ways, start reading biographies of people who created wealth in your chosen way, get educated, and work smart and hard as hell. And most importantly, build the right environment for yourself, because nobody can succeed alone, we all need help.

Just don’t get obsessed with money. Money definitely is important, but it’s only one of the life areas you have to take care of, and you don’t want to forfeit your soul by feeding greed.

2. Tax Yourself

The concept of saving money is not a new one. However, it is extremely easy to “dip into your savings” when you want something badly enough. The key to accomplishing your goal of amassing wealth is to actually try and save money.

A different way of looking at your savings is to view them as taxes. Once you pay your taxes, you never get the whole amount back. Treat your savings the same way. Set money aside in a savings account or transfer it to a totally separate account where you cannot touch it. Treat your savings like money that you will never get back, until the day that you get it all back at once.

3. Create a Plan and Follow It

The likelihood of suddenly stumbling upon unlimited riches is extremely low. While it may seem that a lot of the success stories you hear are luck-based, this is actually not true. There is probably some chance and luck involved, but most rich people became rich through meticulous planning and discipline.

This includes things like budgets and timelines, as well as a plan of what to do at every step of the way to success. It is important not to get complacent and do your best to keep going, and having a plan helps without wasting unnecessary amounts of time. Creating a budget and following it is only one part of this process.

7. Develop Patience 

Another important personality trait to being successful and rich is patience. Nothing big is accomplished overnight, and you cannot and will not get rich in a matter of days. All the efforts you put towards accumulating wealth could take months or even years to pay off. It’s easy to get frustrated early on, especially when it seems like there’s a new wealthy person in the news every other day. However, realizing that your pace of success does not have to compete with theirs is crucial.

In the long run, patience can be extremely rewarding. This does not mean that you should get complacent or wait things out instead of taking risks. Success can take some time, and getting frustrated is detrimental to your efforts.

8. Educate Yourself 

It is key to try and educate yourself, not only in your chosen field but also in the ways of the world. Keeping up with the news, for example, is extremely important if you want to make a decision about investing or find out about upcoming trends. Ignorance is the prime killer of any efforts to make money.

This means you have to constantly educate yourself. You cannot let major events or trends slide, because in each of them there is a threat or opportunity for you. Staying aware and educating yourself about current events is essential.

10. Give Back 

It is important to give back to the community. This leads back to the first point about adding value to the world around you. If you earn some money, give some back to a cause you believe in. This way, you are adding value to the world after having added value to yourself.

Another benefit of giving to charity is that people perceive you as a better person when you give to causes they care about. They are likely to trust you more when they see that you aren’t intent on hoarding the money they give you, and that doing so will benefit their community in turn. Of course, the tax benefits of giving to charity are also a great incentive to do so.

Being rich means something different to every individual. Some people are happy with a decent-sized home and a moderate-income job, while others want to be millionaires and billionaires. Regardless of where you feel you fall on the spectrum, these steps can help you achieve the level of wealth you want. Before you get started, though, make sure to sort out your current finances so your bank account is ready to expand.

Sources: wikiHow: How to Get Rich | I Will Teach You To Be Rich: 4 Steps to Become Rich Anyone Can Take | Forbes: How To Get Rich: A 7-Step Blueprint For Success


But this is an illusion.

It is mostly an illusion, because we all believe one thing, but statistics say another.

Statistics tell us, that the odds are you won’t be getting rich any time soon.  Here is why:

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 32% of Americans are saving for retirement in a 401(k)
  • The median savings in the average retirement account was a measly $5,000.
  • 75% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved up!

Instead, you’ll probably end up spending most of your money pretending to be rich.

Because when people don’t know how to get rich, they do the next best thing, and that is to pretend.

The average household carries a credit card debt balance of $15,654.

In other words, the average household pretends 15K of their life away.

They pretend by spending all their money on clothes, cars, watches, shades, and all the other expensive items that “scream” to the world, look at me, “I am rich!”

And in so doing, they seal their fates.  They perpetually create the conditions that will never allow them to become rich.

Why?  Because they waste the very things that could have set them free.

Time and Money

When you try to keep up with the Kardashians, you waste precious time.  When you try to keep up with the Joneses, you waste precious money.

If you are always watching the rich, you’ll never find time to learn how to actually become rich.

If you are always pretending to be rich, you’ll never use your money to do the things that will actually make you rich.


There’s a saying that goes…

‘Every Body Wants to Be a Beast, Until It’s Time to Do What Beasts Do.”

It’s a motivational phrase originally geared towards athletes.  But it applies to becoming rich too.

When we’re talking money, it’s better said like this…

“Everybody Wants to be Rich, Until It’s Time To Do What The Rich Do.”


All too many of us know what we are supposed to do to become rich.  But when it comes to actually doing what is necessary, we don’t.

We know the rich read books.  We know they study money making trends, and ideas.  We also know they don’t obsess over celebrities, and definitely not over their neighbors.

The rich are just like you, they dream, scheme, and strategize, but what sets them apart, is they do.

Nothing is ever too much effort for the rich.  They don’t ever take easy street, and they never distract themselves with endless consumerism and entertainment.

So what about you?  Do you want to become rich someday?  If yes, then you know what you need to do.

The days of pretending to be rich are over.  Instead of striving to impress others, strive to impress your financial planner, better yet, strive to impress yourself.

Start with taking those first steps, and then those next natural steps.

The first steps are simple:

  1. Turn off your T.V.
  2. Stop Playing Keep Up With the Kardashians (Joneses).
  3. Educate Yourself, Starting with These Four Books.
  4. Take Determined Action Like Your Life Depends Upon It. Because It Does!
  5. Keep Educating Yourself.
  6. Don’t Become a Statistic, Stop Wasting Precious Time. Keep Taking Action.
  7. Become Rich

To open up new possibilities for your financial future, you need to read these books.

Keep in mind, that these are just a few of the books you need to read to be rich.  It’s a starting point, not a panacea.

And after you read these books, you must apply, apply, apply.

If you do, you’ll have a real shot at becoming rich.

If you don’t, you’ll become a statistic, so get off your ass and go try!


PS – There a many ways to become rich, and getting rich online is one of them.  If you ever get around to taking action, and building an online empire is an avenue you choose to take, book mark this page so you can take advantage or this killer deal.

What’s Next?!

Ok, so you’ve realized you’ve been taught wrong your entire life about finances, and you’re ready to make a big change. You believe becoming rich is still possible and you’ve made the decision to become a deca-millionaire. You’re committed to 10Xing your life and having me as your mentor.

This is just the baseline, NOW we’re ready to begin.

My first goal for you is for you to lose your millionaire virginity because you’re not going to jump from where you are now to $10 million without first crossing $1 million, right?

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The first step to losing your millionaire virginity is increasing your income.

millionaire virginity

I want you to focus on increasing your income in increments and repeating that. Don’t be naïve, you’re not going to jump from $3,000 a month to $50,000 a month in one shot.

There is going to be incremental growth.

Now I’d certainly like you to explode and go 10X but understand that there are going to be increments.

My income was $4,000 a month and nine years later it was $20,000 a month. The good news is you can do it much quicker than I did.

So I was making $4,000 a month at the age of 25 and all I could focus on was increments. I thought about how I could take that $4,000 and control it by going up to $4400. Could I increase it by 10%? That would be $400 more per month.

That’s $100 a week, $80 a day. Doable, right?

I kept asking myself, “Who do I need to see, who do I need to call to get that $80?”

Then, at 35 years old it wasn’t going from $4,000 to $4400 but going from $15,000 to $20,000.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about how to explode with growth, but every day, every week I was thinking about how to increase in increments.

If you are making $19,000 a year (basically poverty in the US) then the first thing you need to figure out is how to make another 10% per year. That’s $1,900 per year or $40 per week more (divided by 48 weeks).

You don’t need new skills to make another $40 per week; you simply need to go ask anyone for $40.

If you are making $50k a year, make your target $5,000 per year or $104 per week—or $17 per day based on a six-day workweek.

If you are making $100k a year, your first target should be 20% more or $416 per week. I could make $400 today simply by washing windshields of passing cars at a busy intersection.

Courage and money

Think about it this way—do you want more or less? There is no same. Same always falls to less.

You’ll get what you focus on.

If you focus on anything else other than more, you’ll get less. You’ll end up with less money, less income, and less ability to save.

Here are just a few ideas to help you incrementally increase your income. These may or may not be for you—they’re just ideas to get you thinking:

  • Wash windshields at red lights
  • Make customer service calls for your current company
  • Create leads or referrals for your current company
  • Collect outstanding receivables for your company in your off time
  • Freelance
  • Blog
  • Do social media for a company or personality/brand
  • Become a nanny
  • Be an Uber driver
  • Watch animals for people on vacation
  • Babysit
  • Clean homes
  • Maintain lawns
  • Become a telemarketer
  • Join affiliate programs
  • Sell things you have and don’t use
  • Write reviews
  • Set up a mystery shop service for company reviews
  • Marry a wealthy person

Again, if these ideas don’t fit for you, come up with your own list—but make sure you do this unless you just don’t really want more money.

I have been broke, and I didn’t like it. I made excuses and assigned blame, until one day I realized neither was changing my financial condition for the better.

Your money situation will not change until you quit trying to make sense of it and start spending 95% of your time on income and just 5% on expenses.

It’s called the 95/5 Rule

Take out your household income statement. Everyone has one, money that comes in and money that goes out. The line for incomes is thin, the line for expenses is thick.

Income is powerful.

You need enough income to overwhelm the expenses.

Most people have this in reverse—they spend most of their time on expenses and little time on income.

How much time do you spend on the income side? If you are anything like the average American, you are spending all of your time on the expenses.

Would you like to know the difference between being wealthy and being rich? People can get rich quick, but nobody gets wealthy quick.

I figured out how to create wealth—I’ve become a millionaire over a hundred times over and by the time you read this, I’ll likely be a billionaire.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to tell you firsthand it’s nice having so much money it can never all be spent or destroyed. And in order to get wealthy, you have to first get rich.

Trust me, it’s easier to get rich once than stay poor forever.

Income is king, so keep increasing your income by increments, and keep yourself focused on your income—not your expenses.

If you spend all your time on defense sooner or later you lose the game. The trick with money and ultimately how to get super rich is to stay on offense.

You Need Income

I know this sounds basic—because it is—but a lot of people have this confused. People are out there trying to save money, talking about how debt is bad and save, save, save. Look, if you don’t have income then there is no money to save, no money to retire, and no money to invest.

There is no chance of wealth without income first.

You might hear people say, “Income is not what you want—wealth is what you want.” But you can’t get to wealth without income.

You need income.

I’ve said that a JOB means “just over broke”, but the truth is a job=income. The reason people get a job is to get income.

Now the question becomes, how much can you incrementally increase that income?

Cashflow is KING.

Notice I didn’t say “cash is king”, I said, “cash FLOW is king”.

There is a big difference between cash and cash flow.

Cash is garbage—inflation eats it.

$1,000 in 1960 would now cost over $8,000 for the same buying power.

This is why saving money is useless. Personally, I don’t save money, I only store it for a short period of time until I can invest it.

Saving cash is like saving a legal pad—it’s worthless because money, like any paper, is only good when it’s used.

If you leave money in savings too long, it disappears.

The infamous cartel boss Pablo Escobar was one of the wealthiest drug lords in history, bringing in $420 million a week in revenue. He spent $2,500 a month on rubber bands just to hold the stacks of bills together, and he wrote off 10% of his cash as lost because rats would eat it or it would be damaged by water or lost.

Saving your money in a bank isn’t much better. It takes 833 years to double your money at today’s bank rates.  You’re literally losing money while saving it.

This is why you should only temporarily store your cash, then you need to invest the storage.

Investing Tip

Avoid Debt that Doesn’t Pay You

All debt is not bad debt contrary to how many times you have been told this.

Debt that produces income and builds your value or allows you to expand your brand, your enterprise or your name is good debt as long as it produces either more value or more income than it costs.

Make it a rule that you never use debt that won’t make you money.  I borrowed money for a car only because I knew I could increase my income. Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows.

Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer.

Most people buy a home, but this a liability, not an asset. A home doesn’t pay you, you pay for it.

People think the only way to save money is to buy a house. Suzy Orman thinks you have no way to earn any real money for yourself, so she advises you to buy a house as the only way to get your money.

The house, much like a college education, has been fed to you as the American dream. Really, it’s a middle-class myth perpetuated by outdated thinking, politicians and mass media.

Real Estate Advice



Download GRE real estate investing podcast on iTunes

For the most part, the wealthy have not shared the “whys” and “hows” of profitable real estate investing with the middle class. Get Rich Education does. You learn how generational wealth is created, simply, safely, and with little of your own effort. More importantly, the approach helps protect your time. When I began investing in real estate, I wanted to start down the road of “Work Smarter. Not Harder.” But I worked too hard at it in the beginning, managing my own property and making crucial mistakes.

9. Sell Online

I almost didn’t put this one on the list because it can take a lot of work for a minimal return. However, there are some people making a tremendous amount of money from buying and selling on Ebay, AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, and other sites. If you have a creative idea or know how to find inexpensive products, consider starting an online store.

One method that’s becoming popular is to dropship – something you can start for free! Here’s how:

  • Find products on AliExpress to sell.
  • Sign up for a free trial of Shopify and create a store based around those products.
  • Sign up for a free trial of Oberlo (a Shopify plugin that allows you to easily import products from AliExpress).
  • Add your profit margin and promote your store.
  • When a purchase is made from your store simply contact the supplier to have them ship the order!

The beauty of this method above is that you can start for free. If the store takes off during the trial period, keep it going. If it doesn’t, then shut it down and try something else.

Because you only buy inventory once it’s already sold, you have absolutely zero start up costs!

So there you have it – 9 ways to make money in college. Now get out there and start making some serious money while in college.

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