How to become a realtor

A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® who is required to abide by a strict Code of Ethics. The term REALTOR® is a registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS® and misuse of the term is a trademark violation. To become a REALTOR® a person who holds a real estate license may join their local REALTOR® Association which makes them automatically a member of the State and National Associations.

3. It’s emotional

Pros: Of course it’s an emotional business, but that’s good for you. If you keep a level head and stay focused on your clients, you will rise above the majority in this industry and stick out as a true expert.

Cons: There are a lot of different personalities you will have to interact with as an agent. Besides clients, you’re also dealing with other agents.

Some people just don’t know how to separate emotions from business. If you don’t like confrontation and can’t keep a level head, you might want to choose a different career path.

General Requirements

Each state regulatory agency has developed their own licensing systems and requirements to protect the public from unqualified, unethical real estate professionals. If you want to buy, sell, or lease property, you must have an active real estate license from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation.

The general requirements for obtaining a Montana salesperson license include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete 10th grade or more at an accredited high school or equivalent
  • Complete 60 hours of prelicensing instruction within the last 24 months from a Board-approved school and instructor
  • Pass the Montana Salesperson Real Estate Exam
  • Get broker affiliation
  • Submit the application
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Steps for Getting a Real Estate License

  1. Successfully complete the prelicense course: Complete an approved 60-hour prelicensing course online or in person.
  1. Pass the licensing exam: Within the last 12 months, you must pass with a score of 80% or better the uniform portion and 70% or better on the state portion. Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) administers license examinations via computer in 3 testing sites:  Great Falls, Missoula, and Billings.
  1. Find a Supervising Broker: Real estate salespersons must be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker. This broker’s office is where you’ll be working and learning.
  1. Complete the application: Here’s the application that you can complete and submit online. There is a $185.00 application/recovery fee. Note that the application includes a section for the supervising broker to agree that he or she will actively train and supervise you.
  1. Supply all required documentation: Along with the completed application, you must also submit proof of at least 10th grade high school education, proof of prelicense course completion, a copy of your AMP exam results, and documentation for proof of age (i.e., driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc.).
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