How to be romantic

Don’t recreate the romance wheel

There are two types of creativity – resourcefulness and reproduction. The resourceful guy creates an experience from scratch, tailor-made for his wife. The replica man uses other people’s ideas and makes them his own. You know what they say: steal from one — plagiarism, steal from many – research!Put forth the effort to be resourceful from time to time. Your original endeavours speak volumes. Also, your unique ideas spell it out – you’re in tune with what she likes.

If the idea of resourcefulness has you sweating bullets, take heart. Some guys are just more creative than others. And even the most imaginative guy would have a very hard time devising a lifetime’s worth of romantic escapades for his wife. So take advantage of what’s already out there. Go ahead and plagiarize!

If you’re planning a nice evening out, there are many packaged deals available, especially around Valentine’s Day. For example, dinner and theatre tickets – notice I didn’t say a hockey game and a hot dog in between periods. The Internet is a treasure trove of romantic ideas – just Google “romantic ideas for men.” For daytrip ideas, check out tourist brochures from your city to discover fun places to visit. If you’re looking for a longer romantic trip, consider a cruise or an all-inclusive resort.

Or, rival Martha Stewart with this creative idea – free of charge! Items needed:

  • 1 old rowboat
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 envelope
  • 1 pen
  • 1 candle
  • 1 warm blanket

On a warm summer day write this note: “Meet me at the _________ dock at 10 p.m.” Put the note in an envelope with instructions to be opened at 9:30 p.m. sharp. Hand it to your wife as you leave the house in the morning, with no explanation.When she arrives at the dock, your ever-romantic self will be waiting in the old wooden rowboat with a lit candle at the bow. Row around the lake in the moonlight, stopping in the middle to drift and chat.

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Don’t be afraid to glean ideas from others. In the classic novel,Cyrano de Bergerac (as well as movies like Roxanne and Hitch), main characters sought help from romance experts to help them woo that special woman. Now, I’m not suggesting that you try to deceive her like they did, but there is no harm in getting suggestions and advice from those who may be more creative than you. If you stumble over words, well, that’s what Hallmark is for.The opportunities are practically limitless. Just make sure, whatever you choose to do, that your focus is on what will make your wife smile – not on yourself.

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