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The digital video space has been constantly evolving over the last few years. One of the interesting developments that you might have noticed as well is the pace at which traditional media brands are making inroads into digital. When you open YouTube, you see more and more of prime time shows and movie trailers in the recommended feed of YouTube don’t you? Conan, Jon Oliver, Kapil Sharma..these are the faces that one sees more regularly nowadays. This development can intimidate the humble individual creators. After all, they do not have the budget or the workforce that is necessary for creating & distributing content on such scale. However, honing certain skills can definitely come in handy to tackle this competition head on. Here are 5 essential skills that can help video creators produce quality content consistently:

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5. Digital Awareness

You can’t just rely on the ad revenue that you get from YouTube (soon Facebook is also rolling out an ad-revenue share model) You need to identify other ways of making money.

Example: You can use platforms like Patreon and GoFundMe to raise money from people who like your content.

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What Can You Earn In Your Channel’s Early Days?

You are unlikely to be earning anything as you place your first video on YouTube. You are a video fledgling, and certainly a long way from being considered an influencer. However, everyone has to start at the bottom. Even PewDiePie was an unknown uploading his first video in 2010. He is now so famous that people make videos interviewing PewDiePie’s early subscribers, about whether they feel famous. Back at the beginning, he was still making niche videos in Swedish.

In theory, you can sign up for an Adsense account and enable your channel for monetization from the moment you create a YouTube channel. However, in practice, you are unlikely to make any real money until you have built up traffic to your site – and by that, I mean genuine traffic from people who watch your videos, not by taking the shortcut method of paying for views.

Although there are some adverts that are CPM (cost per thousand views), many are CPC (cost per click). For you to earn anything from a CPC ad, you need a viewer to click on the ad. In reality, only a small percentage of your viewers will click on the ads surrounding your videos. Even the CPM ads in the video itself require more than just a cursory glance. For it to be counted for payment, a viewer must watch them for at least 30 seconds (or half the ad for a very short video). Think how many people skip past the ad at the start of a video, thus wiping out any chance of payment to the channel. If viewers do click on or view your ads for long enough to earn income, you share any advertising revenue with YouTube. You will only get paid once your AdSense account reaches $100.

In your channel’s early days you are building up a reputation rather than an income.

One area you might start to make money with a relatively small number of subscribers is if you pick a popular topic and participate in affiliate marketing. For instance, if your videos review a popular type of product, and you link to an affiliate sales page for that product you may begin to earn money that way.

For a rough idea of how much Youtubers make use the earnings estimator below and import the user's Youtube channel

Number of total SubscribersNumber of Total Video ViewsAverage Earnings per Video

Of course some niches are easier than others to make money in, so if you are hoping to one day live off your channel’s proceeds it would probably help if you created your channel in a topic that interests people. Probably the most successful niche is gaming. Let’s face it, gaming is a huge industry in itself, and many gamers have reasonable levels of discretionary income to spend. Other successful niches include:

  • Lifehacks
  • Celebrity gossip
  • News
  • Top [X] Lists
  • Compilations of people’s fails (including amateur Jackass antics)
  • Food reviews and kitchen hacks
  • Product unwrapping and opening (particularly kids’ toys)
  • How to demonstrations
  • Animal activities, e.g. funny things your cats do
  • Spoofs

Moderately Successful Channels

With enough perseverance, not to mention on-camera talent, you should eventually pull yourself out of YouTube’s graveyard of poor performers. You should by this point be receiving some AdSense revenue every month, with affiliate marketing income too if you have chosen to go down that track.

However, at this stage, you are still mainly producing videos for love, with some other source of income paying your daily survival bills. By now you could be considered a minor influencer in your particular niche.

Once you have something like 20,000 subscribers, you might think about asking for crowdfunding assistance through a site like Patreon. The average Patreon contributor donates $7, with Patreon keeping 5% of pledges as a commission. It must be remembered, however, that if you are uploading videos on a regular basis, you are likely to receive recurring payments from your Patreon supporters. One example is The Comedy Button who currently has 5,266 patrons paying them $13,129 per month. This is a YouTube channel that has around 24,500 subscribers.

Once these channels begin to recognize success, they should be looking to do more with their AdWords, for instance deliberately chasing phrases with a relatively high cost per click (CPC). If they are a review channel, for instance, you could focus on reviewing products that attract ads with a higher CPC.

By now they could be famous enough for smaller brands to be asking the channel to endorse their products. Yet, these channels are still small, by YouTube’s standards, so income earned from sponsorship and product placement will still not be enough for the channel holders to live off.

Indeed, as Gaby Dunn writes about on Fusion, the middle years of a YouTube channel’s life are often the most difficult. The channel owners often need to work full time creating video content, but people only see them as mildly influential, and the channels certainly aren’t generating a full-time income. Dunn operates a channel with a friend, Just Between Us,  which currently has 728,866 subscribers. You would think that would be enough to ensure financial survival. Yet, Dunn says that “despite this success, we’re just barely scraping by…but it’s not enough to live, and its influx is unpredictable. Our channel exists in that YouTube no-man’s-land: Brands think we’re too small to sponsor, but fans think we’re too big for donations. ”

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Of course, it depends on who your audience is. One issue faced by quite a few YouTubers is that their supporters are naturally anti-establishment, anti-capitalist, and anti the idea that their YouTube heroes might be selling themselves out. Other types of channels, such as the review channels, the gaming channels, and of course anything business-related have it easier. Their fans expect these channels to make money, so don’t resist helping them out.

Tip #2: Build an engaged community

It is easy to view YouTube as nothing more than a video streaming service and to forget that it is, essentially, a social media platform.

Emphasis on social.

People go to YouTube for the videos, but if you want to become a YouTube star, there is something you must remember: people will come for the videos, but they will stay for the sense of community that a good YouTube channel provides.

YouTube subscribers appreciate video creators who listen to and interact with their fans. Think “friendship” as opposed to “fanship”. In fact, 4 in 10 millennial subscribers say their favorite YouTube stars understand them better than their friends.

Becoming famous on YouTube is about more than churning out videos. Rather, you must connect with your viewers by building a community of followers and generating high levels of engagement. There are a few ways you can start to foster that loyal following:

Become a YouTube star — a group of geese following each otherThese tips will help you gather a loyal flock of followers for your YouTube videos.

Create videos with emotional sharpness

YouTube videos can convey many emotions. They can make you laugh or make you cry. They can make you ponder the meaning of life, or fill you with the drive to go out and accomplish something great.

Every video you produce should contain some form of emotional depth. Unless you’re a robot (…you’d tell me if you are, right?), you will have an innate capacity to convey and react to the emotions behind any form of creative concept.

Imbuing your videos with emotional sharpness is the key to success on YouTube. When people watch it, they will either love it or hate it. And if you want to become a YouTube star, you have to expect some haters in the comments.

Next time you’re creating a video, take the time to put aside notions of “what do I want to say?” and “how do I want to film this?”. Instead, ask yourself, “How do I want my audience to feel?”, and use your answer as the basis of your work.

Optimize for viewers

Creating great video content is only half the battle when it comes to finding YouTube success. In order to join the greats and become a YouTube star, you need to utilize a successful optimization strategy.

Here are some optimization tactics that will help you connect with your audience, improve your search presence, and build your brand:

  • YouTube provides your current subscribers with personalized recommendations for “What to Watch Next”. These recommendations are based on their viewing history. Promote a video with Featured Content to make it appear first in this list. Think of it as a bit of free advertising for your content!
  • Maintain an active “recent activity” feed with channel posts, video uploads, and likes. A lively feed will encourage subscribed fans to frequently check back for updates and remain connected with the community.
  • Enable a channel trailer for unsubscribed viewers. Your trailer is an auto-play video that introduces people to the channel. That makes it a great opportunity to show prospective followers what your content is about and why they should subscribe to you.
  • Organize the content in your channel to allow subscribed and unsubscribed viewers to find the content most relevant to them. Use playlists and sections to group together similar videos based on genre, theme or other significant criteria. The goal is to create a streamlined watching experience.

Building a community of loyal subscribers doesn’t happen overnight. But the effort is definitely worth it! Nurturing stronger ties with your fans will allow you to gather a much more engaged audience. That’s why the top YouTube stars typically enjoy three times as many views than videos owned by traditional celebrities.

Creating your YouTube community is perhaps the most important part of achieving YouTube success. Start encouraging those deeper connections and promote long-term growth for your channel!

Tip #3: Bring something new to the table

Whether you want to create a business channel or a vlog about comedy, fitness, gaming or anything else, chances are you won’t be the only one. With so much great content available on YouTube, it’s not enough to simply make videos and shoot them out into cyberspace.

If you want to become a YouTube star this year, you will need to put a bit more effort and creativity into your content. From cultivating your brand to creating unique stories, becoming popular on YouTube means going the extra mile to get the attention and admiration of followers.

Become a YouTube star — woman wearing superhero costume at computerSo you want to become famous on YouTube? You may have to become a bit creative.

Here are some final pointers to help you make videos that truly stand out:

Survey the playing field

At its core, is a marketing agency that manages people’s YouTube accounts.

Whenever I bring on a new client, the very first thing I do is take an inventory of the most popular channels and videos in that client’s particular industry.

For instance, let’s say my client teaches people how to do digital marketing. My first step is to explore every single channel within that category, watch the most popular videos on those channels, and start brainstorming ideas and concepts that we can bring to my client’s account.

Most importantly, we’re not going to reproduce those videos, and we’re certainly not going to copy any of those videos.

Instead, we’re going to do a better job. We’re going to come up with unique content, formats and production techniques to create new videos about existing topics. So regardless of what your brand is about, take inventory. Look at your competition and understand what it is that subscribers find so appealing about them.

Find your niche

Often when creators first start out, they become so fixated on gaining those first hundred subscribers that they forget why they wanted to become a YouTube star in the first place.

I’ve often seen new creators who try to reach as many people as possible by producing vague content for broad audiences. But often success is found by YouTubers who tap into small but passionate communities.

Just look at some of the most popular YouTubers of 2017. Pewdiepie initially rose to fame through his playthroughs of horror games; Epic Rap Battles became an online sensation with their unique and fully-costumed rap performances; and Jenna Marbles rocketed to fame with humorous “How to” videos like the famous “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking”.

What do they have in common?

Each tapped into a niche community that is rarely satisfied by traditional media. When viewers finally find a channel that caters to their unique interests, they respond with enthusiasm. That means more views, engagement and watch time for you.

Take time to identify the subjects you’re passionate about. Know your audience, target a niche following, and make the videos you enjoy creating.

Always be authentic

You’ve probably heard this piece of advice before. “Be authentic. Be real.” They start to sound like vague, feel-good buzzwords after a while.

But authenticity should be at the core of your every YouTube video. Studies have shown that brand authenticity can lead to higher ROI and stronger appeal. In fact, 91 percent of people value honesty above product utility and social prominence when it comes to driving consumer behavior.

In relation to your YouTube channel, creating authentic content can have several benefits:

  • Producing videos will be quicker and easier. The less you need to “act” in front of the camera, the less likely you will need to over-produce your videos to achieve the desired tone.
  • Your content will appear more passionate. If you create content about topics that you love, your passion will shine through. Viewers are more likely to respond to that type of enthusiasm with their own.
  • It builds loyalty and trust. Authenticity will resonate with your audience, which is valuable in creating that all-important YouTube community.

At the end of the day, the only way to achieve YouTube success — in a world of people vying for YouTube fame — is to be something unique that viewers didn’t know they needed. Ask yourself: do you have what it takes to become a YouTube star? If the answer is a resounding YES, get ready to put in the hard miles.

Become a YouTube star — businessman cheering at laptopAre you pumped to become the next big YouTube star? Let’s make it happen!

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“Being a YouTuber is pretty entertaining. I’m always having to learn new stuff, whether it’s a project for a video or marketing strategies, business stuff, etc,” YouTuber Shmoxd said.

“For me, being a YouTuber is like going to art school. You get to fool around, hone a skillset, learn about something you love, maybe get some recognition. Then a few years pass, you watch some of your peers become famous for making sh–t and eventually you wish you were a welder,” UnderDetention this ad

“There is a side to this that feels bigger than life, but all of those moments of ecstasy will come only from your undying ambition to always improve the content you’re presenting. Everyday is a new challenge. That’s what I love about it. I have to work hard to maintain my brand, but the excitement, joy and encouragement that people get from my content makes all the work worth it. No pain, no gain,” AdrianXpression said.

1. Gather the right tools – start with software!

Before you start a YouTube gaming channel, you need to understand the tools. Most videos are shot through a camera, although some are shot through a laptop depending on what kind of content you feature in your video. Everything starts with video editing software. It is definitely a necessity to keep up with the competition. Some gaming channels use Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie for Macs, that allows them to edit and customize their footage. Many YouTubers are known for their incredible edits and becoming a skilled editor is definitely something that can give you a competitive advantage.

how to start a youtube gaming channel

Video recording or screen video capture

One option many YouTubers choose is recording themselves instead of the gameplay footage. This is a great option because it brings a personal touch to the video. Viewers are able to see your passion on the topic and connect with you easier. A talk show or news-oriented format can still be a gaming channel if the conversation and content you have is video game related.

To be able to record video game footage, you will need game video capture software. If it is on a console, you need to add a capture card on your computer that connects to a display cable.

Audio recording as a minimum

Certain YouTube gaming channels feature podcasts with other known gamers where they discuss interesting topics and explain their opinions. As an example, YouTuber Mega64 has a popular podcast that attracts a large amount of listeners. These podcasts are usually meant to inform the viewer, while also making them laugh. If this is the case, only a microphone and editing software will be needed, and you won’t need a capture card or game-capture to start a youtube gaming channel

2. Create consistent videos

When first starting a YouTube channel, the biggest problem you will face is not posting enough videos. To many YouTube viewers, you’re a noob because you have yet to prove yourself as a YouTuber. Your mindset should be to produce as many videos as possible. Making 1-2 videos a day is what many successful YouTubers do. Because they are able to produce quality content consistently, their following grows and they are eventually able to make a living from their YouTube channel. For example, SyndicateCentral has grown his YouTube channel to over 2 million subscribers by posting videos daily. His consistent content is one of the things his loyal fans love about his channel.

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how to start a youtube gaming channelEven the most successful YouTube channels had to start somewhere. Patience and consistency are the two biggest factors when starting out. As you continue to make videos, the overall quality will increase and more people will notice. Viewers may notice one of your videos, make their way to your channel, and realize you have created consistent quality that they enjoy viewing. More times than not, this will lead to a new sub.

People are always looking for YouTube videos on specific games. You have to keep at it and even if you only attract a few unique viewers each day, it all adds up. If viewers do not like the videos, some will leave comments explaining their reasoning. Make sure you listen to them! That will give you an idea of why people don’t like your video and how you can modify the next video you make. Listening to your viewers and taking an interest in their feedback is a great way to keep them coming back to watch more.

Viewers love consistency. They will start to expect a consistent style of how your videos are made. If you are doing a good job, they will want to see more. If you stick to a schedule and notify your viewers when videos are released, it will produce excitement and expectation of when the next video will be out. Many YouTubers will inform when their fans can expect new videos in their channel art banner. This notifies viewers that you make consistent videos on schedule, and prompts them to subscribe. You can also put this information at the beginning or end of your videos.

3. Share videos through social networks

Garnering traffic from social networks is key to gaining viewers and potential subscribers. When you link your video on social networks, people have the ability to share, like or retweet them with their friends and followers. When you make something really great, people tend to share it to help spread the visibility of the video.

If you use Twitter, use hashtags that people who are interested in a topic can search for, and find your tweets and links to your video.

On Reddit, you can add your video link by posting it to a subreddit for the games you play. People who like your video can upvote your link to the front page, which can attract lots of attention. Subreddits are a good way to connect with a community that plays the same games as you, and is a great way to get more subs for your new YouTube gaming channel. Here’s an example of Reddit’s largest gaming subreddit, /r/Gaming:

how to start a youtube gaming channel

4. Subscribers are the key to growth

When building a YouTube channel, the goal is not just to gain views, but also to add subscribers. Attaining subscribers is very challenging, especially with all of the competition out there. In the long run, YouTube Subscribers are more valuable than views because they will keep coming back to watch your videos as you post more. Although views are ultimately the goal for making money through ad revenue or promotional videos, subscribers are loyal viewers who receive a notification every time you upload a video. As your subscriber count rises, the views on your videos will grow as well.

PewDiePie’s channel is the most subscribed on YouTube, with more than 45 million subs. He became famous with his Let’s Play video style, and has grown into a YouTube entertainer for his Bro Army. Note how organized Pewd’s channel is: consistent coloring with the branding, logo as profile image, and a banner and intro video that (scandalously) advertise his latest take on video, Virtual Reality in Real Life. This organization and drive to entertain and engage his Bros has lead PewDiePie to grow into the most YouTube subscribers, ever.


Some YouTubers start series so their subscribers know exactly what to expect from the next video. This is important because even if you gain subscribers at a slow rate, your current subscribers will always come back and view your videos. As you make more videos, you will begin to understand your audience and get a bearing on what people want.

Having a large number of subscribers makes a channel seem more credible. Any viewer can see how many subscribers a YouTube channel has. Viewers tend to watch videos that are popular and have a lot of views. This is also true for subscribers who are more willing to subscribe to a channel that already has a large amount of subscribers. Within YouTube gaming, people want to be aware of every successful YouTuber – no one likes being the last one to a party.

One trick you can use to get viewers to click subscribe is to cushion your videos with an artificially high view count. You can give yourself a kickstart by buying views. Buying views you will make your video appear more authoritative, and will get the ball rolling for organic views and subscriber growth.

If you’re interested in using this trick to add views and subscribers fast and avoid some headaches, make sure to check our reviews of the top 5 places to buy YouTube views.

Other Great Resources That I Use:

AudioBlocks – This is a great site that I use for $99 a year you can have access to over 250,000 royalty free songs and sound effects to use on your videos. I HIGHLY recommend this as it has saved me so much time and money.

TubeBuddy – This is a great tool that gives you access to TONS of expanded YouTube features that make the whole process much easier.

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