How to apply for college

Applying to college early decision

Things to keep in mind about applying Early Decision:

Applying ED can have 3 potential results:

  • Acceptance: Enough said.
  • Denial: Also enough said.
  • Deferral: If the school is not ready to make a decision on you as an ED candidate, they can defer your application into the regular decision applicant pool and make a decision on your application when they do the others.

This is the option for students who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they want to attend a given school. Early decision (ED) deadlines are often around 11/1 or 11/15, much earlier than the typical deadline. But applying ED gets you a decision earlier and can eliminate the stress of the college selection process earlier.

This option is not for the faint of heart, though. If you are accepted to a school ED, you agree to withdraw all other college applications and attend this institution (this is also referred to as a “binding” agreement).

It has often been said that applying ED can increase your odds of acceptance. The school knows without a doubt that you want to attend there and, if selected, you will enroll. This speaks loudly about your commitment to that school and that will be duly noted, although your chances of admission won’t change dramatically because you’ve applied ED.

If your odds of admission were slim in the first place, they’ll still be slim. If, however, you are a candidate sitting on a fence, the strong signal you send by applying ED may be enough to push you over the edge and get you in the door.

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If you are accepted under the ED option, congrats! Send the school your admission deposit and you are essentially done. Sit back and enjoy a nice big ice cream sundae (and continue doing your school work!)

Financial aid and early decision application

If the amount of financial aid you will receive will be a factor in your ultimate college choice, ED becomes a potentially precarious option, but doesn’t necessarily have to end your hopes of applying ED. Schools can have slightly different views of the financially needy ED application, so it will be very important for you to know where your ED school stands before you make the commitment. Again, here there are several possibilities:

  • Your ED school may allow you to fill out an ED financial aid application (often the CSS Profile) in order to provide you with a good estimate of the financial aid you’ll be eligible to receive. They will tell you that your ED offer of admission is binding unless, after financial aid, you cannot afford the school.
  • Some schools will tell you that if your ability to attend a school depends on the amount of financial aid you receive, ED is probably not the right option for you.

So, if money matters and you want to apply ED, it’s worth making a phone call to your ED school and seeing where they stand on the matter.

Standard Admission – For High School, Current UI, and Transfer Students

ALL students at the University of Iowa are eligible to apply to the public health major if they have satisfied the prerequisites below; you do not need to be a public health interest student to apply for standard admission. However, you MUST apply for the major in order to be admitted, you may not just simply declare the major without applying through standard admission. Admission into the public health major is for fall semesters only.

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In order to apply, students interested in admission to the College of Public Health must complete the online application for current UI students changing colleges by May 1.

You MUST meet the following requirements by the end of the semester in which you intend to apply:

  • completion of at least 12 s.h. at the University of Iowa;
  • completion of CPH:1400 Fundamentals of Public Health with a grade of B- or higher;
  • completion of CPH:1600 Public Health Science: Inquiry and Investigation in Public Health with a grade of B- or higher; and
  • a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.75 in all courses taken at the University of Iowa and in all college-level course work attempted.

Please note that you can take CPH:1400 and CPH:1600 during the same semester that you are applying for the major, you don’t have to have the classes completed before submitting your application.

Students who are denied standard admission may file an appeal for admission to the College of Public Health.

A special note for transfer students: Applications by transfer students for direct admission to the public health major are not being accepted at this time. Transfer students interested in applying to the public health major should declare a public health interest in CLAS and apply through standard admission after completing the prerequisites. Please contact Katie McCullough ([email protected]) for more information.

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