How to apply eyeliner


  • Beautiful almond eyes resemble the shape of almonds
  • They are symmetrical and normally have a very slight upswept outer corner on the bottom rim of the lower lid

Beautiful almond eyes look good in everything! Almost any eyeliner look will suit almond shaped eyes. Lucky you! However, my favourite way to enhance almond eyes is like so…

…begin with a thin line from the upper inside corner, glide along the inner two-thirds of the lid and once you reach the outer third, start to build the thickness up.

You could do this technique using a statement liquid liner or a soft eyeliner, which you can smudge upwards and outwards for a more sultry look.



  • Beautiful round eyes are beautiful and large
  • There is more white of the eye visible than almond-shaped eyes

I love round eyes; they always look stunning! I love to elongate round eyes to make them even more striking! This is easy to do, simply  – line the outer two-thirds of the top and bottom lash lines.

Join both lines together at the outer corner and make this a little thicker by smudging liner outwards, or by adding a wing with a liquid liner. The key is to extend the liner outwards, towards the end of the brow, as opposed to creating a liner look that flicks upwards.



  • Beautiful hooded eyes have a fold in the skin that can rest on part of the lower eye lid
  • Some of the most beautiful women in the world have this eye shape

Some of the most beautiful women in the world have this eye shape. I love to make-up hooded eyes – they always look so sexy!

If you wish to enhance them even more, try to give the illusion of more open eyes – so with this in mind, less is more when it comes to using eyeliner.

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The trick is to not apply eyeliner to the eyelid, but instead apply eyeliner to the upper waterline instead. This will give you the look of eyeliner, but will leave the eyelid free of a dark shade, which will help open the eyes.

To line the upper waterline of your eyes is very easy, but can take some practice. Close your eye and slightly pull the outer corner of it upward. Look downwards and swipe the eyeliner very gently across the upper waterline. I find it most effective and easier to tight-line the outer 3/4 corners of my eyes, rather than my full eye. Allow the eyeliner to dry for 10 seconds before blinking to avoid transfer to the lower water line. Click here to see the eyeliner that is amazing for this!

Use a cream or champagne coloured shimmery shadow just over the tear duct area to further open up the eye. Click here to see the shimmer I love to use for this. Curl eyelashes to help open the eye further.



  • Beautiful monolids have tiny little eyelids with a less defined socket.
  • This shape is common in Asian eyes

Such a pretty eye shape is this one! This eye shape looks absolutely stunning with a cat-eyed look eyeliner flick, which can be as thin or thick as you like.

To create more definition and depth to the sockets of the eyes, use a soft eyeliner pencil to create a cat-eye/winged eyeliner.  Don’t worry about drawing a perfect line, because you next need to smudge this line upwards and outwards to look soft, sexy and smokey with your little pinky finger!

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Now, go over the top of your smudged outline with a liquid eyeliner and extend out with a cat-eye eyeliner flick! Beautiful!



  • Beautiful close-set eyes are less than half one eye-width apart

Close-set eyes look really beautiful! I love to emphasise the outer corners of the eyes to make them look more elongated and even more beautiful!

Use a liner on the outer thirds of both the upper and lower lash lines. This can be a solid line or smudged, but the trick here is to give the illusion of more width to the eye. Use a cream or champagne coloured shimmery shadow just over the tear duct area to further open up the eye. Click here to see the shimmer I love to use for this.



  • Beautiful wide-set eyes are more than one eye-width apart

Such a stunning eye shape! I love to define the inner corners of the eyes to further enhance their beauty!

Apply an eyeliner from the inner corners of the upper lash line and work outwards to the outer corners. Try to keep the same line thickness all the way across.

Try not extend the liner out at the outer corners, instead create a small flick upwards, this will look very pretty.


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