How to add text to imovie

There is no doubting the appeal of iMovie in terms of simplicity but sometimes, once you’ve made a few home movies it can start to feel a little limited. One of the main areas where this can happen is when adding titles to your movies. These are essential elements of texts that can highlight faces, places and other info for your viewers.

iMovie comes loaded with 28 title effects, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can come to feel like you’ve used them all. Luckily there are some more advanced things you can do with the text itself in each title to add some much-needed creativity. In this tutorial we’ll show you just how easy it is to turn a regular title into something that has a much cooler feel and looks a lot more impressive than the original template.

1: Hit the T

Click the ‘T’ in the bottom-right to bring up the Titles browser. Pick one you would like to use and then drag it up into the Timeline of clips in your project.

2: Give it some time

When you drop the title onto a clip make sure that there is sufficient time for animation to occur. In this case we’ve let the title occupy nine seconds of the clip.

3: Get typing

With the title added, click on the textbox that appears in the viewing window and begin editing your text. Make sure that the message is nice and direct.

4: Main menu

Select all of the text and you can begin making changes in the Text menu. We are going to left align the text to start with. Try a few of the options.

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5: Go for the outline

We are now going to use the Outline effect to put a dark line around the text. This is a much under used effect, but one that can add punch to text.

6: Show ‘em

Head to the Font window. Click Show Fonts and when the black window appears hit the System Font Panel button to reveal the grey interface in the next step.

7: Feel the opacity

We have now changed the text colour and dialled down the opacity so that the video beneath can shine through. Our black outline keeps the text readable.

8: Big it up

As you can see we can up the font size and alter the opacity and still the picture behind isn’t ruined. This technique can be applied to all kinds of titles.

9: Watch it

Hit the Play button. In our example the huge font size is nicely tempered by the angle that the title works in. Combine text changes to customise all of your titles.

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