How to add page numbers in word

In today’s life, writing a report or proposal has become a must. Whether you are a student or you own an organization, if you are to submit some idea or project, you have to write either a proposal or a report. For the people who are less familiar with Microsoft Word 2016, it is difficult to number the pages in the document differently. So we have put together an article on how to insert different Page Numbers in single Word document.

For example, if you are to number your title pages, acknowledgement page, abstract page etc. differently and other body parts of the document differently, then some people make separate document for each file and then merge them together after printing. This is the worst method for numbering the pages. Thus, this article guides you how to add different page numbers in a single word document using Microsoft Word 2016.

Getting Started:

You need to have Microsoft Word 2016 installed in your computer, but this method also works for Word 2010 and 2007. Now, open the document which is to be numbered. In order to insert different Page Numbers in single Word document, you need to first create sections. Separate the sections which use same kind of numbering style from other section. For example, if you want to number some pages using roman style i.e. I, II, III,… and other pages using numbers i.e. 1,2,3,… , then you have to create two sections.

Here’s video on how to add different page numbers in Word 2016 including Table of Contents

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How to insert different Page Numbers in single Word documentHow to insert different Page Numbers in single Word document

Creating Different Sections:

  1. Go to the end of the page from where you want to separate the sections.
  2. Now, go to “Layout” option in the toolbar of the document as shown in figure.layout
  3. You can see “Breaks” option directly below the “Layout” option.breaks
  4. Click on “Breaks”.
  5. There you can see two other options, “Page Breaks” and “Section Breaks”. You have to click on the “Next Page” option below the “Section Breaks”.sectionbreak
  6. Now a new section is created.

Insert different Page Numbers in single Word document :

After the creation of the sections, go to the section in which you want to number the pages.

  1. Click on “Insert” which is at the top of the toolbar beside “Home”.insert
  2. Click on “Page Number”.pagenumber
  3. Now, choose the positioning of the page numbers. You can put the page numbers either at the top or the bottom as per required.
  4. While inserting page numbers differently, you also need to disable links between your sections. So, click on Link to previous to disable it.Disable Link to Previous Section on Word 2016

Formatting Page Numbers:

    1. Go inside Header and Footer Tools.
    2. Click on Page Numbers
    3. Choose Format Page Numbers.Format Page Numbers in Word 2016
    4. Now, on the new window pop-up you can format Page Numbers according to your need. If you want to set a Starting number for your specific Page, then change value at Start at.Settings for Formatting Page number in Word

    I hope this article was helpful.

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